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All right, i think we are live raghav we are live, we're live, let's go. I love this, i'm very excited hold on one. Second, i'm just gon na do one little thing, um, all right, everybody! Thank you. So much for being here, we've been uh hyping.

This up, oh actually, you know what i want to do. One other thing now: um, oh no one. Second, brother um. Where is that url that you gave me right here? The forms are up: uh dustin, let's put the form up there.

We go with that. Garyvee book perfect, that's good. One thing i wanted to do was go into discord. Okay, let's do that and this and it's just the friends.

It is one second all right boom. I believe we are now very ready to rock okay. Well, god, why don't you tell everybody who you are yeah and dustin? I'm sorry before that dustin, please put up the form everybody who's on. Let me kick this off before i go, oh you got a haircut.

You decided to look good for this. I know i actually i see it, i see you flex, it fade. I see the fade um everybody on instagram, what's good everybody on all the live channels, what's good very special day here, right now, uh, if you go to book, i'm here to announce my new book and a very special offer, i am going um. I am going live with this book on november 16th and if you go to book, you will see that there is a form there is that right, rob yep, that's right, because i haven't even i haven't even looked at the blog post, i'm so busy.

Today. All the way to the bottom they'll see the form at the bottom. Let me give you the punch line now and i see a lot of you in the chat. So here's the 4-1-1, if you buy 12 of these books on amazon or barnes noble's website.

Right now, by the way rogov, can you look up the rank on amazon and barnes noble right now, the overall rank of my book. If you buy 12 books, if you go to, if you buy 12 books uh and for every 12 books, there's a form to fill out where you upload your receipt. So every 12 book off order counts as one of a surprise that i'm going to do for you on november 16th. Now this surprise for every 12 books that you buy looks like this.

If you've been paying attention to me for the last nine months, you will realize that i'm very hot on a subject matter. It is my belief that if you buy 12 of these or 60, if you want five of them or 600, if you want 50 of them that for every 12 book order you buy, you will be getting one of these. Let's call it airdropped if you've been paying attention the amount of fomo. You probably have this: the amount of fomo of people that did not buy b friends and have missed out on the iconic and tectonic roi of that investment.

This is even more interesting to me because you get 12 of these books, 11, of which you should give away to people that you love, because this is the best book i've written since crush it. We'll get into that. From regards point of view in a minute, but on top of that for every 12 book order, which is about 300 bucks right, regath yeah, it's i think it's like 20 25 each yeah, it's gon na go down by the way, both barnes and nobles and amazon. Whatever you buy right now, the price will go down because the way those algorithms work is the more demand they reset their prices and the price goes down and by november 16th, even though you buy for 25.

Today it might be 19 and that's what they'll charge you they'll refund you for every 12 books you buy. Let's say you want a hundred of these surprises rugoff. A hundred of these surprises on uh november 16th. You can have that you buy 1200 books.

You might decide to give them out of the conference or things that nature, but here's the bottom line, the drop that you'll get in your wallet for every 12 you buy, will be a very good idea in comparison to what you buy. This is a very big deal. I'm super fired up. The bottom line is it's a very good idea to buy 12 of these books? I believe you'll regret not buying more that's how confident i am audiobooks do not count, because i need 12.

You could buy an extra audiobook, you know hard copies, no audiobook, because you can't buy 12 audiobooks. You know um, but this is a big deal. I'm really excited about it, and now i, and by the way a lot of people are going to be coming in. So please, in the comments section use community to let everybody know, but here's the punch line, i'm not saying it, but i'm saying it for every 12 books you buy.

You will get airdropped something that i think will make your investment worthwhile nice. I, like it uh. This could be a big deal. It's also the best book i've written since crush it, because it's the book that everybody's been wanting me to write and regard.

Let's start this way, give everybody your story now where god was my partner in this book. By the way, everybody please, as soon as you actually buy it, leave in the comments because i'm you know i live for the comments, i'm seeing you all brian, seeing you mark z, secret 92. I see you i'll win. Gc.

I see you mate, joel aldo. I see you gas wolf as soon as you buy it. Please leave in here bought and the number bought 48 bought 480, but but i'm telling you just tap back in to how you felt tap back in and how you felt when you passed on v friends and now you know, what's up, don't just buy 12 - is What i'm saying now, if you can't afford 12 and you can only buy one, i'm very grateful because it's going to be one of the best books if you can't buy any. I'm very grateful i'll continue to give out free content thematically, but this is organized in a really interesting way.

Rob tell everybody by the way, you're going to regret if you only bought 12. just saying and by the way, if you change your mind during the stream. As you start figuring out, what's actually happening here actually happening here once you figure it out, you can obviously reset and you could buy 12 right now. I some of you went fast.

You bought 12. I have a funny feeling over the next couple hours you're gon na there's no limit adam, but you need to put them to your strategy because everyone's gon na get one so keep that in mind for every 12 book has all the info. It's i mean. There's international links right, we're off so sweden.

