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Super excited for you to join us on this special live podcast with the one and only FEWOCIOUS!

Hi everybody uh everybody who's watching uh live uh, a live podcast, something that i um want to be doing a little bit more uh. My good friend here who i'm gon na. Let introduce himself to the vayner nation in a second and i we're trying to get together in person. Unfortunately, i got caught up with some travel and so we're doing this remote, even though we're both, i think in the same city of new york right now, but i'll be heading out shortly, but um.

You know as i as i started, getting into the nft scene. More outwardly in 2021, when i was kind of doing my homework in the late parts of um of 20 and really q1 of 2021, one of my favorite artists, aesthetically subjectively, and i think art is definitely the eye of the beholder. But for me um, i just really enjoyed this work from this artist and then when we got connected - and i saw the sweetness and and just genuineness of his humanity um - i knew that we would interact for a long long time and we've both been very, very, Very busy since uh our first kind of interactions earlier this year, but i'm excited to introduce someone to all of you who are listening right now and we're uh we're gon na chop. It up and i know he's - got some stuff brewing.

So i want to give a little exposure to that and then really just try to inspire uh and educate people on what's going on in this space, because i think there's a lot of uh. A lot of you out there that have the potential for a version of this story and that's why it's important to me, so it just uh. How are you my friend, oh i'm doing great. This is really surreal.

I'ma be honest! Gary! I grew up watching your videos and being a major fan and to go from seeing you on twitter interact with the space into having a first call with you to being here. This is beautiful and i'm so darn happy to be here. Thank you. Why don't you tell everybody who you are your name where you're from and why don't you take the floor for three four minutes and tell everybody your artistic and nft journey, okay, cool, so i'm victor, my artist's name is ferocious.

I make nfts, i do art animate. The art it's super abstract poppy, colorful, primary color, surreal, art and i started with the little website in my family home. I had my phone. I would take pictures of my art.

Make prints of it. I bought a printer would cut the cut the art and sell it for like 20 bucks, five bucks do commissions for 10 bucks and do that every day until one day, someone bought a painting that i did for ninety dollars and i was losing my mind, never Sold art for that much, oh, my god, ninety dollars, and he sends me an email saying. Oh, my god, your work is amazing. I love the painting.

I have i'd like more. However, i'm not interested in physical ownership. I want digital ownership and he sent me a link to super rare, a link to nifty gateway, all the nft platforms and told me to apply, and so i did and ever since then when was that victor. That was last year in march so march of 2020.

You become aware more of digital art and immediately nfts at the same time or a little bit digital art and then slowly, but surely this concept about fts um. I was doing digital art before just on my ipad, but i wasn't there was, i didn't know about the concept of nfts. It was just oh, the only way you can own, it is, if you make a print of it or something correct, and and how quickly did you did you go down the rabbit hole of nfts when this person reached out to you and said i want to Do digital like that blow your mind, you're like wait a minute! That's so easy! That's easier! I don't have to cut. I don't have to ship like did it resonate immediately? Well immediately.

I thought it was a scam. I thought i thought because i'm a little kid. I didn't have family. I could really ask for help, so i thought is he trying to steal the ip? Is he going to buy like my characters and go, make a tv show or sell shirts? I don't know i see so i was hesitant at first, but you go on twitter and immediately one second, my friend back to scams and bad situations.

Okay in the facebook group - oh, what's that dust! Oh it does all right. Did you? What dust were you talking about? The facebook comment, the fake yeah yeah, it's just so terrible. There's somebody fake in facebook saying that i will never give free anything like. I will never ask you for your aetherium, like you know, uh, it's just it's unbelievable anyway.

Spam everywhere on live right now, podcast listeners, sorry to interrupt the show, there's some you know: fake accounts trying to scam people, never give your seed phrase, and now your secret freeze to your metamask anyway. Nonetheless, so at first that was very funny. Timing at first you were concerned about that. Then what happens uh after i thought it was a scam yeah like did you do some more homework? Did you join some discord? Did you go on twitter? What got you over the hump? It was googling.

What's an nft and super rare had a newsletter where they explained everything broke it down, did the mona lisa original painting analogy and that really made it click and then going on super rare and scrolling and seeing all the artists sell the work and see how much I was like whoa, these are real people and that's when i was like okay, this is something but the world doesn't know about it yet did um when, when okay, so ninety dollars, physical blows your mind, what becomes the next blow my mind moment? What's the first nft you sold for at what number that really got you going like whoa, i mean the first nft i ever sold was for a thousand five hundred dollars to that person uh to someone else actually interesting yeah. So you tell me that story in detail because again, if you just what you know victor, what i want is a everybody in the vayner nation to know who you are, because i think you're worth knowing b for this podcast to spur three more vocabuses right, because We are living in an incredible moment for artists, where this 20-year run of do stuff on the internet for exposure, and then other things can happen. It's starting to shift before our eyes and people are actually able to sell things in digital form, and it's very special, and so i want people to hear in detail, which is why i agree to do this podcast. So you is this.

