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Gary Vaynerchuk is one of the world’s leading marketing experts, a New York Times bestselling author, and the chairman of VaynerX, a modern-day communications company and the active CEO of VaynerMedia, a contemporary global creative and media agency built to drive business outcomes for their partners. He is a highly popular public speaker, and a prolific investor with investments in companies such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Venmo, Coinbase, Slack, and Uber. Gary is a board/advisory member of Bojangles’ Restaurants, MikMak, Pencils of Promise, and is a longtime Well Member of Charity: Water. He’s also an avid sports card investor and collector. He lives in New York City.

On a mission to deliver the very best wine that we could dollar for dollar of uh at the price points that we sell it at, and so that started you know two years ago with uh wines at a 20 price point. This is basically just the manifestation of that at a very, very premium level um and it's fun to actually talk to a lot of the people that are probably watching this. Just given that they're, you know deep into nft culture like, i would put the vineyard sites that we source from the farming, the quality of wine, making very much in like the ultra ultra blue chips of all wine making. So this is sourced from some of napa's.

Most prestigious vineyards for wine geeks, they would know these vineyards very, very well um, and what we set out to do is deliver a wine that would otherwise cost. You know in some cases, 200 plus dollars a bottle for um a much much more fair nate. What are the three price points? Uh 70, if you buy a per bottle, if you buy a case, uh 75, if you buy per bottle, if you buy six and then 85 per bottle, if you buy three and shipping's included in all of those prices, um i mean that's it. That's it.

In a in a snapshot, i think the wine itself um, i think, what's cool about it. Is it's delicious right now, so you could like open this for the holidays and um enjoy it with family. It's also for those that want to have a keepsake or a collectible for a long time. This is something that, if you store it properly, you could age for 20 or more years so um.

Let me jump in here because we've now got all the garyvee channels live, hi, everybody. You are joining us for a very special event. Uh john and nate uh are my partners in empathy wines. We sold the company to consolation.

I went to constellation these guys and the rest of the team there and said hey what about a collaboration with empathy, elephant from the friends uh and we produced a super premium: 2019 napa valley, cabernet that we are selling right now you can go to empathylive Um, we're really excited about this uh. We are almost sold out uh. It is a wine to john's point and we're going to get into it. I think i haven't tasted it yet you two have it feels like you, two have i taste a couple times tiny bed yeah.

So this is first for me. We set out to produce a two 225 dollar quality wine, which is what we did um and, as john was just saying, we have three versions of this being sold right now you can buy a three pack, a six-pack, a 12-pack with free shipping just between black Friday and cyber monday, we probably won't make it to cyber monday as we're already almost we're more than halfway sold out um, it's a collectible. I will be signing bottles at vcon um. It's a one-time thing.

Uh and john will talk about the 2019 version, but i see a ton of you are in the comments and i need all of you that are part of the vayner nation and the v friends universe. Please link in linkedin in all these different chats the url to the site, i'm going to tweet it right now. If you want to go to my twitter, i'm going to do that. John talk us through 2019.

2019 um. Overall, it's being considered like a a really high quality vintage in napa valley um, i mean for anybody who's paying attention to the news. You know that the area has been subject to a lot of wildfires, thankfully, in 2019 uh this portion of california was entirely for the most part, spared um, and so the wines coming out of there are really really good. I think all the you know major wine critics are considering it a top-notch vintage um and it's like in general, i would say a a warmer vintage.

So wines are pretty big ripe, um rich, like it's a it's a it's a big wine um, which i tend to like. They know a lot of people like that style. So that's definitely what you're getting here nate thoughts. I would uh echo everything.

John said, we've tasted through, i think three or four different blends with some small tweaks to what we really wanted to make for this particular wine, and all three of us ended up with this particular blend that you're tasting um. We were really blown away by it. So excited to get it as we keep building the anticipation for this couple things. One join the discord, everybody who's in these chats right now.

Please share the discord. Link, get everybody into be friends, discord! Here's! Why, later today, this black friday is not just about empathy! Elephant 2019 cabernet from empty wines. It is also about me giving away a free go token. That's right! Garyvee.Com, discord, a free go token for today, between 3 and 7 p.m.

In the discord, i will be giving you the rules. You need to have a twitter. You need to change your twitter profile picture right now to a v friend, uh and you'll, see a bunch of those in twitter and a bunch of those in discord and people in discord can help you, so i'm giving away a go token. I also just previewed that i'm doing a contest for people this week, i'm gon na, do it twice because most people don't have their books, but a lot of people who are getting the book games.

Tokens bought 12. 24. 260. 500.

800. I'm doing a book giveaway. So free for everybody's watching getting free books from be friends. Community members who bought books for the tokens can be a real thing on twitter, so pay very close attention to my twitter.

There's no shipping outside the u.s, but if you use your friends in the discord, let's put up the discord link again, what's going on in the discord right now, is people from different countries are finding friends in the discord to ship the wine to, and then those People are shipping it to them or bringing it to them at v-con. There's a lot going on today, multiple v-friends, giving being given away. I mean the cheapest fee. Friends now are like 50, 000, so big day and the official sale of empathy elephant cabinet.