This is global, we're world worldwide, baby paolo, my friend who just texted me. I love you at, just go to amazon, it's all there! It's all there! If you really understand what's going on here. This is the crazy i've really worked on this one for you. This is a real moment.

I'm not kidding, there's something real serious here, please be smart. You can get a hundred bucks. Of course you can. Okay, like that's exactly be smart.

Listen to what i'm saying! One more time for every 12 you buy when you upload the receipt, please go to something on the 16th. When the book launches it's gon na be worth it. I believe that i don't think it's even gon na cost. You 300 bucks because i do think amazon and barnes noble's price comes down.

That's how they do it. If you've ever pre-owned books, you sometimes pay it, but you pay less. They have an algorithm of how low they go based on demand. Let's call it 20 bucks.

I'm just going to go there regav 240 bucks for every 240. You spend for 12 of these and don't forget you still then get 12 of them, so you get to give them out. Donate them, sell them flip them on ebay. I don't know.

Do your thing something good is gon na happen, but now, let's get into the content of the book we'll get back to the sale. This is the right hook, but this is the most unique right hook in my life i always say, give give give and then ask - and i do, that with empathy rose. This is not empathy. By the way i'm drinking different rose um.

My books, you've seen it from iraq right but much on the theme of the friends people thought i was selling ragav. You even learned something right in the way i was communicating for you. People thought i was selling something why i wasn't. I was doing something please.

If you're part of the be friends, fam and you've won from this, please share your stories in instagram or in youtube or in twitter. Like twitch, share your stories to what happened to you, the money you made. This is a 2.0 version of this, but now, let's get into the book uh everyone's asking for the link. It's, everybody.

Please put the link inside the comments. Garyvee.Com, please leave it. I see a 36 five from chung chong. Thank you.

It's pagesports just bought 48. Thank you, danny miranda, danny you need to buy more than 48. you're a hustler. I know you, i know you bought 48.

I appreciate it you're, my guy. We met at a book signing when you were a kid, but you're smart. Listen to what i'm saying. That means you're only getting four air drops tell us about who you are, how you came into this yep and then, more importantly, we're going to go into what you learned and what we're about here yeah.

So i'm raghav good to meet all of you. I've been on gary's team now for uh close to three years september is gon na be three years i emailed gary and that worked out so initially. I started like three years ago as his copywriter and then now over time, kind of starting to help out more with just running the overall content around the brand and everything and during this process since, like last, i think, by the way, getting an extra 12 from Barnes and noble might be a good idea, most go through amazon, barnes noble's, a little unique, i'm unique just just say, keep going because most people here don't have a barnes noble's account. I know i believe it i'm a big fan of effort anyway um.

So we've been working on this now for the last like since, like november, like november, until like march or april so uh, it's been a fun process going through this book. So i think well god, how long were you on team? Gary actually tell us the full team, gary story: how did you get to get heart? It's all hard book right now, it's not soft, yet it's hard cover, um. I think i could be wrong about that, but i'm pretty sure it's all hard to cover. I i cj cohen, thank you for your 48 books.

Go ahead with god. I got here, um physical books, only no kindles, because you can only buy one on the kindle you can't buy. Can you buy 12 on the kindle and then pass the people andy k? I saw your question um: did you get the amazon ranking and the barnes noble, ranking, yeah? Well, amazon right now, so it's 114 in entrepreneurship? No! No! Overall, i need the overall 9443. 94 43.

Okay yep. It could be number one in a couple hours if everyone gets super here, yeah, i'm not seeing it and brian's noble okay, we'll figure that out later keep it going instagram, what's good everybody if you're, if you want to get into more links and stuff, please share The chats uh there we go shiv shiv bought 720 books someone's using their brain. Just like people won heavy on, be friends. People gon na win very heavy for every 12 they bought here.

Every single person that bought 24 is gon na regret that they can buy 36.. Oh god, do you regret not buying defense? I certainly do and you were in the inner circle and you still underestimated me like the world underestimates me and i continue to navigate sticking. It to the underestimation, because i love the chip on my shoulder and for the people in here right now on a friday notice, when i do this friday afternoon in august. You know why ragoff, because some people, even though they love me and trust me - chose to be at the pool right now, got it work anyway.

How did you get in uh? Well, i was. It was kind of funny. I so like the plan was for me that was to travel, so i travel a lot right so before this i was like traveling through, like southeast asia and different places, and just like backpacking whatever, and the plan was to travel for like an extended period of Time and i saw in your vlog - i apologize for god - team who's watching andy team gary, i don't know dustin like dustin like we need to get people answering questions in because i'm looking at it, but i want to focus on you rogoff, so we can do A real interview and then get some q, a um, uh team. Please um! Please answer people's questions, there's a ton of questions and by the way i see a lot of texts coming to me.

I can't see them i'm too, in the zone right now. Please hit up dustin and then dustin will put you on screen. It'll be fun for people to see. People from our team, meanwhile, are locked in andy, katie sid other team gary.