The first thing you made in nft forum so first thing you sold. So when i first joined this platform, i was minting art for weeks. I received advice to men every week, okay, because every day is too much so wait do once a week. So i did that and no one was bidding i'd get like 20 bids, but these were these were not so this these were offers only coming in it wasn't an auction, it wasn't a buy it now.

You'd put it up and you would get quote unquote, offers yeah so on super air, there's an option to list or there's an option just to hold until you want to accept now, there's a timer where you can make it a structured auction. But when i joined it's just you accept when you want or before they withdraw their bid yep. So i waited weeks minting once a week and getting bids, but nothing substantial and then one day someone working at super air said i think you should list. You would make a good first sale and it's a larger amount.

So i don't know if you there's no harm really in listing it. So i listed my first piece for 4.5 ethereum which at the time was a thousand five hundred dollars and did what gave you at this point. You were aware that some art was going for real money, so you were like because right because you j don't forget when was this by the way right now we're june 2020 right. So you know only us only 10 weeks earlier, you're freaking out at 90 on paper, but through this education discovering this world you're saying it.

I want a thousand for digital. You thought there was a chance. Let's see what happens yeah, i received guidance saying that these 100 bids will look like a lot, but i learned about crypto, i didn't know about crypto and i learned about what wales are and i was like. Oh okay, i can list it for a little bit higher and that's just what this market is.

It's, not college, kids, it's these people who know how to trade crypto and know all that world. So it's something different, so i felt fine doing that, but i didn't think it would happen. I was like okay give me this advice. Let's see and the next day after i listed it, it sold for a thousand five hundred and i went on twitter and i was like, oh my god, i'm so excited, and i did this whole twitter, spammed twitter, just saying my thankfulness yeah and i took screenshots.

Not in a annoying way, just in a, i can't believe this happened, and i guess the community saw that. Oh this kid just what just sold the piece. Who is this kid? I've never even seen the art, and then other collectors saw my excitement and me yelling and went on my super air and because i've been minting for weeks. I had all this work that i haven't sold.

So, in the same day, i sold the one piece for a thousand five hundred and then two other pieces for like two thousand dollars crazy. How did you go to sleep that night? Oh, i don't think i did honestly. I think i just drew and then went to school the next day and was like what just happened right, because what you're a junior or senior in high school. At this point i was a senior in high school and it was like a week before kobit lockdown unbelievable, and did you like tell anybody? Do you have like a best friend that you're, like yo you'll, never believe this? I made 5 000 last night or were you almost weirded out by it like? How did it go down this? One girl in my class tapped my shoulder and said what are nfts and i was like non-fungible tokens and she said never mind, and that was the extent to my discussion about it.

What happens next? What happens next in your life? What happens? Where does the story? Go from there, what when is it? What ends up happening after that um? After that? I meant it again. I waited two weeks i think, to mint, and then, after that i did a physical painting and then i took a picture of it and animated the picture, and i minted that picture and whoever bought the nft also got the physical painting and it catched this collector's Eye - and he said well, i've never seen that before. I want that, but i also want two more nfts. So again, i sold three nfts in like a day, and everyone saw that and was like whoa.

Who is this kid selling all this art right now and it built more hype? I guess and then what happened and then what happened? How much did that go for the piece of the three? I think it was at the time twelve thousand dollars. Fifteen thousand. So i mean this is like your life is out of control at this point right. Oh definitely, it's the most money, i've ever seen in my life and my goal was to move out.

I was in a really toxic, abusive home, where i'd get yelled at every day my family hated. My art said i could never do anything with it and to make that much money and see that i could move out and leave this abusive household changed my life. I felt so free, i felt so happy, and you know it's a realization that, oh, my god, my dreams are coming true right now, did you take the ethereum and convert it to us dollars? You must have because you needed it right. Well, i wasn't 18 and my family wouldn't help me so all of it was stuck in ethereum because i had there's no, i tried every platform everything, but i was right.

So it was all stuck in ethereum and you didn't help me and you didn't want them to know right, yeah, no way, no one could know right so you're. So this goes down like your life. To your point, it just happened. Your life dreams came true through nft and twitter, really, which created some buzz right covet hits so now you're in this abusive home that you're you hate and now you're, probably stuck there more parts of the day school and whatever probably used to be an escapism you're Sitting on all this eat, but you can't get it and when did you turn 18? I turned 18 january 1st like so you had to so you're you're sitting for like you're like i have to wait.

Eight months, you have no idea how ethereum is going to go up or down you're, not sure about that. That's all new to you and you're, just literally going through covid life changing and you're counting down to january. Yes, exactly wow, that's insane bro yeah! It's all very surreal, so funny lee just said in the comments i was and dustin picked up, but i was literally gon na say the same thing: it's like a movie, it's literally like a movie. So what happens? You're you keep the momentum going through the summer and fall and winter yeah.