It's time to give it a snippy, sniff boys uh one more time in this chord link. People are asking discord, so i got linked up with gary because of wine library tv about 12 years ago, where i was a college kid that was interested in wine discovered gary through wine library, tv just looking up different wine, uh, tutorials and education stuff and Thought like oh this guy's cool he's talking wine in business, sent him a random email out of the blue. Saying hey: can i intern from you i'll move to new jersey over the summer and um? I don't think i oh i heard back. He said yes and i'm like and i'm like.

I don't know what to do with this, but um his assistant followed up with me because uh he went to arizona state for graduate school and i went to arizona state for undergrad and he wanted to talk about some bars in the area. And so he kind of set me up made. It happen that was 13 years ago 12 years ago, um and have been working with gary in different capacities ever since, which is just wild. What a random out of the blue email can can do to your life.

It's still happening like uh scott; no, we unfortunately believe it or not. In the most ironic twist of fate, empathy cannot ship to new jersey, so we can't ship it there. So you're gon na have to use your friends in new york city uh john. What about your story of how we got connected um mine's, not too different from nate's? I uh, i think mine, just started on twitter and then led to meeting you at the boston wine expo in 2008.

yeah, i needed volunteers to give out my cds. I was giving out cds of wine library tv yep. What's funny now is like there are. So many am i the first person that did free work for you that went on to work with you for a long period of time, because, like that's now like the playbook right yeah, i mean your free work was not that hardcore right was your internship unpaid In corked unpaid six months, that was massive yeah.

Well, it's people don't get it. I mean i would do it now, like. I probably work for jeff bezos for six months for free i'd turn it into roi positive. I still i get why people you know people like.

Oh that's only for people that rich parents, ironically, i find it to be in the extremes. It's either the wealthy or the like. I got nothing so i'm gon na use my grind right. Um, you know.

Obviously, we don't do that as much now. It's all kind of paid minimum internships, but i still feel like the free gangsters still do a little bit like you know, become 13-year relation. I mean think about the roi of that, for you i'd. Do it all over again yeah? Well, i mean anyway, yeah um.

No, i met you. The boston wine expo hit it off with your team, same guy, matt sedimer, who set me up originally and um. That then, led to an internship at corked, which was early days of social networks. We were building a niche wine social network and really just basically cut my teeth.

And let me let me jump in here real quick by the way everybody who's spamming in the content. In the comments about your nft projects, it is the most guaranteed way for me to not be interested in the project guaranteed free shipping on everything by the way um free shipping on everything. If you want to talk to me, get in my discord, discord. If you want to talk to me, i see the comments.

The spam is ridiculous. We'll see we're gon na. Let's start banning some people too. It's just like a complete waste of time.

Um i'll see, garage, you're finished all right. Let's uh, let's get into this wine snippy sniff time. Yes, i like that little scrolling thing you did dust underneath nice, nice job um, so mine's only been open for about 45 minutes; big nose, a lot of red fruit, but still tight. For me, i just didn't.

I did, i should have opened it earlier uh for people that are asking how to order empathy live we're going to discord. People are sharing the url pretty aggressively in there um. What are you getting on the nose team getting a little leather on the nose too yeah like tobacco-y kind of like cigar-ish like, but then a lot of like the red fruit that you said, gare like big shout out to 121., just ordered 12. I'm reading my discord as we're hanging out here, big shout out yeah the fruit is amazing.

I love this carlos underscore c ordering more as people are starting to realize it's almost gone and they are going to flip it. I love the fact that people are going to flip. That's exactly right. Uh joe roubini many people from canada are ordering because they're getting friends in discord in buffalo in washington, state in in other idaho, teaming up a lot of teaming up a lot of vermont and new hampshire friends, helping out as well gary you're signing bottles at uh.

V con, i am okay, i'm trying to meet every single person at b-con, um nate, your wedding. You decided was vikon's weekend that really i i we booked the wedding before the v. Con date was announced and i didn't know it yeah. I should have told you that first thing agent is the most important wall because he wanted to go to all of i'm stuck i'm like.

Oh, this is just i'm like a super upset slash i got but, but i have like, i have no choice. Aj's in this spot, aj's going to the wedding, obviously, which is the appropriate thing, but he's going to try to come to he's going to come for like a day or two is friday evening going to be your rehearsal dinner, rehearsal dinner, but yeah yeah such as Life, you will be missed, i'm devastated, that's the only bad thing about beacon. So far, all right, let's get into this wow we're going to win this game. Big shout out to zane um.

Oh jody has a great idea. Nate says that you should switch your wedding to minnesota um. I will definitely ask tessa's parents about that, but uh the discord is discord for everybody, who's watching right now, that's in comments on facebook and youtube, and all these chats please share the urls to the discord and to the wine. Oh mark lee just got a case big shout out.

This one should breathe for i'm seeing the comments. The one should brief. First of all, this one should based on my first initial attack on the mid palette, the tannin structure and the finish this wine will last for 25 plus years. As a matter of fact, nate.

You should probably buy a case, and it should be your and tessa's like anniversary wine, and you should drink it like one bottle over yeah. I've already bought some, but i should buy it. I think this is a 25 to 35 years in the cellar wine. Incredibly big, this is incredibly big.

