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WeeklyVee is back! After a year and a half we're back with a supercharged episode about NFTs, Blockchain, Metaverse, and advice for everyone in this new space.
You will watch sneak peeks of NFT.NYC event, the secret wine party, my fireside chat with Beeple, and exclusive meetings with Logan Paul & Jesse Itzler. Also, an incredible interview with Mark Zuckerberg about the Metaverse. Plus podcast moments from Props and Drops, my first ever Podcast Panther episode, and Draft Kings' Die Hard Dialogue.
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Gary Vaynerchuk is one of the world’s leading marketing experts, a New York Times bestselling author, and the chairman of VaynerX, a modern-day communications company and the active CEO of VaynerMedia, a contemporary global creative and media agency built to drive business outcomes for their partners. He is a highly popular public speaker, and a prolific investor with investments in companies such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Venmo, Coinbase, Slack, and Uber. Gary is a board/advisory member of Bojangles’ Restaurants, MikMak, Pencils of Promise, and is a longtime Well Member of Charity: Water. He’s also an avid sports card investor and collector. He lives in New York City.

Youtube we are back weekly v nft nyc week. I think this is loaded. I hope you enjoy it. I miss you all tremendously.

You do not love losing you lost and, to be very frank with you. Economics are not my driver, so so much of my behavior is counter-cultural for a businessman, hence the book you're reading. The argument i'm trying to make is if you actually cared about good things. I have a funny feeling all these things that all of you want has a much better chance of getting there like i'm the alpha of my hypothesis, but then what makes it feel like it has validity.

Is i'm not just looking at me, i'm watching very carefully and i'm like wait a minute. The nice people actually are winning long term. Bad people can win in the short term, but reputation matters. Look what's going on in our society, we're having a massive collective day of reckoning with bad behavior right, and i will spend the rest of my life trying to change popular culture around this issue.

I think the number one line on a bill of rights of a leader is: you must eliminate fear from your team. It's. Why kind candor really with me when it got clear as that my inability to be candace to people actually created fear in my companies, because people didn't know if they would get fired out of nowhere? It was the lowest point in my professional career because i realized. I had failed in my ambition to eliminate fear.

I should have never let well listen. That's that's unfair. I grew up in a way: dna, wise, parenting and circumstance, and the way i naturally navigated, that really demonized confrontation and i've refined it now undressing, somebody inappropriately in a room, is very different than not being able to go to somebody in a separate meeting, sit down And respectfully and kindly deliver critical feedback, but i viewed all critical feedback as negative, because most of what i saw with critical feedback in my youth was delivered so poorly that i was unable to dissect the vessel delivering the feedback from the value of feedback. See you brother cheers so much bye-bye: okay, yeah, it was 12..

This is it so yeah 12-brosis used to be a co-working space called sunshine suites, and this is where vaynermedia started mike boyd's interviews from that viral. Clip. Put it right here right now for doing a dailyvee of like mac miller interviews, we're done in there wow yeah, honestly yeah, it's just so like all these interactions all this time. This is really the first time i felt like this since 2007.

austin in a confined area for south by is probably a little bit better because it's just new york's, so big and it's all over. But it's the same feeling like meeting people that you met on twitter in real life back then was the first time that ever happened and like the way the nft macro ecosystem is working is very similar to web 2. different because we're more mature. It's like the internet is more true, but it's still the same feeling of like wow, i'm like really interacted with these people.

I really kind of it's a real community and now we're meeting in real life. 1979. It's almost mid there's a little like thing. This is for me.

Yes, i'm going to put this on my shelf drock make sure i do that. Drock just informed me that this is weekly v, not dailyvee, so i apologize for the prior reference. The reason i came so hard to nfts is because the sports card industry was pushing me out because they thought i was pumping and dumping. When i didn't sell a single sports card with this world, you could follow me.

You could see my behaviors, so i'm like this is awesome. This is transparency. You can see what i'm doing it's all right there you. I would never ruin my reputation to make eight dollars on a kevin durant, rookie card.

You i idiot enough money long ago. You think i'm really gon na pump some pfp project to make 80 000 in 24 hours. You i'm not, and i know a lot of people do, but that's why i came to this world, but i don't want the power i don't. I do not want it.