Well, i see all sorts of people yet all over. If you've got a question to answer for them literally hit up dustin we're gon na put you right on screen yard you're gon na ask we're gon na answer and people are gon na be educated, i saw somebody say no barnes and nobles in sweden. I can't you know, send it to an american address figure it out, like i'm doing the best. I can here and i see a lot.

Somebody came in i'm late. What's this all about? Please everybody, please! Everyone's, like poor raghav, can't answer a question, but i'm doing a lot of logistics right now, everything's on uh, but here's the big one, here's the big one. This is where everyone's gon na get confused the deadline to submit for this is 24 hours from now, because what i'm doing is big time. So let there be no confusion.

It's not like i want to sell like the books are fine. The books are going to sell anyway, crushing it was in your like. This is a 24-hour thing. So, let's put that up, like you know, uh, that's so maybe in the background you could put up some of the rules.

Some of the hits bullets you know: we've got, maybe you make a little hits and you can put that down here. Remember these rules! This is 24 hours. This expires 4 p.m. Eastern time, 4, 30, p.m.

Eastern time, 5, p.m. Eastern time, 5., 5 p.m. Eastern tomorrow it's over it's over, got it uh, it's international. I see a lot of people.

I'm from israel working by book has all the international links amazon's global. If you can't, you know, if you can't ship it to you ship it to somebody else, just get that receipt, uh, bittman who's just said: how can we prove we bought it easy you got to go to this website, there's a form you have to upload the Receipt not super complicated and then after we launch we'll make sure those books were actually delivered, and then we will be dropping you something if you get it we'll be dropping you something that's going to make it way way worth it. Um so dustin make sure you're talking to team dustin, i think at 5 30 we'll do a q a like somebody will come, get two people from the team that come in here and read questions from the comments and just ask me in real time so me And you will be on where god will be on and then two other people will be on and they'll just be. Reading questions live while so i don't have to do both got it yep all right.

Well, god, let's get back to the origin stories, the drop is somebody said: it's a drop guaranteed. Of course. What am i going to ruin my reputation for 40 000 books and give a and make four cents? I made more on royalties from b friends today than the book. Of course, it's guaranteed it's my name.

Everything with me is guaranteed my reputation's, my life good nice, how i got onto gary right, um, it's so three years ago i i was like i was try. I was planning on traveling for a while, like for the next several months at the time, and then i was watching a dailyvee and then you were like, i think, at the time, you're like you're, looking for a writer to help with your quora answers, or something Is like i'm looking for a writer to like transcribe, my quora um articles or something like that. So then i just like hit you up through email and then you cc'd andy, and then we kind of just went from there and then that worked out. So that was that was uh.

It took a lot of follow-up like because, like i i didn't, i didn't get like responses for like the first two or three, so i think i followed up like six times the first time around. It's actually really funny. So, like i uh, i thought that once i got the offer, i thought that i actually didn't get it, because once i was once once i had the combo that i got it. I saw somebody else on a video later like reading an article or something - and i also just didn't hear back so i was like, oh like - maybe they just whatever like they might have just gone with somebody else.

But then that wasn't true and i got in so hold on um one. Second, i'm resetting instagram everybody. The experience is much better on youtube. Um uh also uh, i'm gon na reset it hold on regard.

I'm sorry tell everybody more keep going, so i can um um that was kind of it. So, like i came in started as a copywriter working on the blog working on articles working on gary's email and things like that, and it was, it was really fun process. I really enjoyed being on the team from that period of time, like i think that if i would describe the culture, i would say it's like it's very accepting, there's like a lot of trust involved and like that's something. I've noticed with gary too over the last seven eight months, there's just like, like the level of trust that was given on day, one with all the accounts or with all the with all the stuff that's happening on.

The team was very surprising to me, and it was really it was really cool and, like continues to be like a thing you know like in the last event, and now now that you're, a leader on team gary andy, who used to be the lead of team Gary moves he's now the president of be friends. Sid elevates up, we got, may who's a major player for us she's insane she's got a secret project she's doing so. All of a sudden you katie, like some. Some of you, are finding new leadership roles.

You were trained with trust you're now, bringing that same thing to the table. I assume yeah yeah 100 and it's it's it's insane to the level that you did. It, i think, is what was not surprising, but always continues to make an impression. Like even writing this.

You know let's talk about this, so you're on my team. You're writing with me you're capturing my voice. We go over all the things. So every word is right.

Um, i'm mainly telling you i always have to transcribe, because i don't want any word to not be me so we're doing blog post this now the other thing, then you get tapped on the shoulder because stephanie land big shout out stephanie land, it's the first book. I put out without her i miss her terribly but her career exploded because we were so successful together. So now you get tapped for this. What runs through your head that i've never written a book before? Were you like? Why is gary even considering this or you knew because we were writing instagram, it's better on youtube.

If you need me, but there's the link, all the details, you're hearing, uh, big, big airdrop. If you buy 12 books, all details on the site go ahead. Yeah! I've never written a book before and i think yeah, like it kind of surprised me a little bit, but also not um, but yeah like it was. Am.