This is absolutely the kind of cabernet that in a blind tasting. That's you know what i'm going to do, that i'm going to do a blind tasting with some serious heavyweights in q1, i'm going to start doing some more tasting. Get out there with some friends that are into serious wine and i'm gon na bring a bottle of this and uh, and i know that harlan and opus and and you know screaming eagle and scarecrow and other monsters will be there. And i guarantee the empathy elephant is going to have a massive, showing massive, showing nate.

You want to rattle off the states that you can't ship to just for the people that are watching it's us. There are several states, you know line. Laws are tricky yeah, currently alabama, arkansas, delaware, um kentucky mississippi, ohio, new jersey and rhode, island and utah, and remember all those states one more time as nate rattles them off one more time off the top and said you can find your friends or have friends or Work in other states, but the discord discord is packed right now, i'm going into it while nate rattles off and i'm gon na. Let john give his tasting notes and i'm gon na go into the discord right now and try to help some of you navigate.

Make sure the discord is very active in helping people: okay, alabama, arkansas, delaware, kentucky mississippi, ohio, new jersey, rhode, island and utah are currently where we cannot ship um alabama should change next year. Ohio should change next year um and we're working on working on new jersey, but that's that's out of our hands there. So um yeah, just the the life of living in a wow crystal group, crystalgroves.ed just helped out somebody that's in india by letting them ship it to her in pennsylvania that you can't believe what's happening real teamwork. Kindness in this discord right now, i love it.

Uh, john, you want to give some tasting notes. While i'm in the discord it's discord. If you want to join i'm in here, just helping you want to do a little something yeah, i uh. I don't think i've had a sip of this wine now for like two minutes and i'm still tasting it because it's the finish is insane insane.

It's uh and it's like a it's a big one, but it's like uh. It's funny. I talk about wine. A lot like people - and i probably got that from you on wine library, tv, but it's like uh.

It's like a football player who goes on like dancing with the stars like it's got real moves, meaning like it's not just huge and burly and like big and overpowering. It's also got some like nuance to it and delicacy um, but yeah. It's it's a it's! A delicious wine shout out to robbie turnik my best friend growing up. He just picked up some uh, please tweet out your receipts or your confirmations.

I'm engaging there as well um man! This is such a big wine jesus christ. I mean, i know the source. I know what this wine is. Obviously because i've worked with you guys.

I just didn't know it was gon na, be this big yeah. I agree. I didn't. I don't think i anticip you know it's been a little weird in that, but with some of these vintages, so the stuff i've been tasting is from some of the fire vintages.

I don't think i realize how strong these 19s are. 18 and 19 were both. I think awesome vintages 20. there's just like no wine to speak of nate john, any thoughts.

Why don't we talk about empathy overall? Maybe some people want to get on subscriptions for the holidays of that, because i'm pretty excited about our next vintage yeah cool. Actually, nobody buy empathy, yet i know that's going to you guys up. I. I have a real big plan for us that i want to talk through with you on monday um that i think is going to work for this community.

All right, no one by empathy like it uh, but talk to us about, what's been going on with empathy, what this, what the standard structure is for empathy yeah so year over year, um, we we make a a red, a white and a rose all blends from Northern california, all priced at 20 bucks a bottle, jeff wells got, kicked out of the discord jeff it i'm like very close to yeah. I see it. Thank you, um, corso and may and like i trust them blindly, clearly something's a foot, a wrong, i'm gon na. Let corso reach out to you hit them up on twitter, but you're gon na have to explain it.

They've been coming to me with people that have been emailing me about bands and they've never been egregious. So i'd like to understand why um big shout out to mrs lynch, who just bought a second case, you know what i love about my community they're they're so savvy because they crushed on be friends, they've crushed on other things. I see a lot of people buying an extra case now because they know exactly what they're gon na buy for 70 sell them for a buck. Fifty i just i love the flip life, so much angelo.

What's good, i recognize you all right keep going yeah. So all sustainably farmed um, we offer a membership which gets you every year over here the rose, white and red of the new vintage and each year we're trying to source the best grapes and blends that we can make to just get that quality for the price That we're trying to deliver um really trying to highlight the farmers in the areas that we're sourcing our grapes from um - and it's been you know this will be our our fourth vintage upcoming uh, which is crazy. Uh we've continued to have like such amazing feedback across the the three core wines and and next year, we're going to think about. You know what what else other than the the friends empathy elephant we can add to the portfolio to continue to to have our customers.

Try try new wines and get that quality across different types of products as well. Big shout out to mark mark zach roth just picked up a case. I just want to say thank you. Dad's corner rips just got three bottles.

Thank you. So much really really really appreciate it. Uh the product is not in total wines the product's, not even at wine library. This is only direct uh at the url empathy live um mitch, jackson you'd better, give it a try.

This is insane napa cab from 2019. Wildly underpriced: this is like the wine version of the mint day of v friends. What you're getting inside versus, what's being charged at three six and twelve bottles is a joke, um to be frank, um and uh puppy planet. Please stop spamming youtube.

If you want to talk to me, go into the discord, i'll, really try, i'm trying my best um uh, jim shafer. Thank you for picking up six three and three um, so yz guy, don't say damn i only bought three three's amazing. We love having you in the community um dustin. Can you please come on board? I'm gon na.