There's nothing in it for me. Talking to my mirror, like i love you so much curving, all my critics, like i heard you so what you can't kill my confidence. I think i'm the man um. Oh, this is really cool, because people have invested extraordinary levels of money into your art.

Do you feel, like you, have to execute for the next years to justify those costs, and does that weigh on you like? How does that sit with people? There is pressure, but it's not hard for me, because at the end of the day i was doing this for free for 20 years i was getting up and trying really hard to make digital art the best i could for 20 years before anybody gave a before Anybody would pay for it, and so that's where it was like wait. So now people are gon na pay up, and so i think, at the end of the day, all i can do is get up and try really hard and that's it and, like that's what i was doing before and that's what i'm doing now and so that's It my old friend, you look exactly the same. That's not true, but it's great to see you backstage nft nyc. I have a dream with my coffee today you have cream in your pocket.

Oh good, coffee. This got very weird new york, what's good when it's on the pre-dawn of the moment. That's when i jump kevin rose - and i are talking and he's thanking me because i got him to buy some jordan rookies at a really low price and we're really nerding it. The out and then he goes, do you have a punk and i'm like? What's a punk and he dropped three minutes on crypto punks.

I had a run because the family, something and then that night started a 45 to 75 hour journey over a one week period where i consumed everything about crypto punks and by mid-january i decided that i was gon na buy a lot of them at that point Because of what i was already doing, i had felt we were close to the time, so you felt december last year was the pre-dawn. Yes and then you went all in all in what about a couple of questions from the audience and then we'll we'll move on gary. What's up tomorrow, i'm going to be minting a crypto new yorker and i nominated you to join our community. The community voted and you won if you're free.

I would love to bring you what time three wow go. Clap, it's highly unlikely. That's i think it's executing within discord and twitter. Okay and it's like you know, everybody sees this version of me.

Yeah. Nobody saw the 2007 version of me that lived on twitter for 11 hours a day for four years. It's always the reps you put in the way to break above the noise is to put in the work and get lucky. You know what's funny, i think yeah.

Look, i think, the media under reports, the luck factor. I think luck is real, but i think luck is an incredibly dangerous thing to attach yourself to because then it becomes your excuse. Look. I was born in the soviet union, i'm lucky to even be in this country, i'm lucky because my mom built self-esteem, like i believe in luck, i'm lucky that all this came out when i was alive i could have been born in the 40s, but i also Believe if i was born in the 40s, with all the same, that i would own seven fruit stands and have a good life and have a good.

You know what i mean: don't fall in love with luck. It leads to a lot of unhappiness. I'm just saying it's underrepresented and i'm saying whether it's true or not, if you have a relationship with luck that you deploy against everybody else, you will never be in a good place. Promise brother yeah.

I promise with all my heart. That was definitely something i mean that that i was just in that's not comfortable for most people yeah, you take time, i know yeah. I appreciate that gary it's the thing that somebody wants people want to be heard and by the way, i'm not doing it because i know they want to be heard. I'm doing it because i want to hear them like that's what i'm trying to teach people it's like if you're not doing it for the right reason, it doesn't matter.

If you do the right tactics. Sure i'm like spending more time on diverse artists and projects than the other stuff. That's what i can do about it and i'm like i'm not going to preach people into doing about it, because i've come to learn at my older age that doesn't work. That makes you feel better.

The only thing i can worry about is what i do and i have a platform where enough people watch that it may have some collateral and we have to take our own responsibilities, and i want to put real effort time and money to just give what the Reality is, which is how do you put people on second base? It's okay, hi buddy. I was doing an interview earlier and the people who were interviewing me were like gary's doing like 60 interviews a day like so there's 11 gary's roaming. There was somebody who genuinely genuinely once wrote me about two years ago, a very complex, science-based email, genuinely asking me if i cloned myself and i googled him and he's like this, like hardcore scientist in europe and like really like broke it down. It was like in a weird way, like the greatest compliment of all time.