I scared, not scared. It was more like okay, like i need to like figure. I need to like understand how to like do this all right. I understand like what the what it means to like write a book.

You know so it was. It was different by the way you somebody just asked. Can i upload two receipts? I believe, as you sit here and hang out with me this evening, most of you will buy more receipts than one. So if you submit, we will sort by names and address, we will figure that out.

So if you submit 12, when you got excited up front and now you're hearing me about and you're listening to, people comment and you're hearing the stories about be friends, nft and you're starting to put the pieces together, then then uh you. If you buy another 48, that will count. So don't worry about that everybody's asking a ton of questions. Garyvee.Com book, it's right here! It's linked! Please everybody who's hardcore from the vaynernation.

Please get that url and tell everybody to read that post expense explains everything keep going. Rogoff yeah everybody's saying where to submit where to submit please everybody please help people submit to this url has all the info yeah um, surprise when i got tapped for it, so i was like how do i? How do i write this? How do we figure this out like what does it mean to write something in your own words? What's this book about, i think it. If i describe it it, it helps bridge the gap between um, the loftier concepts that you talk about. So you talk about kindness.

There's accountability there's all these different traits, but i think people really struggle with like making the gap bridging the gap between how does that actually help in running a business like you talk about like kindness, isn't r is roi positive, for example, but it's like, i think, The reaction that people have sometimes is like what, but how, though, like or like how or like why, so i think the way we laid this out breaks that down keep going, because this is really big because, like you came in, you knew of me, but you Didn't really know, like you really know now, you're like really under the hood, i'm super transparent. You see everything, there's no hiding in my world, then you got really really really into this. Like actually one of the reasons i knew i was writing. A great book was how you were evolving during the book process: let's go there.

How did you change two things? How did you change you by writing this book? How did your perception of me or that's doesn't have to go there? How did you, how did you um? How do you understand me or the success better because of it? I think the way that i changed was so. I think i think the biggest thing that this book does is it gives you tools to use and makes you like more conscious and being able to use them so, like. I think i think, the the you know. Some of the ingredients we talk about is like humility, patience hold on one second shout out alert.

I got ta. Do shout out alerts you're gon na bear me with me here zero. I see you with your 24. Thank you so much when you get your two surprises in november, you're gon na be happy in december.

If you decide to transact my friends, this is a big deal. Please don't miss today! Please don't miss today. Go ahead, yeah, i think so i would say the way that i changed is like so one if i, if i look at all these ingredients in the book, we talk about all these different traits right, my weakest one as i was going through. It was conviction.

I think we could. We talked about you remember those couple of first days during the draw i was so happy for the people that supported me yeah, knowing that many people didn't support me like this, is gon na be a big day like a lot of people. This is perfect notice how i promoted this it's kind of like a hard promotion in my world, but i didn't go outside of my world. This is v friends launch all over again.

I'm really excited about it. I just know: what's going to happen, so i'm excited still. It's super dope. People are going to have the best book.

I've ever written this book's going to change people's lives. You know that right. I know all right. Let's go back to you, i'm sorry, i'm interrupting you left and right, but i can't help because i got to talk to the community but yeah it changed you.

How? Because i want to listen, i've been looking too much in the comments i'm in with you now go instagram. Please go to youtube um so like so. If i think one thing we talked about was um, my biggest weakness or the half, as you call it in this book, is, is conviction and kind candor, because, like i was, i really struggled a lot of times with, like i think, like so my biggest strength Out of this list would be curiosity, and i think, because we lean into that, because i try to lean into that a lot. I think that i struggle with sometimes like stating an opinion you know instead of being like this is it i would be like i'd.

Rather, like ask you another question, you know what i mean so like, so i i sometimes like, especially in different environments. I apologize my friend dustin. Can you talk to team a lot of people asking hard book paperback? I don't even think the book comes in paperback, but if it does - and i think it might like great - it's 12 bucks right in whatever shape or size. You know i don't think, there's that option at all.

I don't think it's either anyway. Everybody who's buying 12. hardcover is what we are pushing yeah. It's not that i don't give a actually it's just what i think it is.

I think paperback comes. It comes out after countries yeah in some countries, whatever it is, it is uh. People are saying it's out of stock in india. Um we'll confirm that we'll get some details if we have to do a special thing for a country, it's sold out in we'll figure that out um.

But the link please, if you're, asking questions. Garyvee.Com book has a lot of the answers, and it's why we built the blog post. It's got, the international links, keep going is barnes noble's crashed because it should release the same day in india. Keep going my man, okay um.

Where was i? Let's start from the top, what changed in you, you said conviction was something you struggle with what raghav just said: the book is called 12 and a half leveraging the emotional ingredients necessary for business success. I believe that i'm going to be one of the greatest businessmen of all time because of who my mom was and how she raised me from an emotional intelligence standpoint. This book breaks down emotional traits. I don't have the actual book.