Do some surprises. Are you working with corso ice cream in may? We will now take some questions from people on my discord, correct all right, so discord god. It's windy out here: discord uh, i'm gon na go into the discord right now. John nate.

Can you recap everything for people that are joining lee while i go into discord and start telling them how they can be on this live stream? Asking a question recap time: men give it to everybody who's, just joining all right i'll! Kick us off! Nate uh! So a couple days ago we announced a collaboration with the v friends team and empathy wines where we're releasing the empty elf and 2019 cabernet sauvignon. Some very limited edition wine. We didn't make a whole lot of it. It is a very, very premium cabernet from napa valley, um and really it's its mission is uh the same as every other wine that we've made with empathy wines it's to deliver the very best wine for the price point that we can in this case the one That would typically retail, for you know north of 200, a bottle um delivered to your door for, for a you, know, a fraction of that price, and we sourced it from some of the best vineyards did some negotiating um with uh with the different growers that we, That we sourced the grapes from and um super super excited to taste it with you all today, nate what i missed um, i think that's covers it.

I mean, i think we said it's a wine. You could probably drink now, but something that'll age for 25 to 30 years, be like really awesome collectible. You know gary, it's the first real, like cpg collaboration that you've done with the of the friends character. If i'm not mistaken, uh yeah.

This is a preview right. Like you know, and oh let's also talk about for people that might have just stumbled into this, if you own the befriend token from series one of last glass standing or sensible sommelier, you get three free bottles of this wine. Three free bottles so just go to and you'll check click in connect. Your wallet you'll see it at the top, and if you own an empathy elephant, you get six free bottles of this, which is pretty rad and i'll be doing a lot of that stuff.

I want to make sunflower seeds, i want to make socks, i want to make beanies and i'm going to be doing collaborations with characters to your point. Wine is collectible and auction offable and a bowl and all that kind of stuff, and it's the first one. I did do a street wear collaboration with patient, you know prospective pigeon and jake staple, so it's a little apparel. But yes, this is the first consumable package cpg and we got a ton more massive amounts of announcements here in december and january, but this is the first in product form and obviously it's empathy, wines which i was a co-founder of like this really excites me in A lot of ways uh in a lot of ways.

I also need to know i'm sorry if anybody was trying to shift to louisiana. We just made a quick update. There was issues before there shouldn't be issues now louisiana is now fixed. Let me just put that into the discord all right um from corso, if you could just text me and tell me that you and dustin are kind of we good, i'm just texting you guys in may right now, um.

We don't need somebody right now, but i'll tell you when i want somebody, so if you can have one or two or three people in um in the queue um, the discord is lit. Anyone here from chicago looking for a lot of stuff going on. In the comments here, i'm really excited the wine is spectacular, recapping it one more time i mean if this was old wine library tea. Let me get an old wine library tv.

Oh all, right! Well, even though i said i don't want somebody on, we've got somebody on and we're going to talk to him smack. What's good yo, what's going on how you guys doing good man, how are you i'm good good good, what's going on? What can we answer for you, how you doing happy thanksgiving happy thanksgiving spent my day, i finished the book yesterday. Oh, let's talk about that. Let's talk about the book.

How fantastic yeah tell me tell me what surprised you, what what got reaffirmed? What is something new that maybe even my content didn't get you there and the book did um, i think the well first, my one of my favorite parts about the book is the simplicity behind it um as a reader. One of the things i love is it's like when authors are concise and i think gary your your style came through and shout out to raghav for the help, just like really punchy in terms of like what you're trying to say versus like the fluffiness behind it. Um some of the things that maybe uh were reaffirmed for me just the importance of like kindness like that word came up over and over and over and over again like we were told that kindness is not a core to business, maybe in life. But when we talk about business, nobody talks about kindness and i genuinely believe that my empire is being built on it, and so many others are as well, and so many have and we've been lied to that.

You have to be a dick face to win in business. I've been i've, definitely been in situations in work where you have to remind people results and kindness are not mutually exclusive correct, so that was a reaffirmation. What else um the one of the things that was noticeable in every chapter? Is this idea of balance like it's like a dichotomy of like you have to be this, but you also have to balance it with this right and that's again, connections, which is why i called it ingredients, because if you're gon na make a meal, it's like sweet And sour chicken right, they may seem like patience and ambition, confuse people. I carry both of them easily and that's where i was trying to go with it yeah that now that was perfect.

It was clear because it was a good reminder for everyone that you have. You have to balance that, did you do any of the exercises yet um? I started doing the push-ups yesterday, no yeah yep, i'm very passionate about it. I think most people will be scared to be vulnerable to do the exercises, because i'm really pushing people in the exercises to be like put your out there kind of like a step. I took with kind candor, which would blow people's mind for people that follow garyvee, but for nate and john they're very aware that i tried to manage in a way that any way not to scare people.

But that led people to being scared. Because i wasn't candorous enough as a matter of fact when they were in the office of the co, i would say that was the prime era, where i probably needed a lot more candor when we would three of us, along with mattabel and marcus, the five of Us we would talk about the shortcomings of individuals, a lot and try to navigate their exit or how to help them where, if i just had a sit down and was cancerous, half of them would have been salvaged. But i didn't have that ability at that point. In my career yeah, i think uh peop anybody that looks back and goes damn.