I have a lot of love for a lot of you that we haven't interacted with that. I know, and obviously extra love for the people i have interacted with. I just wanted to thank you and, more importantly, i just want to thank avery who runs vayner nft and is a major partner of mine as we embark in this new world she's. Just somebody i really admire - and i think should be recognized so abraham glad you're here talk eat what was really fun about that vlog.

Is i'm really trying to be thoughtful about giving roses to people while they're, here and what's great about weeks like nft nyc? Is people are in town in a world where everyone's busy getting 15 minutes scheduled together is impossible, so it's nice for a serendipity and get to give some love and that's like so important to give love heard. You don't say none when i hit a curve. You said my tea, like it's horrible watch, it come back. Full circle knew this life was eternal when i hopped over hurdles, i so universe.

So you see me with myself. Listen man! Listen! This thing right here! Wasn't given i'm whipping this to precision before you talk, homie, listen, they love me for my ambition paper chase palm itching. I brag different. The flow ignorant got them hooked.

They kept fishing hey mark. What's up brother one of the reasons. It was very easy for me when i really dug in late last year to believe in this was actually because of farmville on facebook. There was two things that happened to me during that era: farmville on facebook - oh, my god, people are buying these digital sheep because they want the social currency to show their friends they're good at it, and then zay frank.

I don't know if you remember zay frank. Remember, zay, frank who's, one of the first video bloggers. He had people buy virtual ducks as little tip jars and have their name hover over it and those were the first times i was like. Oh my god, people are gon na, buy virtual things, virtual currency.

In my book, thank you economy. I talk a lot about virtual currency in 2010-11. Was it natural for you to believe in what's happening right now with nfts because of the things like farmville that happened on your platform, you know i hadn't really thought before you raised it about. You know some of the the early farmville experiences or or some of the stuff from from a decade ago, but i think you're right that there is a clear through line right both between the the kind of social interactions that people have and the types of commerce And obviously, there's more technology now that can make it more interoperable and that can you know, give people more rights over the goods that they have, and you know on the ar and vr side making it.

So people can feel a more realistic sense of connection. But i think you're right that a lot of these concepts are not fundamentally new they're sort of the next iteration on just dynamics that are evergreen and that are just always going to be and always have been very important to people all right. Gary talk to you see ya, flip this garyvee fans, here's what you don't see! August 13, paul versus vaynerchuk. What's good, how about you, my man? How are you, though, i'm great elliot? I was just so excited about the space and like i got in and i got it heavy and then i pulled myself back from it and i was like do i want that.

I don't know it's a good question. It's like a rhetorical moral question for me, whereas, like do i get involved and build that world, or do i just build myself and just like disregard that and be happy with regardless what i have, because i don't want the chase for the chase. I want the chase for like for love like. Does it make sense? Of course it doesn't bother me.

So how did you do it personally, it's more intense for me, the thing that kind of makes everything palpable for me is good intent. I want nothing bad for anybody. I want to make myself happy. I want a crazy intent.

The intent is to enjoy my daily process and for me and then, because i'm good, i can give yeah. This is my office. I got all my shots, because a lot of this stuff was kind of like why i think the nft thing came so natural to me. It's kind of been the way i've always saw the world.

I do believe there will be many nfts given as gifts this holiday season. We all saw when, like the email with like a gift card, attachment from amazon or apple, was the gift. I do think we'll see the first dozens. Thousands hundreds of people waking up christmas morning and their friend or relative is like hey check your metamask or your openc account and boom there's the gift.

You know 50 000 people getting an nft. This holiday is actually a remarkable feat. Considering pretty much. Nobody on earth knew what it was a year ago, but in the scheme of 330 million americans or whatever the number is these days still relatively small, but i think we get together a year from today.

That number is gon na, be hundreds of thousands. Potentially, it is not purple today and all i ever wanted was some real love. Then i sit on my heart. I watched it build up till.

I can't feel it the thing that really stands out for me in the difference of web 2 and web 3 with brands is in web 2. Everyone in the audience was building on top of communication, not consumerization, so it was about how we communicated. So when brands came in, there was a lot of pushback because it was business in this space unless you're a hypocrite. I think we can all agree way too much.