What are the 12 and a half ak-13 in this book? I get very vulnerable. I talk about the 13 human traits that i think are responsible for great leadership and great business building. I called it 12 and a half because one of them, i don't think i'm good at i'm, not good at it, and so i called it 12 and a half because i'm still going through my journey and some of you might be seven and a half and 11 and a half - and so i am going through my journey, so i'm in a place where i'm very vulnerable about something called kind candor, because i'm candorous as garyvee um, i'm candace instagram as garyvee um, but uh, i'm not candace enough, and it hurts me as Gary vaynerchuk right and so um i made it a half now we're jumping all over the place. People are coming in at different times.

I see a lot of people who are lost and confused. Please everyone tell um, tell everybody what's happening here and point everybody to book, if maybe 15 to 20 people in these live streams can take the lead and just repeat the doc, the url over and over. If you need to know what's going on click here, i'm aware that india's sold out i'm aware, barnes and noble's website has crashed we'll we'll deal with the aftermath of this after the fact um. So the book is built around the emotional.

Do you have the emotional yeah here we go so everybody this book covers the following things. So these are the these. Are the traits gratitude, self-awareness, accountability, optimism, empathy, kindness, tenacity, curiosity, patience, conviction, humility, ambition and kind candor. Thank you uh quickly.

Some people are saying my site's down: let's confirm that this is out of control, um, so regard what you learned about yourself during it was that your you struggle with conviction. Out of these yeah, like out of these 12 and a half that we do like conviction stood out, is a weakness and, and are you different now yeah i mean so this is a process, it's a process to build it, and i think it's it's it's uh. It's hard to develop some of these things, but i think that it made it easier to get me over the edge to like have some of those conversations. I need to do to develop conviction.

You know like some of the exercises in the book. The scenarios that you break down the scenarios are huge scenarios really helped me like tell everybody what we did um with the scenarios yeah. So i guess for context. The book is broken down into three parts uh.

The first part is like these traits like gratitude. Self-Awareness all the stuff that i just listed out, so the first part is like gary talking about all the traits. The second part is, how do you use those traits in different business situations like oh, the, like a business partner stole money from me or like? Oh i'm managing someone who's older than me, or something like that, and then the last part of the book is exercises like little tasks and stuff like oh, how do you, by the way i saw one spammer, say, buy 12 and then return it. We're gon na wait for the airdrop to make sure the books were delivered you're more than welcome to return it if you're a piece of keep going.

Why not donate to the library? Why not give it to people go ahead, uh yeah! That's it that that's! How the book is: that's how it looks you learned about me: what did you, what gave you ahas and so? Oh that's how gary's building an empire, i think the bigot. The biggest thing is creating safety is what stands out, creating safety for people to have conversations, and i'm not sure what trait that falls into. I think that's that's a lot of them empathy. That's! I think empathy is probably a huge one that came up a lot in the book.

Writing process accountability but like making people feel safe enough around you to one, i think just be themselves like just express like who they are and stuff around you in a more like genuine way and then also having and then the other parts. Having the conversations with you that they might not have so, i think safety is huge talk to ever so everybody. I wanted to talk about these traits that i think have been dominant in my business success. I can tell you right now: every single company, if you have a company of employees, please please buy you know what i'm so excited about is.

This is the mastermind of today's event. I know that a lot of you with me. I know a lot of you regret not buying beef friends. I know it's a combination for this moment.

I'm doing it because i want to sucker you. This is the word i'm going to use sucker you into buying 120 of these, because i know this is the most important book i've ever written when it comes to business, because i'm out here trying to change the narrative of business, it's not about sharp elbows or Who's the toughest it's who's, the kindest who's, the most human right. I know that i'm gon na drop you something after you buy these this winter. That's going to be potentially not financial advice, more valuable than the books you bought so you're going to buy these 480 and then you're going to have 40 of these assets and then you're gon na have transactional operation.

This is insane you're gon na make money, potentially not financial advice by buying this book. But then you're gon na have 48 of these books show up and be like what the and you're gon na give them to human beings, and if they read this book, their life is gon na change, not their business life, their life look up what what else? From that journey like what? What were they ahas, because the way we structured it is, we talked about why they were important, and then we did scenarios and i got into story time the scenarios you reading in a full like what was the big aha? How did you see like, for example, there was like my favorite one, my favorite scenario out of all of them was like so they're, just real, quick, real quick. I apologize for the worse, i'm killing you. This is only a 24-hour thing: uh uh dustin.

I should not be drinking rose, uh dustin. This is already halfway home dustin. Can you please put in the bottom But can you also put oh there you go. You got ta scroll in the bottom you're the best you cannot buy at any time to get the airdrop.

You have to buy it in the next 24 hours ebooks count, but you have to buy 12 in one receipt, keep going um. So there was one scenario about i'll: read it out: it was, it was you're growing, a service based business, you've been consistently pitching new prospects and you can - and you find that they're always excited at first, but once you mention your price, they typically disappear and you Never hear from them again, you've had good paying clients in the past who are happy to pay your rate, and they were satisfied with your work, but you're not sure how to find them consistently. What would you do so like that, like that read one more i like this, i like that we're giving people a little preview to the book, yeah i'll get it. I did scenarios here, friends so that you guys could have feels like this book.

