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I guarantee the name just put your head down: do the work and everything will change, sympathy, health and fields? Yeah! That's what i wanted be a patient hello. We are back jimmy. We are very, very, very back good morning. Everybody welcome to a new episode of tea.

With garyvee - and i am extremely excited that was hot uh - let's see my steamy tea um extremely excited to be back with all of you. I hope everybody's been well. I miss all of you. Please leave comments.

Give me a little old school like age, sex, location, uh, aol, 94 action in here uh. Let me know where you're from uh and and i'm just really excited - we have a bunch of people on today we're starting with a good friend of mine. I just heard from mike boyd, so i'm excited about that and then we're gon na go into a bunch of people from uh from the discord. If you're not part of the discord, we will definitely get that url up here before it's out uh, but very so there it is nice dustin, it's sharp this morning, dustin you're very sharp.

This morning i was uh thanks. You got that you got the sharp cuts and you were sharp dust. Have you been? We haven't seen you in a long time, yeah, um, good, everything's, very good, just always chaos, but it's good chaos. I think it's been kind of calm now.

I feel like a lot. I mean it's been chaos for me with be friends well yeah, but team garyvee. I feel like it's been chill in a lot of ways: no yeah. I guess you're right in the scheme of things right, yeah having trouble um, there's a little issue on linkedin, so i'm going to check that out.

Okay, uh! Let me know how that goes um, but let's get uh. Let's get into the show. Let's get into our first guest yo yo, what's good oman gary, what's up dude, it's great to see you good to see you man, it's been a while it has have you been through. All this been good, been good um.

You know quarantine's been crazy for all of us, but i i feel we're kind of going into some kind of sense of normalcy. Now um. The big thing for me was: i just had a kid. So that's congratulations.

Thank you. Seeing it i've been seeing it you're excited right, it's so exciting man. It really is, i mean she's. She i mean it's like the the stuff.

They tell you about like how everything you've done before you had your first kid, like kind of like you, realize that a lot of stuff doesn't matter like after having a kid like you realize, what's important and what isn't so it's it's been. It's been a wake up yeah, but how are you dude, i'm good bro, be friends is unbelievable dude. Thank you, my guy. It was uh, please you're gon na say i was just gon na say you guys crushed it.

Man, when i was talking to um andy about it and and you know they were telling me about what you were doing just it's - it's just so like what you say all the time. It's like the perfect example of what we want to see. You know more of in the nft space, which is which is so sick, bro, so you're you're leading the way man. I appreciate it.

I appreciate it yeah, it's it's been an incredible journey. I mean in general i'm great and everyone's healthy. What else can you possibly ask for, i think in general i um i've always kind of been detached from popularity or financial success. I've been thinking a lot about that over the last six months, like oh right, like of course, you're not going to be as anxious or unhappy.

If you genuinely genuinely are simple as like, truly simple like oh i get to like be friends right, you know we're at like 51 million dollars in sales. That's you know it's a real thing, but if it was 51 so much like, if it was literally, we launched it and the market said go yourself garyvee. This is stupid like i would have been equally as happy because the market told me you know like. I have this incredible relationship with the market.

You know i never bring. You know, i never blame the algorithm. I never blame that. I'm too ahead of my time, and they don't know, i never blame andy or dustin when you're, when you're, in a mindset of accountability and just respecting the results and just being pumped that you can do it.

The process is very real, like i'm very about that and so for in general uh it i'm only. I tend to always be happy as long as everyone's healthy. You know, and i i think a lot of people gain perspective during cobit, but i think a lot of people are going to lose that perspective in six months. You know because perspective is a religion.

It's not a moment. Yeah yeah, you got a question yeah. I do actually so um, you know with all this stuff going on. I mean we, i feel like we're kind.

I hate saying it this way, but i feel like we're kind of like in post pandemic or whatever you want to call it like things, we're in a new place, we're no longer completely trapped at home, and you know for those of you tuned in, and you Are wherever you're living in the world? You know prayers to you and and and all that and and you know, um, i'm hoping that things. You know normalize a little bit in time, but but where do you? Where do you see all this going? Man, like you know in my industry, i mean you know me and you have been in the studio together. We've spoken you know years ago, before you know, nft crypto online. All this stuff and you've seen the moves.

