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Today’s video is a special one, with Mike Winkelmann - the digital artist known as Beeple. We talk about how creating digital art every day changed his life and what he thinks the future is for the NFT space. We also discuss how to make your NFT project successful and the risk and advantages of being early in this world. Enjoy!
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Forget about 24 hours when you finally came back down to earth update us on where you are. I haven't: come back down to earth like i'm still like what the is like what is going on, you got your perspective. I just want to be happy. Don't you want to be happy good evening, everyone good evening, good evening, uh, first of all, uh to kick it off.

I just want to thank people for being here. It's great to see him. I'm excited about all of you seeing this i, but most of all, i just want to thank everybody who showed up uh, there's a hundred trillion things that are going on uh during this week and you could be everywhere or anywhere and you're outside it's a little Chilly, i appreciate the perseverance and we're really excited about having you here so there's some seats open if people want to sit um - and i just i'm - really grateful that you're here. Thank you for supporting this so yeah, let's pop that up, so i you know, i think i put out a lot of content and talk and all that so i'm going to focus on getting stuff out of people for all of us because he's harder to get Stuff out of so mike, what's up, let's start with, have you spent the money? Yet it's gone that money is gone.

Tell us like! No, like honestly, i think we can all get like the normal stuff. This is a small community. Still, this is what's fun about when things emerge on a serious note when something that remarkable happens and we'll see a lot of footage here, i think it's been well documented. The moment i i do think it's the watershed moment for the space punks.

You know board ape, there's been a lot of things, but i really do think your sale is the one that most hit people's radar. The extremity of the sail probably caused a lot of reaction and we that's all well documented. I actually want to dig into the human that you are what happened in in the first forget about 24 hours when you finally came back down to earth like where update us on where you are, i haven't: come back down to earth like i'm still like what The is like what is going on, like i'm still like it feels like it's still very much like something that i have not processed. I processed it more than you know 24 hours later, but it's still something that i think a lot of people are still trying to grapple with, like what is going on right now, um just because the world was a certain way and then over the course of Just a few months, the world was a different way and not just to me what what to a lot of people what's different for you as an artist a lot of times that level of commercial success can really change it.

How are you do you feel like you've been affected? Look at it differently. Is there like? How are you as an artist like what's going on um, i would be lying. If i wasn't say you know, i'm not affected by this at all. Of course, i am.

I'm a human and i sold a thing for 70 million dollars like it literally feels like silly, even like saying it um so yeah. Of course i'm affected, but that's where i feel very lucky to have been in this sort of framework with the everydays, where i have to keep doing work so the sale happened at 11 a.m. I have to do a picture each day by midnight, so i had 13 hours before the next piece of artwork i was putting out. There was no like oh now, everybody's watching me blah blah blah like it was like man everybody's.

It is what it is. I got to do this thing in 13 hours um, and so that really has allowed me to just kind of sort of keep plowing forward, and i know that most of the artwork that i'm putting out i'm not gon na sell - or at least i'm not gon Na immediately sell, maybe um, and so i think that sort of takes a lot of the pressure off that it's not like are people gon na like this? Is it gon na sell like blah blah blah it's just like it was just like it was where it's just sort of like i just do it people with it great if they don't whatever it's not. I think i think that's amazing. I actually think that's how you got there in the first place.

What what is your observation of the market right now? You know, i think one thing that is very underrated about you, so many people view you as the artist you had this big sale. I got to know you it's why drock and nima, and the team got to go to your house to make this when that auction was going on in that first six. You know that six or seven or eight weeks that we got to know each other before this. I viewed you as somebody that understood the market that there was a lot more of what i'm good at in you than a lot of artists that come along, which i think is what led to a lot of that success.

So when i ask you this question, i'm just genuinely interested because i think you're gon na have an interesting observation. What is the current state of the nft art market? From your perspective, i think what is probably different from me than a lot of other, maybe artists or people in the space is, i think i have more of a healthy dose of skepticism than most people, and so i'm always trying to like this is too good To be true, because it feels very much too good to be true, i'm always waiting for it to be like jpegs, just kidding they're, not worth anything. What were you thinking like and because, for a long time they weren't worth anything, and so all sudden it was just like wait now people are paying for this. It's like wait.

What the like does when you make that statement. Is there a part of you? That knows that it's not like just kidding the whole thing goes away forever, but yeah, but is there a part of you that does believe that it's a gold rush and it's similar to things we've seen in the past where right now, it's so fever pitch there'll Need to be a correction and they'll come back later on, i would say there are certain projects that i would be surprised if they stand the test of time. Uh like what not be friends um the um. I i think it's one of those things where nobody knows.