I just keep doing what i'm doing: nifty gateway. In like november. There was the picasso's bull sold for 55 000, and that was the record sale. Everyone was like, oh my god, 55 000, and i saw that and i said whoa - that's a lot of money, whoa what is nifty and that's when they kind of excelled as a new platform that everyone was talking about, and i tech you can't do this now, But i just dm them, i said: hey can i be on please, and they said sure, so i had my first nifty gateway drop and um.

That was just accessing a whole other part of this community. That was, i think, also november. Last year, october, last year from that november, that's right october november, and how does that go down? It went amazing, uh everything sold out. I got to sell to more uh people, yeah more people and just grew my collector base.

It was amazing how how financially well did that project? Do i don't remember how much i made? Oh actually i do. I still i sold my first one of one for 25 000, just one one of one for 25k, and i was like whoa i. This is the most i've made for one thing: i'm used to like bundle sales or like little editions, but one piece for 25 000. I couldn't believe it and i think other people saw that too and were like.

Oh, this is really something this isn't just some kid like running around being crazy, it's something it's fantastic! So what's happening, you're going through the holidays, when do you notice that? What what were the moments that made you say nft? Because you knew this? Was this underground thing? Did you think it might just go away quickly that it was a very quick little burst a little fat quick fad? Did you like? Were you? How are you feeling about it? Let's say now wait september comes. Are you just now done with school and you're not going to college you're just going to do this thing and like have it? How did september come at you because you said you were a senior back in march. That means you graduated. Oh wait.

I went from junior to senior sorry god, i'm sorry got it so you're still i mean, are you? Did you just finish? High school uh high school ended like two months ago, so you, you graduated high school two months ago, yeah amazing. So you got it. So you september you go back to whatever. So when does it start feeling like nfts are going more broad for you? When did that first hit the scene january february of this year? Um, honestly, i do think it was when picasso's bulls sold for fifty five thousand dollars, because just seeing other media discuss it seeing royalties seeing other people, i had a lot of mentors in this space that are older, that were in nfts before these platforms existed hearing Them like preach to me their ideas - i don't know, i always knew it was something, but when that sold for for fifty five thousand dollars, i said: okay, i'm in this, i'm in it and by the way uh uh for everybody.

Who's in live chat right now. Uh please, let's i see a lot of you know who ferocious is and a lot of people are curious for the people. That know. Please share some links in your chats on twitch youtube, instagram facebook, twitter of his work, because people are jonesing and we're not gon na there.

You go dustin, jumping on board um. So so when does it go to the next level? So now you've hit this crazy level. Let you know call it a hundred thousand dollars two hundred thousand dollars levels that you could have never imagined and then and then ethereum starts going up, you're still sitting on that ethereum, so your money's compounding. When does the next level hit for you and the space? The next level for me was my birthday january 1st this year, um i had another, it was my second nifty gateway drop and the total was 340k and it sold everything sold out in like five seconds and we like broke the website, and i was like, oh My god, i made this in like five seconds.

What just happened. Everyone in the community was so loving and it was stunning to me because do you feel that you were adopted by the whales and collectors of the nft movement? I feel like i was adopted by the whole space. Absolutely because, at a time where i was in such a bad home, where i had no one i could go to for help, i could go to older artists. I could go to collectors and ask them for advice on anything about like doing my laundry to what is ethereum.

How long should i hold? Do i sell what what is bitcoin all these different things? How do you explain what an nft is in your day-to-day? If a cousin or a friend of a friend or just somebody on the street like how do you explain it, not when you're in miami in the whole like taking photos - and everybody knows i mean, like you know, i don't know you well enough and obviously, if You have toxic home, you know your circle's, probably small, but you know when you describe or if this was national television and you got to explain it, how do you go about it um? I explained it one time to my friend just saying it's not the most accurate way, but i just say there is no accurate way. This is why i'm asking you it's your way, which is what i'm just curious about. I just say, like you, see a one-of-one painting in the same way, people love that one-of-one painting and want to keep it safe and special and they're so proud to say that it's the real one um and there's fakes out there. But there's authenticators to see that.

There's the real one of one painting. I just say that i make nfts, which are the digital version of that. Do you um? Okay! So then, your birthday 304 now you're like super rich in your mind, right like, and so how do you handle all that and then and then next for you or for the space? Obviously, i think we're getting to the point where people's craziness starts kicking in, but um. You know and then characters like me and cuban are showing up on tv like take us to q1 of this year.

You had the birthday thing: what happens next so next i had my. I did a drop with a musician named two feet and he did music and i did art and now you see a lot of musicians in the space. But at the time it's like whoa. A platinum recording artist is in the space and cares and wants to learn about it.