Look at that! Little piggy look at that 12 and a half to the bank. This is business. I've been trying to tell all of you being nice caring about your employees more than your wallet. I care more about regard than this wallet.

That's why this wallet's gon na be fat as you are confused out here being nice, is how you win you're, not impressing anybody by ripping people off you. It's kindness, look! What's going on in the piggy bank! Hearts dick face heart stick face! It's kindness, be nice, be nice, should i should i read one more. I love that jay lee just said he under promises and over delivers and i promote so hard. I go so hard.

I promise so heavy that people don't get it they're, usually confused. When it's this hard of a right hook, they don't understand what i'm dropping for them. They understand what i'm gon na do with those tokens. You don't understand what i'm gon na do for you pay a tension.

A lot of you missed and doubted me didn't believe me thought it was a scam thought i was short term people out here, bought v friends for two thousand bucks and sold it for ninety thousand. Three weeks later, i get an email every day from people that paid off their college debt paid their mom's medical bills. People went crazy, pay attention today, buy your 12 books, buy your 120 books, donate them, give them to every employee, give them to every co-worker, sell them all on ebay. I don't give a burn them.

I don't give a don't burn them. Give me people so they read it, because i want people to understand that nice and kind and good is how you're gon na win somebody's addict to you, somebody's, a racist to you. Somebody says sexist to you. Somebody shits on you, you nail it back with kindness.

Heat on hate, doesn't do, oh god, this is the best uh scenarios you wan na want us to read like two or three. How do you want to read one more scenario that we put in the book? Read one more yeah you're running by the way by the way dust. I know i'm just doing this to you left and right, the instagram, i'm sorry, you got ta watch us on youtube. Thus i may bring in people to ask questions and nobody from team gary wants to come on here.

I can't hear you still candy. I know it's out of stock in india. We're gon na have to figure something out. We're gon na get him back.

Restocked sid or tyler or andy, can we call hollis, i'm gon na call house, my um, i got instagram live instagram, i'm gon na go offline for a second go to youtube or twitter i'll be back in a second nah. I'm not gon na kill it. I can do it actually here hold on sid, katie and sh uh sether sets about the joint hey. Oh i'm calling hollis from india.

This is my publisher at harper. Give me one. Second, everyone keep talking with god. While i do this i'll bring out one more.

So this is one more scenario from the book: hi alex part two, so this live we're doing is going very well, but in india sold out people freaking out india, i guess amazon, india, barnes and noble's website crashed yeah, there's a lot going on so we're gon Na need to can you email, the team and, like we, you know, because i'm doing only a 24-hour thing with these receipts and india's up in india's mad, the whole country of india is mad by the by the way, we're also gon na have to cut down Some trees, we were selling a load of books, yeah. No, i get it but like our our yeah anyway, we'll have to regroup tomorrow. I know it's friday, but, like you know, i want to make sure that the people that wanted to win here in places that got screwed can win. So, let's figure that out okay.

Somebody else just said mexico says one max order, like basically amazon. What am i yeah makes sense, amazon wasn't ready for the vayner nation and india is mad, so we got to figure it out and we ki and barnes nobles is dead, broken. Okay, okay! Just i love you see ya. Okay, bye, all right! A lot going on! Just talk to harper collins, they uh got some work to do um all right good to see the beautiful faces, seth katie.

What do you got for me we're here to answer some questions? Please? Okay, um, so the first ones we saw you will need. You cannot use a coin based wallet, you will need a metamask wallet yeah, you need a non-custodial wallet, so i can drop off. If you have a coinbase, you should have a meta mask now or a rainbow. I need that address uh.

I need a non-custodial go to my go to my website. Garyvaynerchuk.Com type in nft read all the 101s. The other thing i'm just going to repeat 100 000 times. I need more people in the comments helping book has all the information people are asking very basic.

One-On-One questions it's all there, but keep going katie and seth while i drink more rose to get myself crazy. I wish i was too um. So this is a great one where someone asked if they filled out the form but didn't give any confirmation email. How do we know guys? We have it um? We will reach out to you um between now and no problem.

That's a great point. Yeah we will email. We will get that going good point. Yes, yes, um seth, you got anything uh.

What do we need to have set up to receive the airdrop in november? You need to have a meta mask or a rainbow account, because we're not asking yet for their address right in the form their wallet address. Dresser are we i didn't look at the. We are, we are, but it's not required right we'll do it we'll do it again as well, but for all of you that are crypto savvy and a lot of you should be because we've been educating for nine months when you upload your receipt on wherever They're, sending you put in your wallet address if between now and we're gon na do another confirmation, because i know some of you will get hacked. Unfortunately, some may change.

We will do a multi um uh touchin with all of you um. Sorry, i'm getting texts from harpercollins, they're freaking out, um uh, we'll make sure before we drop it. We're gon na confirm as much as we can that we have the right wallet that we're dropping the surprise on we're getting very direct with what we're actually doing here by the way, if you only bought 12 make it another 24. seth katie keep going and if They don't have a metamask wallet.