I didn't do any of the challenges or like exactly the people in the book that you were talking to about like being correct. Yeah and a lot of people are gon na pick. The being vulnerable people can pick the push-ups one, because it's like easier, the one where you like, make a video and post on social media and talk about what you suck at it's just like a hard thing to ask people to do. Did you did you just say i just did the easy one gary i did.

I did smac smack. Do you only do you own any bee friends, yeah um, three um two for myself, one for my wife um. We got two it. We got two at mint.

Um i got a stoic slime. Yes um. I convinced my my wife to get one. She was dead against um nfts yeah.

She thought the whole thing was stupid totally and i was like listen. If there's one thing you never do you never get bad against vic. Gary and she was like who i'm just kidding, she knows who you she knows, who you are um, who met against me by taking quick profits off the table. Can you please tell these guys who knew me for 15 years? What's the matter with them, i would say: i didn't bet it against you ever i i moved to new york because of you.

I stayed in new york you're like 10 years old john nate is this. I actually don't know so you're telling me both of you. Do not own a b friend right now, that's correct! I don't i sold my spiffy salmon. I, but my bet wasn't.

I was short-sighted. On nfts, i thought that there was going to be a spike in the market and then i'd be able to flip it and get back in learn the lesson the hard way floor shot up hold on one second, the one thing i can guarantee now is that I'm not joining meta billionaire because of all the spam. That's in my youtube! So let's uh um corso may anybody who's watching. Can we please bam all these people that are pumping their their nft projects? I just want to ban all of them block all of them.

It's completely ridiculous. It's it's super sad! I actually was looking at that project as something i was interested in now. I'm definitely not doing it because of the spam um, and so that's that anyway, smack. Thank you.

So much brother i'll see you at v-con yep i'll, be there give me the other two. What's that stoic slime? Oh uh, warm wolverine! I got something big broom with warm water, nice and then um, the one i picked up after market. I got an epic, humble hummingbird, my man, thank you guys. Can you believe how crazy they are compared to how much they were at mint? Oh, it's insane.

I mean it kind of expected. I mean what does your wife say now um she will never ever ever. Sell it she was like this: this is it i'm keeping it so she's uh, she totally gets it. She spent a lot of time with me.

Diving into nfts and stuff spend a lot of time with me and discord so a huge fan of it all love. It thank you so much. Let's keep moving um uh, all right, let's um, let's uh! Let's get another person here! This is pretty fun racks. What's good yo, what's up gary, what's up everyone how's it going two things that i observed besides the obvious that you're anonymous is that you are both have an empathy book behind you, oh and also an adorable child, and you have a t-shirt of the ones that I get oh there, he is by the way you just showed your face.

Let's get this yeah, no worries, no worries. You got the shirt. That means you were in line at the uh at the secret wine party. I appreciate you got a bottle of empathy.

Wines too or no, is that a what oh yeah we got some after wine party, my wife had to get one and she wanted to try it. So i had to fire one. How are you i'm doing great? I had a great thanksgiving yesterday had some good family time. Nothing, crazy, yeah, chill good family time.

That's the best stuff. How about yourself really good anything! I can answer for you while we're together yeah. So i'm not a wine collector. I just bought 12 of the empathy wine collab and how do you store them? What should i do to keep them? So if you have a garage or a basement, they'll probably be consistent and cool enough, given that these have a dark horse chance not guaranteed, i'm not promising this, but i do plan on dominating the earth and i do think that how little there is of this And how cruel it is, there is a dark horse chance that these could become 500 1 000 collectibles in the future that may in a world where you paid 70 bucks for it, it might be worth it for you to buy like a 300 small john name.

Maybe you can help me here. I don't know how much a 24 or 36 or 48 bottle wine fridge cost these days. The racks, given the appreciation value. It's not the worst idea to maybe buy a tiny wine fridge plug it in somewhere and just put the bottles there.

John nate thoughts on that yeah. I think it's the move if you're definitely looking to hold these, for you know a decade or more, like you. Can get really solid wine fridges at like a costco or bj's, or one of those big uh big box stores for a couple hundred bucks, um and it'll it'll make sure the wine safe and sound and keeps uh keeps for a long time cool appreciate it yeah. Thank you guys, rax.

Thank you! So much for being artist community. Do you have some beef friends? I do. I have a couple minted all of them. Yeah! You don't need to.

You, don't need to go further. I love you. My man have a great holiday appreciate. You guys see you guys have a good one everybody's asking where the discord is.

That's where all the action is go to discord, um highly recommend you become part of our discord community, especially because for the people who are still watching there's a very big thing. Going on which is tonight this evening this afternoon i am giving away a freebie friend shortly. Actually, i might even do it soon, a freebie friend look for that offering um that is happening today, free v friend, coming shortly uh on my discord and a more details on the book giveaway. A lot of you have 144 books, 244 books, all sorts of numbers 2412, asking for ways to do clever things with this.