What and we did, that drop and made a million like 1.1 million dollars, and we were the third drop on nifty ever to make a million ever and everyone was like whoa someone else crossed over the million dollar threshold. What's going on and more people were talking about nfts, there was articles written about it because he's a musician, and that was the next whoa moment and then and then i had, as you know, my artifact shoe drop. So i worked with the artifact guys. I was talking to them way back when, but finally, we sat down got shoe, designs talked about, life talked about philosophy, and i drew these drawings for the shoes he set it up for nifty, put it out and it made three million dollars in seven minutes and That was crazy.

That was, i've lost my mind. I've never done a real article before where someone like knew about me and was asking me questions, and it was crazy to google for washes and see like artifact shoe artifact shoes see it on the news, see people talking about my shoes saying what is this? What are you passionate about so what about now like where's your mindset? What do you think about the space? What do you think about yourself? What are you trying to accomplish? Give us a little the you know of the moment now right now i see the space. That's still new, i see this space as something that has so much potential. In every aspect i mean owning digital assets is the future.

The future is digital, and i think victor, do you think it's you know it's funny. The way you're talking is so matter-of-fact, whereas everyone else is trying to convince. I feel like you live in it, and i guess my question is given that you're. So young do you feel like in a world where you watch your classmates, never hesitate to spend money on digital assets like power, ups in madden or 2k or fortnite or roblox? Do you feel, like you, have that advantage? Let's say over the cliche 40 year old, who you know your whole, your whole ecosystem of your contemporaries, whether they were your friends or not.

You knew what was going on in your world. You feel like because the under 18 crowd has so often paid for things that are just digital and coming to school, flexing that you had a fortnight skin that cost money or a madden card you feel like just because it's always been there. It almost feels like nfts are completely normal and that for people of a different generation, they don't have that advantage similar to like for a lot of people that are 30 and 40 having a cell phone feels very normal, but for their 60 year old parent. It didn't do you think it's a generational thing to why you're so matter of fact of it like how why it's just so uncomfortably obvious? Oh absolutely i mean when i was born, there was like a playstation 2 in the house like i was so used to playing video games all the time.

So i didn't understand ethereum when i got in, but it's like. Oh digital, okay, i play video games. I know video game money. I know i know this, so it was really easy for me to accept and to just take it for what it is and keep going.

Um yeah, i think so completely. Do you understand why people struggle with it? Oh definitely yeah, and i think that's why it's important like for my christie's drop. There are physical paintings and i know some people are mad about physicals. They say oh nfts and physicals shouldn't exist together.

I think they'll both coexist. People will always like physicals. I think, like this yeah, i mean i'm so fascinated by people's need for ore in a world where the world lives on, and it's really quite sad. Actually, people live in a need to convince, or have it their way, and and just have this great belief in or this is dead or this my way not that way and the reality is it's always going to be both it's just like this interview right now, Right, we've all normalized video conferencing and that's awesome, and that comes in handy, for example.

I would usually do all my podcast guests in real per real life right and we, i had a scheduling issue and what we wanted to do thursday. I couldn't make, and then i leave tonight and like we just wouldn't - have done this, but we're giving the exact content that's needed, but we still are thrilled to do this in person in six months. If we have something else to talk about yeah, it's both. I couldn't agree with you more people.

Ask me about sports cards. Oh gary you're, so intent of tease, i'm like i'm i'm about to buy an ungodly amount of sports cards in chicago in a month at the national. It's always going to be both. It is both now in our society we flirt in the digital we flirt in real life.

We order food at a restaurant. We order food in the digital, we watch a sporting event in real life. We watch it. I mean it's always going to be both.

I agree what uh, why don't you tell everybody about the christie's things, because that must i mean you probably a year ago thought when you're 90, you might have something at christie's and now you're here, oh yeah, i thought i thought living off art i'd have to Wait till 40 and then maybe die and then get in christie's or something so to be. The youngest artist at christie's is insane, especially for the content matter. For this story is me coming out as transgender. This story is me talking about my piece of family in the most raw way.

Like i was worried, i would send the art to christie's and they'd be like you know what this is too sad or something, but no they let me say my story. They. Let me have this platform and talk to the world and i think it's important too, that there are the physical paintings because it has catched attention for traditional collector eyes. Maybe they don't know about nfts but they're like oh a painting.

Oh, you have to get the nft what i don't really know what it means, but i'm gon na learn more because i, like the art so much, and that makes me excited dust if you can put the art back up victor. If you could speak to the art a little bit, because i think people will enjoy that now. Obviously it's a podcast that a lot of people are listening to so we'll talk it through, but obviously the ones who joined us on the live stream. As i decided to do this as a live one uh you're getting a little more of the visuals, what uh? What are we looking at or what inspired it or you know? Obviously i see year, one age 14.

It hurts to hide. Is that is 14 when you kind of knew you had different feelings? Yeah 14 is when i really started to question who i was and realize, because i grew up in such a bad home. I didn't realize it was bad until i got older and was on the internet and reading people say that these things were bad, that i thought were normal. What did you give us? Give us an example, if you don't mind to share anything you're willing to share.