I i'm not going to sit here, pretend like i know, and anybody who's telling you what they they. The space is gon na look like in five ten years. They don't know uh and that's what makes it interesting and that's what makes it exciting um. But i think you know, as long as you're sort of investing in creators and teams that you know you believe are going to sort of be around for the long term, because i think it's very easy to make promises and it's free to make promises.

Oh, i'm gon na do this and i'm gon na blah blah blah and it's like yeah, but are you because at the end of the day, if you don't, then the thing is not going to be worth yeah, and so it's it's funny. My favorite thing that emerged in the last six months is the road map, like everyone's like the road map. Like you mean the pitch deck from every startup that failed in the last 15 years, like this obsession that the road map was this very important thing. I think it's just fun to watch this space, make the same exact mistakes that web 2 did where it's like.

No, you don't get it gary. It has tokenomics. I'm like every project. Will, no you don't get it gary gaming's going to be big, no dick face right like like you know, i think people get confused.

What a dick face. What a dick face mike tell us back to more fun before we go into the film. What was the most ridiculous phone call? You got within the first week after this monumental moment there was a bunch dude. Well give it to us.

We want to be entertained, people are freezing their asses off, give them talking to madonna. It was just like. Well, let's talk about that now i well, that's! Guy will kill me guy or kill me. You talk to madonna, i did.

Did it go well, yeah, yeah! Well, okay, what else garyvee called me what about like some third grade friend who was like yo? There was definitely some people who came out of the woodwork where i was like. Oh yeah, i remember you, that's it's been a sec, it's been a sec um, but yeah. I think it just it. Obviously everybody has been super positive and super supportive, and so you know i have a big question that i think a lot of artists here and projects here.

You know because i think just to remind everybody if you're here, like this chamber, gets real small real fast. Just to remind everybody, like 99 of the world has no idea what the going on here right now, and so this is super early, which means a lot of good. Things are going to happen to a lot of people here. As long as you don't get caught up in the biggest vulnerability in this space, which is people love to say things like it's about the art and about the community, let there be no confusion.

90 of the behavior in our space right now is about short-term money, and it is the vulnerability. Yes, everybody complaining about things. If you look very carefully, it means it up with their short-term bag. So we have to be thoughtful, but i do believe a lot of people here will have versions.

Yours is pretty extreme, but i'm pretty confident that there's a lot of faces, i'm looking at now and we'll look back at drock's footage and be like. Oh, they were there now they're doing this. That's what happens when you're early in the thing that's going to happen do so. This question is loaded in that.

Do you feel pressure now, because people have invested extraordinary levels of money into your art? Do you feel that you have to execute for the next year's decades to justify those costs and does that weigh on you or do you feel like the market? Is the market like how does that sit with people uh? It doesn't really. There is pressure, but it doesn't it's not hard for me, because at the end of the day i was doing this for free for 20 years i was getting up and trying really hard to make digital art the best i could for 20 years before anybody gave A before before, anybody would pay for it and that's where it feels too good to be true, because it's sort of like i'd already seen again. I was pretty popular before this in terms of you know the digital art community and this or that - and so i'd already seen a bunch of benefits from from doing that, and so that's where it was like wait. So now people are gon na pay, a lot more money for it um, and so i think, at the end of the day, all i can do is get up and try really hard and that's it and, like that's what i was doing before and that's what I'm doing now, and so i'm and i know i'm trying way harder now too, and so that's it like.

That's all anybody can do well, listen, uh, there's, probably a lot of places. A lot of people are trying to get to. So i think we got a little bit here. I really i'm so grateful you're here, i'm incredibly grateful to ryan harwood and the 137 pm team.

Yes, i want to yeah definitely thank the 137 pm team because you guys crushed it with this like super happy without, and thank you for like making this happen like very, very much. The best part was drock nema j, the team was there and they were texting me and they're like he likes us and he doesn't like all the other people that are here and we're like super fired up and uh. I'm really really glad that everybody's about to see this. I think the work is really strong.

Selfishly. What i think ryan - and i want to do - is put out more long-form tyler. We want to put out more long-form meaningful content, and so this was a real get for us. We knew we were recording something and uh we're really proud of it, and thank you so much for allocating your most precious asset of time to be here with all of us, and i think it's time to play it.

So are you guys ready? Thank you. Thank you for being here. Thank you guys. Thank you seriously youtube watcher.

What's up it's garyvee! First of all, thank you so much. I hope, you're doing super well during these times uh. I also want to ask you please subscribe, because my commitment and exploration of youtube is about to explode stories, polls, more content, more engagement, more surprise and delight. This is the time to subscribe.

I hope you consider it, and i hope i see you soon. You.

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