Energy is about the financial part, which i think is a vulnerability for our space right now. If you look very carefully 80 of the in this space right now are day trading, digital assets, and so there's nothing wrong with that. I love a good garage sale, but what it does is actually gives brands subconscious more room to do things, because most people realize they're having a lot of business dna in what they're doing as well and if brands play it right, they can benefit from that. A lot more than what happened in o6 when it was a completely different conversation, and i think that lends itself to a huge opportunity to all of you.

Much like i've told you in the content about getting to influencers on dm. I still believe that this is so hot and there's so much momentum that there's somebody who literally launched a project three weeks ago that can make a jv with a national bubblegum brand or a cereal brand. And i hope this gave you some insight to how they're thinking - and i hope everybody here has a tremendous time this week and i hope everybody follows my twitter tonight, because i'm throwing a secret wine party, which i haven't done in a decade. I've got a load of wine.

I have no idea where i'm doing it and as soon as i find a spot, i'm tweeting it out. So i hope i see every one of you people tonight. Thank you so much. Thank you.

He asked a question during my talk and asked me to come, and i said yes and so i'm like i have to now come yeah. I appreciate it. That's high integrity, brother you're, a busy man so much to have you here. Thank you.

It's the first irl mint of your life. Am i right firm? What does that mean for the future of this space? In your opinion? Right now. Go that other people will do it too. Why? Because it makes sense right because gamification of our society will happen with this infrastructure, because if you can't get this, if you don't come well, then you can't get it.

Thus people will come. What that will do is lead to organizations whether for-profit, non-profit and many other things to realize. That's how humans behave and thus doing it. No different than credit card points and airline points and the millions of other things humans done for a long time, except now on a decentralized, authentic, transparent environment.

This is obvious figure it out. I was struggling to pay my rent. I have two kids and now i'm the head of a phone that is ten million dollars and it's because of you and i'm holding i'm buying and i'm doing this because of you and how much do you have the perfect persian cat? I just got goosebumps my son clicked on the button and it was my first ever nft. Thank you so much for everything i swear to god, i'm going to repay you by sharing the love.

That's what i'll be real doing. How do i set goals as a creator without limiting myself that are practical? Give me a for instance. I want to make sure i'm capturing your essence. Let's say i want to have a million subscribers by the end of next year.

That's already a very dangerous framework, because it's an arbitrary number like why not two, why not 750 000. to me the way to think about that is i'm going to do these things that i want to do that i also think will bring value to them and Then i have to let the chips fall to where they be, whether it's a million five hundred thousand or four million, because the second you create those arbitrary goals. You become the prisoner to access the numbers you're, the prisoner, you created a jail for yourself for no reason, my guy yeah, because it's still awesome to have ambition. I have unlimited ambition.

I just don't want to make it something arbitrary and something that like can only cause anxiety. Oh come on shirts, what's good, what's going on, can i get one? Let's go baby betting plays out the bugs. What's the problem with being successful at 39 instead of 26., i think the biggest issue for me is um. I really want to give back to my parents, because, don't you think your parents would be more upset if you were anxious and unhappy in the process of potentially even burning yourself out, because you were so impatient to try to help them it burnt yourself down yeah.

I think they would be sad. I think they'd be sad too so way. I got a message, be patient cool. Thank you.

How can i like practically move forward with this? My setup like this is my future. This is my goal that i want to like. I fell in love with what stuff, what's stopping you developers and like not even developers, just ideas, who's a developer. I got in this space a couple months ago.

There we go we're good next. The reason i did that was you can find a developer. The developers aren't the problem, the problem is either a lack of patience or a lack of confidence, and the lack of confidence usually comes from actually caring. What everybody here thinks well, then, if you don't give a then just do it.

I appreciate you great gotcha, taking a picture with you, but i just want a quick question with you about this music. Like i'm an artist myself, i'm trying to get it out here in the ent spaces. Just one advice that you would recommend like just put as much music on tick tock, as humanly as possible, worry about the blockchain later get leverage of having a community. Everything will work itself out.

Tick-Tock window for virality is going to close the next two years, go as hard as you can on that platform. Gotcha got it. That was crazy, props and drops nation. What is good, there's a lot of kids in the space right now, who are the champion of nfts in their family and friend network, all their families and friends told them.