I mean just like getting yelled at all the time for everything getting hit. I'm like, oh, if you're loved everyone gets hit, and then i realized. Oh, that's bad! Not everyone does get punched in the face or something so it's just stuff like that, um, where i really started to realize that i didn't like it there 14, because all these nfts come with archival doodles that i actually drew at those ages. So 14 years old is also when i started to actually pour my feelings into art and know that it's all i had in life at that time - um, maybe another piece that we could speak to.

So that's 14. What about what about 16, or just what about 16 uh when a child feels lost so 16 uh is when all of that pain of realizing that life was hard. My family was mean to me being scared because they said art you couldn't pursue. Art 16 is when it came down on me and i became very suicidal.

I was in therapy and my family said. Depression is not real. After my therapist said that i might have depression, they pulled me out of therapy. I had no help.

No teachers would help me, no one would help me, and this piece is me being a kid and not knowing what life is and not really wanting to be alive, because i i wanted a hug or something. What about friend groups? Did you have a friend network uh, no growing up? I didn't really have friends. I was really awkward, so your social awkwardness kind of, like you, didn't play the part of popular kid and you weren't able to find others that, maybe were you were just within your own self huh. Well, because my family was so abusive, i had to go to court and then move schools, so i moved schools and i lost the friends i did have, and i was just by myself every day.

Everyone already formed those friendships they had. So i would just sit in a corner and draw every day. When did you know that you were good at art um? It got to a point of me drawing every day where kids were like what are you doing and they would walk by me and grab my sketchbook and they would flip through it. I was losing my mind, i'm like, oh my god.

Don't don't look, don't look but they'd be like wait. This is good. I like this right got it so even people that maybe weren't necessarily your friends were taking note and that obviously carried a ton of weight. Yes, definitely what next for you and the space um, i think because of the position i'm in uh, i have means now to get like help like if i want to do something gnarly.

If i want to build a robot, it's something i think about a lot or if i want to build something gnarly or create a new metaverse kind of thing or whatever. I have time right now, where i can sit and think about what i want to do. I can have a team to help me. I can i don't know this space is so early and i think sometimes people are rushing to do stuff where i see it more as this is going to grow, and this is going to be insane - and i want to put my heart into something that i Can really say is what i want to say um so right now, i'm not sure i just put my heart into the christie's project, so i'm trying to take a step back and really analyze what my life is right now and what certain things mean to me.

What um, what do you tell the the 14 15 and, more importantly, i would argue, maybe even harder for the 49 year old who's now long, given up on their hope of being an artist instead of just a cliche. You can do it but like like? Is there any nuance, any kind of like second tier for motivation, whether it's practical um uh? You know questions or um any kind of like unique insight that you might be able to share, and then i'm going to grab the five individuals that we have quick questions from my befriends discord to jump internet do a little q a with you. But do you know anything anything stand out to you because i think the two groups that i'm most passionate about are the 15 year olds, who absolutely watch a lot of my content. I'm clearly gon na be very inspired by your story, but honestly, i believe that nfts have the potential to do things for the 42 47 62 year old.

That are remarkable and look you in nft artland are gon na live one of those one percent lives. A mr beast: the logan paul charlie demilia you're gon na, but like much like influencer marketing. I think that there's a lot of people literally watching right now and there's not that many people watching literally people listening right now and there's not that many people listening when you compare it to seven billion people on earth and i think literally somebody who's watching right. Now or listening right now, even if this is two years from this recording, is a person that can actually make 200 000 a year selling nfts who'd, given up on their creativity and decided to become a professional doing something they don't love at all.

Any any insights. Anything you can give to those people, i think in the nft space there's a lot of like anonymity and people like that. Don't really want to share a lot or, like sometimes artists are so in their zone, working that they don't realize what they're doing is really cool. So in the nft space, i think it's cool to share what you're doing like take a picture of your workspace and be like this is what i'm doing it doesn't even have to be done.

Yeah document, because collectors or other artists don't have concept they're, not you. So i think, to provide perspective to other people really helps them. Learn more about you and by proxy like learn more about you and the art and want to pay more attention to what you're doing, because they can see more than just like the one picture on their screen, and i think that's important. Do you think andy warhol? Really figured that out many generations ago - oh absolutely andy warhol was great at that um, let's get into the q a dustin, let's bring some people in chris.

How are you what's up gary? What's up ferocious hi fire away, my friend all right: can you guys hear me? Yes, all right, um, so uh, it's great to meet you! First of all, like i, i love your work uh, both of you guys in the nft and the entrepreneurial world, love it. I've been following you for a long time, gary you're, you're kind of like a long-distance mentor that you don't even know you are and uh and - and it was just the story - man like it's, it's a great story like i props kudos to you man. I wish the best for you and this journey you got going, but i guess i actually have a question that you both could answer for being on on the nft side. Uh.