We can work with them to help them get it set up, but um they send them, send them like. Let's put in dustin: let's get somebody on the team dropping um, all the information of like how to set up accounts from 137 or Let's keep educating and again there's so many ogs of the community in here. Please, please, please, please um! If you're in there, please keep linking all the accounts um, please keep linking sorry about that everybody on instagram.

I know you've uh stopped this. I'm gon na start again um. Please keep sharing these links and keep answering the questions. I need you today.

There's a lot going on there's a lot of people here. It's only a 24-hour thing. A lot of people are going to miss out and i don't want that to be the case. Right.

Um keep going team uh. Another question was: are multiple receipts? Okay, or can we bulk order in one receipt for more than one, both are okay, we're going to be able to find everything? Do you have to buy and submit your receipts in 24 hours or just now and submit between if it's bought with it? If it's bought within the 24 hours as long as you have that receipt, you can always submit any time you don't have to submit within 24 hours and by the way india's down, barnes noble, is broken um, you know so i'll adjust links are in the youtube Description now great work dust, please. I really need like 15 people on youtube, periscope, linkedin, twitch and facebook, to kind of like really take the lead on the links go ahead. Is it okay if they blur out their address on the receipts? Yes, i have no interest in your information.

I just need to know that you bought it, so i can drop it for you. I don't need to show up at your house. I don't give a you absolutely can blur it out. Maybe you want to show up at their house most will want me to show up in their house, but i will not be showing up uh.

Can it be an ebook kindle kindle order yeah, but i don't think you can buy 12 ebooks for 12 kindles. So i think you need to buy a 12 receipt and then buy a 13th book. You can't don't me up and buy 11 and then try to leave like some weird notes saying, but i bought an ebook too, like be a friend adam. I promise you what you're going to get in surprise is going to make it worth your time 12 receipt orders in hard book and then, if you need a kindle or an e-book or an audio book for yourself, because that's how you're actually going to consume the Best book i've ever written, that's fine! So you have 13., it's okay! There's one entry per second right! Now! That's why that's! No! No! It's not wild people and slept on me, including you for and didn't buy a v friend you four might not have had the money, and i respect that.

But people on me and underestimated me and i punch them in the face by giving them 20 x returns. Do you know what it feels like to buy something for point, five and fourth, two thousand dollars and then reselling it for sixty five thousand dollars sixty days later, yeah? That's what happened you four! Is it amazon screenshot receipt? Okay, yes, but you should get the email and that's yes, but yes, yes did you say barnes and noble purchase is more valuable than an amazon purchase, i'm being cute. I've got something clever that i'm working on. I think an additional barnes, noble 12 is just a good idea.

I'm clever bookstores all right, i'm going to let you guys keep looking what else in this book stood out for you one more time, because people are just joining what's this book about from your words and then i'll give it for my words um. I think this book, so it read it kind of redefines what it means to be a smart business person is how i think about it in my head, so it like, when you think, about a smart business decision or a smart business person. You think a lot about like oh, like someone who's out maneuvering somebody else or someone who's, stepping on somebody else, and this kind of like bridges the gap between how or it redefines it of what a smart business person, a business person or like a business decision, Means to something that's more kind, empathetic warm gratitude stuff like that. I feel like like, like the best lion in the book, was in the intro when you were like um business is normally seen as doggy dog or like only the strong survive, and ironically, you also believe that only the strong survive.

As i said, these are the traits of actual strength. Yeah, i think strength is empathy and kindness, and all that you just got a word that ebooks don't count. Okay, because you can't buy 12 ebooks right. You know, like i said i mean, look we'll do the work if somebody bought an ebook and then submitted 11 hard copies, but this is for 12 hard copies like, of course, we'll look nate slalom like if we'll look carefully, if you submit twice and show the Receipts we'll look carefully but like please, if you bought like, if you already did it, that's fine, we'll figure it out but like to streamline this.

It's 12 hard cut every 12 increments hard copy book, the the ebook the audio book. Let that make that be an incremental like it's 20 bucks more. There is no soft copy books. Everyone's asking for soft covers.

There's no soft covers yet team. What the reason i wrote this book is that i'm very bad at putting my thoughts on paper, i'm very good at putting my thoughts up in audio and if you've been following me, religious for ten years, seven years, five years you can figure it out, but it's Hard, it's like hard to figure it out. This book is probably the first time. I've really collectively, like really put it on paper and was like this, is the jam like this is how you will succeed in life and actually in business um by the way.

If there's soft covers in europe, i hear that amazing great then put in 12 book orders amazing. I count all physical books of hard or soft and 12 orders. I also recommend to all of you. You will have regret in one man's point of view.