I think there's a lot more people that actually want the book in hand. So my plan is to do two giveaways one this upcoming week. One in between christmas and new year's, where you document how you're doing the giveaway on twitter get people to get the book from you, and then i uh randomly select two people and give an epic go, which is very expensive uh. So, look for more of that info, so please go to discord and get into uh the discord.

Now. That's where the action is big shout out to mark who is ordering one in the next 10 minutes, leave a comment right now on facebook, twitter, linkedin, who's ordering some empathy elephant cabernet. Please give me a signal right now, if you are and if you're interested in buying that go to empathy live, i'm gon na share that link right now, um, who is ordering right now and let's get somebody else in here as we speak, hi hi chrisley. I'm sorry i'm a little bit overwhelmed, so i'm really glad to be here.

How are you, where are you from i'm from the netherlands actually, but my parents are from ukraine uh and i joined the discord like a week ago, i've been active every day. Doing my research and really enjoying the community? Well, we love having you part of uh, the community, uh john nate, say hello, please hey chris! How are you yeah, i'm really good? How are you good, cody stevens? Thank you for your three ernesto. Thank you for your three shining. Thank you for your 20..

It does not ship to canada peter, but if you go into the discord and you live in another country or in a state that you can't ship to in the discord right now, discord. Many people are teaming up having the wine shipped to them and helping lots of friendships. Chrisley. Is there anything i can answer for you actually uh.

No i've just really been observing everything you say so soaking it all up. So i don't feel the need to ask questions, because i have so much content to listen to to watch too so after i did all that, i will sure have some questions i loved it. I love it. I love it.

Well, listen! Thank you for being part of the community and uh for for people like chrisley and others who are just getting in series. 2B friends comes out in q1. By the way i love your outfit is that is that the disney character? What's his name yeah? It's it's stitch and it's like woody, so it's until my knees, melissa for everybody like grizzly, as you might have known in the discord in there series two is coming out in q1. I'm committed that the v friends in series two are less than a thousand dollars usd um whatever, if you're in ethereum, whatever the price is, then so look for that as well chrisley.

Thank you so much for being part of it. Thank you for inviting me, of course. What should we talk about because i'm getting updates that we're getting, i think we're gon na have enough like there's still some um, some it's getting close, it's getting close. What uh? What should people know about the wines? John just had a swig um, i mean i just keep going back to it as we're talking, which i think is always the sign of a really good wine is something that you just kind of drink without even thinking about, and it's delicious so um.

I don't this was a. This was like a very new thing for us. We've always been around the 20 per bottle. Honestly, i didn't know how this was going to perform with our community in the defense community doing something so premium, but the wine is so damn good um that i think that we we really delivered on on the price point that we're selling it.

So, by the way, a couple things that just popped up: yes, uh, you will get these wines asap, so the wine is available and when i say asap, i know it's gon na be a little delay here, nate, but you do feel confident-ish. I know logistics and some things are out of your control, but we will be getting these out in early early december, so most people that have ordered it will have it in time for their christmas table correct or christmas gifts. Yes, it will be there before christmas. I love it.

I love it ending any carrier issues and all that stuff. It's crazy out there right now with with carriers and shipping, but we will. We will have it out as soon as possible for for before christmas, john nate, can you guys hold the floor for two minutes. While i go into the discord and talk to everybody and maybe give everybody a recap and thoughts and anything else, what we're doing here? Yeah sure go ahead, yeah, i think uh.

No, i think just building on what nate was saying around like parting thoughts as we get close to wrapping up from my standpoint. Um, it's not lost on me that 85 for a bottle of wine is, is a lot of money, even though i think it's like a tremendous value at the price point um, i think for people who are interested in wine like kind of a budding interest in It like we make a lot of other wines at a 20 price point: it's a ton, more approachable and affordable um. If you guys have any questions or anything about like getting wine education or anything like that, hit me up on twitter trouty, like would love to um help advise people on like their early shopping early buying, even like outside empathy wines, just like advice on getting into Wine, i think it's a lot like nfts, where, like you, start to go down a rabbit, hole and learn a little bit and you get more and more excited and you just realize it's like an endless journey, so um yeah. That would be that'd, be kind of.

My thought is like hit me up. I'd love to help anybody um help them like coach them through their their early wine buying days. I love that um a lot. I'm seeing a lot of questions to discord, canada.

We can't ship new jersey, we can't ship. There are several places we cannot ship. However, if you go into discord, i'm watching it happen right now in front of my face. People are helping each other um helping each other get the wine.

There are tons of people in new york and pennsylvania buying for people in new jersey as we speak, there's a ton of people in new hampshire, wyoming, idaho and washington state that are helping people in canada depending on what part they are. I've also seen people from india and the philippines getting helped as well the uk as well. So if you go in there and say, can anybody help me uh people are doing that ivan b. Thank you for just picking up your six bottles just right now, uh the reason not jersey is state.

Laws are different and jersey's state laws for wineries is different than retailers and there's a lot of things um that you know, jersey has some intricacies for sure uh. We previously were able to, and now we're not but we're working on that yep um cool uh. Let's get somebody else on here because i know there's somebody in the back and this wine is stupid. Spencer.