Where do you see the market at in? Let's say the next five years with nfts like since we have the regulators and everything coming into the crypto world like. Where do you see the market now like in the next five years from the uh, the artist standpoint side and the the market trading side? Where do what do you think, and you can both answer - that? Why don't you go victor and i'll jump in after you um? I think there will be a lot more artists in the space and i think it'll come down to just like showing who you are more talking. More, i mean youtube is full of all these creators and then there are these niches of people who do different things. So i think people will find their way of community in the five years um.

I don't know you know for me. I think the first thing victor said is exactly right. I think victor. I think the friends i think others people and many others do have a first mover advantage here.

I do think supply will outpace demand and i think that's why i talk about 98 of nft projects, maybe not being great long-term investments. Now it's because two percent is still going to be hundreds of artists, thousands of artists and and hundreds and thousands of kind of, let's say collectibles. Maybe the way i think about it right, um, but but i do think that people have to be very careful like like to me what i'd like to think me and victor represent if i'm betting, because i'm definitely betting on myself - and this is one of the Kids that i and i've been watching that, i think, has a real shot at pulling it off. I think i think victor and befriend's biggest vulnerability is what amazon's biggest vulnerability was in 2000..

Amazon was destined to become the greatest company in the world. Amazon's stock was worthless in 2000. Do i believe that there is a significant chance that v friends and ferocious art to be less valuable than it is on the open market? Today, i do because i think things play out long and i think there can be a dip when let's say when, there's just so much and it's that moment in time i mean look at the look at look at uh, ethereum's price, the davey friends launched. It was 4 300, it's 1700 right now i mean things are volatile.

It's early, so you know i'm always cautious to who's listening. Do i think nft is a big deal. I think it's the biggest deal since social media. I think it's here forever do i do.

I think that 98 is dangerous. Investing i do do. I think you can be great at day trading. If you spend all your time on it board ape you know.

Excuse me, excuse me be friends. The numbers are staggering, with the way people are are flipping them right now, um, you know, art blocks, wicked craniums, you know so rare, even my pickle, if you bought it for nothing like you know, like is a day trading right now. Absolutely there was day trading in 2000 with internet stocks, but i think you have to be incredible incredible at um being thoughtful about a knowing that this is very high risk. So you should be investing money.

You can afford to lose and b playing it in a 10-year window, instead of a 10-week window, like probably the far majority of ferocious art that i will buy in my life will happen on the next big carnage nft moment where everything gets dragged down, because i Think all of it, if he does what i think he does and he stays this passionate and creative and kid's talking about building robots. If, if he does what he is capable of in 22 years, it works out, and i think too many people are thinking about day by day. Yeah people are like day by day. It's crazy to me well like if you, if you let's say you're, trying to do like a five year plan and and you wan na you want to uh.

You should bet chris. You should that i'm sorry go ahead i'll! Let you push okay and you want to uh uh, incorporate the crypto nft space um. How? How? How do you bet on that? I mean ready very easily. You put every dollar into it that you can afford to go to zero.

I got you and like what i'm talking about is like real, too high risk. Otherwise, you have to understand it truly. Is it's too early, so you can only put money that can go to zero? Okay, because if you, if you need it and it goes down by 90 - and you needed it when you put it in and you thought it was going to go up and it goes down by nine and you need it. Mortgage food life you're gon na get up good well.

What i'm looking at is like real world like like incorporated into like a real world business like um um. I don't really want to say too much on here but like well. I mean like, like okay, that's different, that's called execution on your end that you should do regardless. I got you you're looking at two people that were at different times.

You know victor a year before you know nine months before me discovered it and did something about it. There you go and that's kind of why he started on my way. We were on two very different spectrums. He was a child and had time i was in the prime of my career with vaynermedia exploding and both of us stopped what we were doing from different angles.

So, like the only way to like the question of yours is action mm-hmm i get that i get. What you're saying all right we got, we got to get to a bunch of questions before we appreciate it guys good to meet you. Thank you! Oh my god, eugene. How are you hello, hi, i'm so nervous.

It's unbelievable good to see you hi gary you're uh you're a bit of a hero. I started posting stuff online because of you and i've been a little successful in tick tock because of you fiosh's victor. I s like a couple. Your paintings uh really speak out to me.

It hurts the hide, really speaks out to me and um. Now i can fly so the first one. The last one really really spoke out to me and like congratulations on all your success. You are a pretty awesome.

Oh eugene you're awesome. Thank you. I love you. Do you have a question brother yeah, i'm so nervous uh.

So i'm a chef and i lost my job during the pandemic and i pivoted to digital. I teach cooking uh like kitchen trip tricks and like hacks and stuff, so my question is um, like i'm really good at the jab, i love giving stuff away. So i give away all my tricks if anybody dm's me with any specific question about food and cooking, about specific brands of like culinary stuff. I give him an honest answer and my question is like how how do you not feel guilty when you do the right hook and by by by believing in what you're selling okay um, i mean like sort of the right hook in terms of maybe asking for Help i'm really bad at selling.