If you only buy 12, because the strategy here is to really really uk's got hard, soft cover is great, really win for you really win for you, i'm dropping you. Some like this is gon na really matter really matter are uh still asking. Where do you put the receipt and it's on book and you scroll down uh to the bottom, there's a form that you can draw as many attachments also linked on screen? Yes, those still asking about hard covers versus paper uh. How do we update our info? If we buy more and already submitted, uh just submit a second a second time, one second team, okay uh.

What was that uh? Someone was asking. How do we update our info if we've already submitted uh and the answer is just submit a second time? That's right submit multiple times team, one more time, uh. To recap. If you're just joining us, i have a new book coming out called 12 and a half which talks about the emotional, the emotional ingredients that are necessary for business success.

I believe in this the most. Actually, while i got you seth katie dustin talk about me doing a move on, you know, don't gass me up. This is just to teach people because they don't believe me. Maybe all four of you didn't believe me from the outside.

Talk to me about an out of the ordinary move that i've done with you that you don't think is common for a boss. That meant something to you. Katie you go first, i have a good one um and it was my first day on the job and i came and i was sitting down in the lobby and you came in and winked at me, which was one thing, and so just the acknowledgement from you. Like as the ceo was something big, i remember texting my mom about it um and then i was sitting at my desk and you came over.

You said: hey katie, welcome to the team, and i was just like awesome. Let's go let's get started because it was just something that i was like wow. He really cared about me joining his team when there's like 30 people on it, how would he know my name? How would he know who i was, and that was even joining the team, so um that mean a lot to me on my first day. Thank you.

Seth you've been around a little longer. This could be interesting, yeah one that really stands out to me. I think it was it was within my first month um and you know i was brand new to the team bringing into the company uh and you or you or somebody else had pulled me into a meeting with you and some big wigs of chase for uh. An askgaryvee that we did uh and that plus the fact that i was asked questions and give them the opportunity to give my opinion on on thing.

For this episode specifically blew my mind because it was like you know these. These big name, people and just me, was brand new to this company and i was given trust to you know that my opinion would matter and that something that, i would say, wasn't you know a complete dumb idea. I love it before we get to dust. Ethan shaffer goes why 12.? No problem! The reason i want you to buy 12 is because the book is called 12 and a half, and i didn't want to be greedy and make it 13..

So i let you buy one less book to get surprised. That's why dust um! I just remember this time where uh i was editing something and i added something that wasn't supposed to be on there and i think initially you were like what the happened and then i was like i up and you're like don't worry like it's fine, like you Understood that it happened when i thought i was like gon na get fired, i know what you're talking about. We got really negative feedback and i had a 24-hour kind of window on like a story about something i did and like it got taken out of context, because the way we edited it yeah - and you thought you were in deep - because it was bad right, yeah And were you like stunned, like those are my by the way dust your stories? Might i love seth and katie, but that matters to me like that really me up and i still knew it was my response that you know regard you know this you've gotten really in my head. I counted go ahead.

I see you want to go there. Well, that too, like i relate to like, i feel, like i've, made more mistakes like that than anybody else on the team, since the time that i've been here like at least in the first part, you know like having been writing and stuff like that, so i've Noticed that a lot um there's a lot of safety to make those mistakes, and so what that's like that was like big for you, like you like genuinely actually thought you might get fired. Is that true, um yeah, like i think i thought well, i wasn't sure i was like oh crap, i'm and instead i came with like accountability and kindness. I remember you specifically said i have empathy for that.

I was like my i was like. I was really surprised that you asked me to write like your sixth like major book, when i have never done it before, and i think that speaks to trust. I love that katie back to you because we're really everybody. Yes, we have this big moment.

There's a big day like we are a hundred percent, doing something that everybody will remember, which is you're gon na buy 12 of the best books of all time. Maybe and then something amazing is going to happen to you in return. This is my favorite day ever 99 of you up with me friends up, like you, think, they're expensive. Now, with 30 50, 100 000 piece, i'm gon na! Stick it to you! So heavy i'm not going to stop until they're a million dollars a piece and then dustin is going to like talk to his like child and be like.

I could have bought it for two thousand dollars his team. I was doing t with garyvee every day. I was close, and i still understand anyway, but now here's another chance to do something really cool where this will be an roi positive event. For you, emotionally and financially is my great passion.

Many of you bought 12. I want to make sure that you buy another 36 and submit another receipt, because i know exactly what the i'm doing. What we're talking about is being a great person being a great boss, building a big business, even if you have one employee or like i have 1500 and we're talking to people that are close to me on team. Gary we're jamming out seems like the uk.

Amazon is now out of books again team. We up, india sounds like we up the uk. I just want to make sure everybody knows, because we only have 24 hours to submit these receipts. If it's true that everyone's out of stock, we will absolutely do this.

One more time work with amazon and others to make sure because i'll, never let you not get a piece of this anyway. Amy going back to you, we asked the biggest thing that happened to you as a manager, because this is about treating people well, as a manager talk to me about another story, the truth. This is the truth. Don't gass me up! I want people to hear this because they don't believe the they say you guys do all four of you feel like.

Sometimes when you talk to people they they come at you when they know what you do.

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