What's good hey, what's going on gary? How are you doing things are well, how are you excellent pleasure to be interacting with i'm a uh like sitting in the wine library today, one of my every day is a lurker been around for a while and uh. Just you know really getting involved, never had any crypto or nfts or anything like that um and when you started talking about the project i was like man. Let me just jump in and i've told friends it wasn't even really so much is buying cryptocurrency or buying nft. I saw it as a way to buy stock and gary vaynerchuk um from all that you've been i'm not even a wine drinker um.

You know, just you know watching you on, you know youtube when you're first starting out and your passion and interest in in the content is what got me starting to follow you years ago and um so yeah so ended up getting in got a dedicated dragonfly and That's on instagram, my name is uh dragonfly, fern bass, i'm a bass player, and so that's why that's why i ended up getting a uh, a dragonfly one, and you know so much of what you talk and cut. Tell me to stop. If i'm talking too much but um, you uh, what you talked about is so encouraging and have gone through a lot of uh difficult times in life. Lately with a dragonfly.

They live the majority of their life underwater, but then, when they come out, they have the highest success rate of uh hunting in the animal kingdom, and so that's why i ended up. I was like this is like the part two of my life journey. I really feel, and that was why i ended up going with the uh dedicated dragonfly. So what's amazing about that is, and you bought a core at the floor.

Yeah, it's a core one. Um. Did you buy a floor at 0.5? Yes, sir? Yes, sir, it was 0.5. How do you like? I mean that's just such a come up in such a short period of time like yeah.

Let me tell you this, though, here here's, my and no doubt about it totally grateful. Don't i don't want anyone to twist this and what i'm about to say. I feel like i'm, holding a mickey mantle working card that i can never sell like going up in value, but i know it's why it's why my brother aj buys two of everything, because then you get stuck. If you had two, you would have sold one now for a 60 000 come up and you would have been like right, yeah, that's it! No! I would have been paying for i'm i'm going to be at vcon.

I'm trying to get my brother to go with me. He doesn't have a deep friend, i'm trying to get him to go just to be. I want him to he's an artist. I want him to be in the space in the environment just moving around, even though he can't get in i'm like you know, we'll meet up with people for dinner and stuff like that, and i don't you know corso.

First of all, shout out to my man corso, who, let me in uh in the thing um he's been great during the nfl chat. That was how i got connected with him. So thank you corso for letting me hop in here, but yeah, but we just want him to be able to meet the people and um. You know and be around and be in that environment to get him involved in the ft space with uh the work that he does artistically.

So i'm just you know, excited about the opportunity for one. Second, people are asking if i gave the go away yet not yet uh that will be coming up shortly. That will be happening in the discord. Looking at the numbers on on the wine were well over 50 percent of the way there were probably 70 percent 80 of the way there there may be.

You know this will probably trickle after this, because we'll be off here soon will be one more email that we send on monday morning on cyber monday, because this is from right now until cyber monday. I don't think it's going to last as people start to chat, but i just want to give everybody a clarity, transparent, update, spencer. I think you're right on the brother thing. I think you should push them because the nut you know we're ending the content somewhere around eight o'clock each night and i think, from 8 30 to 2 in the morning, there's gon na be action in hotel rooms, restaurants, that that minis minneapolis during that three four Days is going to be out of control with like good vibes and people in the discord meeting up, and i think you should push him and i'm so glad you have that and if you don't even know bro i got the nft i got um.

I picked up three bottles earlier this morning. Um, you know so. Listen the book, the book nft book games. Obviously that's coming real short i'll be next.

I think people are going to be really surprised and you know i haven't really been obvious about this. Yet but i'll share it with you like, even if you bought 12, where you get one token, you could get the token. So it's gon na be really fun. It's gon na be really exciting, and book games is forever.

I'm gon na be doing things with the book tokens forever. Um, i'm going to lay it all out, there's a lot to do right away and to play and then there'll be something around vcon and really forever. So i'm really, i think it's going to be a good token and tokens to own cool, good stuff. All right brother, we'll talk soon.

I got the green on for you. You know bailey avenue in the bronx got. You know you got my jet stream, but thank you for having me in the bronx, so my grandfather used to play handball down there. So i love that.

It's no pleasure, my man stay well all right. Yeah! All right cheers! Wrapping up here guys uh, we'll get one more person in i'll call that person in a few minutes. Let's just recap: please go to garyvee.comd live, especially now as we're getting down that stretch. If you want to get your wine, this is absolutely the time um to get in um.

You can still buy books, but not for the nfts um um and let's just actually take let's just taste the wine one more time to give people a preview. The red fruit is so like the raspberry strawberry, like kind of jam thing. Oh big, shout out to tk's taksu kim two cases. This is definitely the stretch.

You know i love that little photo. He has uh or she has um, couldn't see, but uh at um. Fenway park the uh the thing about it is like i've already gone through a quarter of a bottle of wine like it's just easy to drink. It's just delicious, so i'm gon na be ready for it now crazy how easy it is to drink and how big it is um.

I think it's like the very interesting cool thing about it: yeah it's it's actually just like. I think it falls into that cult. Wine like to me, this reminds me of the harlans and the screaming eagles and the scarecrows and the you know just the super two three four hundred dollar wines in napa that i've drank over the last 25 years. That's that's why i think i i got ta go look back at the way.