To be honest, i'm like a really bad salesman. I get it, i get it. Some people are which is okay yeah, so you could bring somebody in and share in sales. Okay, you know, i'm, you know, i hate asking believe it or not.

I hate asking too. I just had a conversation with my brother last week and be like you know. I hate raising capital, but it's a real thing and you know, maybe maybe you can play a role in my world. You know i i think you know i i think asking.

I think it blows people's mind when they hear that i'm i don't love it either. I really don't i like when it comes to me, which is why i like retail. This is nine dollars and you just put on a shelf and it's almost like not asking yeah but um. I think when someone is a terrible salesperson, they should have someone.

Do it for them and give that person a commission, okay right, like liter, look start with your family, then look at your friend group and see if somebody wants to take 20 action by representing the sales engine. That's a good idea! That's why i'm garyvee! That's great! This is my, you know that joke, because that was ridiculous is about is about you know. This is my domain. This is business that part i'm comfortable with and that i know that's right.

That's great yeah because um i'm about to have a baby in september and this whole year, uh i've just been posting stuff without any regard of trying to make any money but like in the hopes that, like later on, i could generate some revenue and now i'm Getting to be honest, i'm actually a little scared, because the baby is coming and i'm gon na have to support. You know my family financially, but i don't want to stop giving the stuff away free like creating the content for free brother, i'm giving i'm. I do it every day, don't be scared if you're, if i'm hero, yours, good news, you're looking at the poster child, i give away 98 of the time, and then you know once a year a book or a sneaker once every two years or 18 months, like You know good news: you kill you've built up a lot of equity and you're gon na you know. I've got another thing to tell you there's another side to the selling.

When you give a lot, i give a lot and it is stunning to me how many people don't support me. It's one thing on v friends which was expensive. There's people who i you know, consume my content at scale idm with and they don't buy three books when a book comes out for 15 bucks, a piece. So what ends up happening? Is you realize it's okay for me to ask and it's okay for them, even though i've given them a ton of value for them to say no, i get mad at my friends who are like.

I hate your style like i did it for a year. I asked all these nobody bought they're taking me for dinner, i'm like no, no, the market is the market and and stop you know like. Maybe that person doesn't have 45 right now, maybe they're faking it on instagram and they don't even have 45 dollars to their name. So it's ask without expectation, give without expectation and be okay if they do or don't buy, okay.

Okay, just on that note, i actually did buy two year v, friends so well, so that means we're both doing well, i'm really happy about fun, podcast fred. What's good, hey, hey garyvee, how are you guys doing we're doing? Well? What's cooking, that's good man! It's good! You know first off, thank you for having me on here and uh vic. You know. Congratulations on your recent success as well.

Thank you. Definitely, that's. That's awesome, good story to hear there um. My question would be to kind of both you guys um.

You know i'm 29 years old. I still feel like i'm young. You know i i feel like i'm. I can still take a lot of risk in my life when it comes to a lot of investments right now, so you know how do you determine you know when to take risk versus versus reward understood victor? How do you think about that question? I know he's asking the confines of investing, and maybe you haven't even started that process, but there might be a different angle.

You'll take on that question you know, and and and fred when you say you know, risk versus reward. How go even more literal on that because i think it'll help people yeah to kind of be more literal. I mean you know i i work 40 hours a week. You know any extra money.

I do i try to invest. You know hoping that it's gon na you know turn into more money in the future. Obviously, do you have a good sense that your biggest asset is if you're, only working 40 hours a week, how many hours in the week you have that you're not working. Does that run through your mind? Do you realize that's your biggest asset, never really thought of it.

That way, gary i'm glad because you know in a world where there's 168 hours in a week and you're only in for 40, and even if you go another eight hours times, seven, which is a nice chunk of sleep 56. You know at 96, you know hours between sleep and work, you you know you're still looking at 72 hours in a week, and i think you know when i'm when i hear you invest. You know your resource of time is far greater than your resource. Of that little extra money, you have from an investing standpoint, and so i'm really excited how quickly and kind of concise.

You said, i never thought of that. That's your bigger asset to make money to win, to be happy to be fulfilled right, like you, probably saw it because a lot of people saw it today. I was garage selling my ass off. It was my time that i was willing to put into waking up at six in the morning today that led me to finding those 1000 magna japanese comic book books.

It was my two hundred seventy dollars. That's a seven thousand dollar profit, we're breaking it down right now, like there's, seven thousand in profit, that's a lot better than two hundred seventy dollar inve. There's no there's very few 270 dollar investments you'll make that get you 7 000 in return right, but the asset. I, if i was still 22, what i would have done is, i would have listed every one of those and put them on ebay and i wouldn't have done them in bulk, because i would want to maximize my dollars and i would have taken the next two Months, probably another 200 hours, 50 hours - 30 hours - i don't know what the math would be there to sell that it was my hours, not my 270 dollars against what i bought today and if everybody doesn't know what i'm talking about it's all over my social today For everyone, who's live if you're listening on the podcast it i you know, there's a trash talk episode coming about this.