It was a scam and and garbage and they've won. They look like the winner. If what happened with internet stocks in 1999 happens with nfts, where everything loses 80 of its value because of a crash, they now are the loser. So now the narrative changes this.

What happened with the internet by the way? This is what they said about. Facebook stock is what they said about snapchat stock. This happens. My concern is: these are kids, who are incredibly insecure, whose entire self-esteem is wrapped up right now into their winning in nft land.

If and when it crashes, will they have the stability emotionally to deal with, not only oh, my god, 80 of my net worth was in these five nfts and now it's nothing, but can they face their circle? I am incredibly worried about this. Hence why i keep saying over and over be thoughtful play with money that you can afford to lose. Don't get caught up in the fomo, be patient, don't over flex, if you're winning right now with your friends, because then you're gon na have to reconcile with that. There's a lot of kids that don't know how to deal with success.

You're on your friend for nine months now they get promoted, they're, making 30k more and your snail and raccoon went from 80k to 4k. I just this is very important. Talk discord what's good! First, access of the friends happening right now say: what's up, what's going on, discord tell them who you are alec: hanson, modeling, podcast, podcast, panther holder, the first access token being executed. It's a podcast panther! Why is perspective important? Because it's your actual life nobody's happy democrats? Not happy republicans are not happy 20 year, old's, not happy 60 years, not happy.

You know why this is happening right, because prosperity is the gateway to anxiety people. Have it too good when you're fighting for food and shelter, you don't give a about a slang term. Somebody used that you think was it like you're just fighting to live. Of course, you're upset about the milk that was put in your starbucks.

Your life is phenomenal, of course, you're frustrated that your wi-fi is out in your house, and you can't watch your netflix show. Your life is sensational, of course, you're mad about something that somebody said on twitter, you're not running for your life. People had war. What the hey everybody! It is gary vaynerchuk and this is die hard dialogue where we pick a couple of games each week and we let the die-hards battle it out.

One of those games is always the new york jets game, because i am the ultimate new york jets die hard. This is a rare, narrow, escalator. I like the narrow, i think it's more efficient. I think escalators are too wide.

I think it's a problem. There's a group of us in our age range east coast style, i'm 45., i've um, either depending on the circumstance, 88 or 12., i'm being serious, i'm telling you i am, i play in two very extreme realms one. The tried and true it is attention arbitrage, whether it's a song or whether it's tick-tock it is attention arbitrage. There is nothing else that is the world and then there's the humanity, like.

I genuinely believe being nice is a better business strategy than not so there's some. These things that i would say are religion: they will never change i'll, be 90 on stage and being like, i'm telling you billboard's on the moon. That's the action because that's where the new attention is so that's the 88 year old the 12 year old thing is the tactics like the actual details of how to win on tick. Tock like when me and drock just went up the escalator and i did something and i turned to him and said that will do well on tick-tock.

That's like a skill of the moment. So that's what i do the macro and the microphone. This piece took. Hundreds of hours, thousands of pieces of broken records.

The theme of it is almost the last supper kind of element with. I think some people that very highly values, and so, if you'll drop the uh curtain there. Ah jeez, it's tamara, it's aj, it's lizzy and of course thank you. It's amazing! Thank you.

So much really somebody dude. Thank you so much so kind. I love everybody has an opinion on nfts that they're a scam or they're beanie babies or it's a fad. Without doing an hour of homework, we have become a headline.

Reading hot, take society, that's a bad strategy for actual business. I think you should change it. If you don't understand the concept of smart contracts on decentralized blockchain, it will affect your business in the next 10 years. The seven people that raise their hands.

You can chill a little bit because you're gon na be golfing and drinking margaritas. The rest of you need to really focus on 20 to 50 hours of curiosity and homework, and i hope these minutes together at least gave you a little something to push it through, and i appreciate all of you so much. I wish you well. Thank you wow.

In a seven year relationship, i quit my job. I started to do business figures and i'm proud of you, i'm just such a huge fan. I'm proud of you, i'm sorry, no personal conversation. No, it's okay! It was really worth it.

You feel good uh yeah of yours one day just hit me and i was like this is not great good for you. I'm proud of you, proud of you to have that courage. So i need you.

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