I reacted when i first tasted it i'm curious how my eyes shifted, because i was like oh okay. This is not a joke. I i would say if people are gon na open one of these soon to definitely let it let it open and air out for at least yeah. Why didn't just ask howard attendance, they're, big, but they're sweet? The tannins are delicious, which is why they're palpable right now but um um brianna, if you're just joining right.

Now, if you buy three bottles, you get three bottles, there's no attachments. Just a there's. Three six and twelve bottle orders available. Uh.

If you go to empathy live um, there's nothing that happens. We've just got a very super premium. I i think when i taste this is a 235 napa cab and that's that's my peg price in my mind, quality wise. What i feel comfortable paying for it.

Um and so we've got this - have what 80 remind me guys if you buy yeah? This is a three four hour breather. To be honest, really it's a four to five hour decanter and really it's a six to 12 years in the seller. Like it's massive uh recap, the pricing team yeah, so we sell in three six and 12 packs shipping is included on every order. Um at three bottles.

It's 85 a bottle um. So i think that's two 255. um free shipping on all by the way, everyone's good on everything, and then six bottles is priced at 75. A bottle, uh and 12 bottles is priced at 70.

A bottle by the way see multiple people just now from jersey being upset. I mean like new york city and pennsylvania like philly and new york, city or allentown pa. If you're out in west jersey, like new jersey, is the easiest state to ship to somewhere else. Like i don't want to hear that, like that, should be super easy get into the discord, people are absolutely helping each other get their wine.

Let's do that. Um, let's get the last person in here before we get out of here. Rodrigo sounds weird: it's on your end. I, like how rob rodriguez you know like i do normally victor's hair, no, no shirt he's just coming at it rodrigo something's going on.

It sounds like like the sound's off okay i'll. Let you guys play um people asking globally. Unfortunately, we can't ship globally, it's u.s, only predominant states um, most states, but some can't um. But if you go into the discord,, befriends or discord nikos, don't say: you'll be fine.

Go into the discord. There are people helping each other out so much right. Now so much i'm going into the discord, um wow we're uh crazy. How fast this is selling here, there's, not a not a whole line left.

Is it true yeah? Well, i'm just doing something discord. Let's try rodrigo one more time if not we're gon na jump out he's reloading the page, we'll give him two more minutes. I got ta go back to family cards where we go okay. Is it better? Now it's better now my friend welcome, hey guys, hey guys.

Thank you. How are you i'm great, i'm great it's hot in here. That's why i'm fearless good yeah, it's very good uh! Well, i just i just want to thank you because you know like uh. I first got in contact in contact with your uh content.

Like a year ago, my brother actually showed you to me and uh: i'm i've been really really into your content and how you talk about kindness and gratefulness, and everything like it actually has changed my the way. I think you know the way i see life. So i'm a better person right now i think - and so i just want to thank you for this. Thank you, my friend.

Where do you live? I live. I live in in brazil in rio, very nice, beautiful city, yeah, yeah, really beautiful city. Well, thank you. You don't know how much that means to me and thank you so much for being part of the discord community, you enjoying it yeah yeah for sure lots of nice friends, yeah yeah.

I have uh, i own a different one. No, yes! Yes! Thank you! I'm so proud of you, yeah man, it's crazy! Did you buy it? Did you buy it at mint, yeah yeah wow, which one do you have really the grateful uh grit for gorilla? Wow? Really? Yes, yes, gratitude gorilla gratitude, yeah, sorry, yes, granite court, yeah, the car one rodrigo, never sell that. I think the gorilla the orangutan, because of what's going on with um, with board ape and with crypto punks, where the ape is very expensive. All of the apes and gorillas and orangutans and monkey all that stuff inside of the friends is very underpriced right now from a collectible standpoint, and i actually think gratitude gorilla is at the top, so i think you man, you really nailed it.

Thank you. Thank you. Uh, i really appreciate what you've been doing for the community. I'm happy to do it yes, happy to do it.

I love you pal, have a great great holiday. Well i'll see, are you going to be able to make rodrigo? Are you going to be able to make it to v con, or is it too tough? I'm not sure i work so it depends on work, but i'm looking forward to it cheers we'll talk soon, see ya. Well, listen! Everybody! Thank you for being with us for this last hour. It was uh incredibly, enjoyable, always fun to be with you, john and nate um, let's uh, i'm gon na answer a couple questions i see in here uh book tokens will be sellable on secondary.

Of course, anything that's an nft will be um. I'm super excited and very thankful for all of you, uh here's the hint on the go giveaway, i'm to be doing it shortly, um and it will be super fun and please be in the discord, so, garyvee or discord. Excuse me, um is the right. Url uh should be a big deal, should be a big opportunity, um and i'm just really excited for all of you to be a part of this journey.

One last final: push for the wine empathy elephant from empathy, wines 2019, cabernet um. We are down the home stretch on the wine, so please go to the discord if you're struggling to get the wine to your place, um really really excited about it. Um and just very excited about this community. This journey the book tokens are coming in late lately december book games are starting there's going to be some giveaways.

If you give away your actual physical books. Look for that in discord. Follow me on twitter and discord. That's where everything is happening, uh - and i hope everybody has a wonderful rest of their thanksgiving weekend in the us or other parts of the world just a good week.

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