You know um there you go right so notice. What happened? It's so weird that you asked that question literally today, literally seven, you know 12 hours ago. I did what i want you to do, which is my 270 dollars to buy those. You know thousand books that i found today were far less the asset that i deployed than my time.

Your biggest advantage right now is you can learn, you can network, you can do. Oh yeah man, that's people. People like gary. My time is valuable, like the only people that tell me their time is valuable.

Is people who don't have valuable time victory your thoughts. I feel like what you said beats whatever i got ta say i don't have anything concrete. I love you brother, all right. Let's move on to the next one fred! Thank you time time, education, networking! What's in your brain and whose soul you connect with these people right you're part of this discord community try to meet people.

Try to do physical, like you know, get togethers like relationships and education right, everybody's think people don't realize how much i value education. I don't like the way the school system sells it, but education is all. I know i got a a one. Little drop of blood with nfts in november december, and i was like a shark from 400 miles away and did hundreds of hours of research before i said a thing, so people that were ahead of me, like not only nine months ahead of me, like victor here When he saw somebody that he knew and admired garyvee came in and came in proper he's, like my guy instead of right, i mean i'm speaking a little bit for you, but i assume that when you saw me come and i'm actually talking knowledgeable, unlike what we Saw from other people from the left side that made, you feel good that made you that reaffirmed you, your belief in me that built my reputation to you.

Definitely fred, learn and meet people. It's 40 hours. A week means you at 29, you're loaded with the greatest resource in the world. Time awesome gary.

Thank you. Oh i'll, gon na run with that. For sure i love it. Let's keep it moving, hey guys.

How are we doing what's good, i'm cooling man? I got some questions for you: i've been making music and content for six years, i'm actually just in the middle of a skit right now i had to come in. Do this, but then back to work um, i love doing it, i'm so happy. This is what i want to pursue in life, but my question is even after six years of cooking up - and i know both of you can answer this - what do you do after you have like that best song, or that best content or best piece of art And then you wake up the next day and like i got nothing like you, you feel like that was. How are you going to beat that? How do you work with that? Victor i'd love to hear your point of view on that.

I think you just keep trying and trying and keep going and going and don't sleep and then keep going and keep going then get sleep and then let all that process and just keep doing your best. You can't really force anything but to an extent you can't just like sit around and wait for it to come. You got to make sure it happens and um make sure people hear it. That's all yeah seriously benny.

For me, i've never ever thought that i put out my best thing. It's never run through my mind, and i would argue that, if you've had that feeling the place, i would ask you to go. Is that actually insecurity, talking and you're gassing yourself up, because i feel like probably deep, deep deep you, you know it's unlikely that you feel that you're there yet yeah. You know what i mean yeah, i don't know you so maybe you have but like.

I feel like, if you're actually living that life, where you believe you just made the best ever you'll, never top it. I think that there's something there there i that that has never crossed my mind. Yeah go ahead, i'd like to throw in please that i think i have made art that i think, is the best okay, i'm like. Oh, this is the best pizza i ever made, but use that as motivation, where it's like.

How can i make something better yeah? I don't think you should be like nothing. I make is good. I think you should look at it be like that was fire. How can i make something more fire and then be the artist scientist that you are and keep experimenting with that until you make that thing that you feel is right in your heart yeah and i i totally agree with that, because i'll like i'll, create an album And each thing that i do that's after is the best thing i've ever created, so everything that i'm doing since i'm learning from my mistakes is the best thing i've ever done.

You know what you know go ahead. I'm sorry, buddy, no you're good! Go ahead. You know it's funny where you guys were talking where i go. I just realized something for me: it's grounded in humility.

I don't think i get to decide. I don't even have an opinion of the i make the market gets to decide. Yeah me saying it's the best or the worst is insular and delusional. You know so for me, i haven't, had you know anything where all eight billion people said.

That's the greatest talk, that's the greatest clip of all time, and until that happens, i don't think i can even have the audacity to be get to think it's the best that i could ever do, but i have the audacity to think that i can make something That all 8 billion on earth say that's it. Thank you that that's that's amazing man, so it's it's always been just keep going. I've always known just keep going because i love what i do so i'm never going to stop, but sometimes i'll wake up, and the idea that i, that i'm waiting for doesn't come to me and so ferocious, because you answered that in the beginning, which is great And and many on that on that point, that's just a patience game yeah. You know when i hear you deliver that sentence, i'm like that's! Why patient panda is my guy yeah right? That's why i love patient panda and by the way i also love patient panda, because i, like everybody, paying attention to patient panda and then i'm gon na hit him with patient pig on the back end and stun everybody, and it was patient pig.

The whole time like that's, who i am that's, how i love to play but, like you know, betty when you deliver that sentence of like impatience, yeah and that branches right into okay.

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