I made right and a lot of the stuff. I've done has been online um in person, so with this new sort of world that we're entering, do you see the the the hype of the online vr ar nft stuff increasing continuing to increase, or do you see more of like some real world use cases blending In with both like is this: where, where do you think we're headed right now in terms of just like being an influencer and doing it online doing it in person? What does that look like for you? I think that covet accelerated digital opportunities, it's kind of like a water mark right like it went up here as we now go back out. You know not every minute is on a digital screen, so i'll go a little bit back down here, but it's higher than it was the the answer is digital and real are both forever yeah. You know, even if we go 100 years out and we're like just living in that ready player one life, you still can take the off the world's like it's still like you know the outside is gon na, be there like times square is gon na be there Is it gon na be as busy you know, no, because there's only so much time, every human's got 24 hours, but what i see is that all of this continues to bring back more leverage to the creator right.

What i really think in your business when i look at all those gold and platinum records, you know the reality is, is a kid coming up in the game. Now goes viral on tick, tock launches her or his first album as an nft and gives up 10 of the monies 20 of the monies to their audience. Instead of a record label own, their their fans make the money not their distributor, because the distributor snapchat is instagram. It's youtube is the internet, it's tick tock.

So i think the creator look. Look at my world v. Friends was actually a lot of people. Don't know this two: three years ago i was going to start a toy line.

I see all the chats behind you. Everyone knows how i roll i get all these emails from people saying my boss is a dick, i'm really upset. You know i just got yelled at i hate my job and i was like people are really hitting me at work. Oh and then i was walking through my office, i'm like man, the simpson stalls, the kid robot.

I'm, like you know what i'm gon na make something called workplace warriors this. I don't think i've ever said this publicly. I've got some videos on this of me like designing the characters with these toy guys that are incredible ugly dolls. All these people were helping me, and i was gon na make these things called workplace warriors and gon na make the little you know: patient panda, patient pig and accountable aunt and empathy elephant and the adventurous astronaut and all this - and i was gon na - make him Into toys - and i was gon na make them in you - know asia and put them in epic packages and ship them here and sell them, and this whole thing - and if i did, i would have definitely not sold 51 million dollars worth of toys by now.

Uh, more than half the profit would have went to dhl or fedex, who shipped over to boxes, walmart or qvc or or fedex cardboard company, 3pls, packing and shipping. The plastic costs money. This then the other thing, and yet you know nfts came along and let me take that energy of what i want to put into the world in a different form. That's what's going to keep happening.

The creator, the intellectual property creator, is going to keep more of the economics yeah, so i see it. I love it man and and yeah that that's a blessing man. I see it happen all the time that you know you have an idea and you you think it's the right thing and you're about to do it and then, like it, never happens. And then years later it's like oh wow, like i'm glad that thing never worked out because it's smoke, i call it smoke, i'm always in smoke mode right, i'm always in smoke mode.

I don't have my vr headset here, but i'm always in smoke mode and then it's time to strike the fire all right. I want to get to a lot of questions. Don't mind. Congratulations.

I can't wait to see you. Yes, sir, we'll link soon peace. Let's keep this going jonathan, what's good, hey man, how you doing i'm well, okay, good good to see you good to see you what yeah! I want to say thanks for uh over the last year year and a half um during the covid uh, what you've been putting out there's been a lot of really really good content. I think, has helped a lot of us um.

It's helped me for sure. I think a lot of the conversations you've had uh over the last little while have been super inspirational, because you bring in a lot of people from a lot of directions and you get a lot of different than a lot of different cross-pollination. So it's really helped us and so yeah, just to start off saying thanks cheers! Thank you so much and then from there, and so i work with leather and i got a small little brand and i've been doing it since 2012 and started off by myself and actually to be able to. I was traveling around southern africa and i was able to i ran out of money and i needed to get out of africa, so i started selling small leather things in the street uh to get my plane ticket out of africa just one second one.

Second, hey everybody see in the comments on facebook. Some sort of fake garyvee account talking about gifting. It's all it's a scam. Dustin.

Do you see it yeah? I'm contacting the team right now just trying to get them just for everybody's, watching, like when you're in the discord anywhere else. I'm never looking for your etherium. I never want your money. I never want your dress.

I never need anything, don't fall for that! Horseshit! I'm sorry jonathan keep going yeah, there was um, so basically just to give an idea. It started from this very, very small, organic place and then just continued to grow and people were showing interest in what we're doing so continue to continue to do it and continue to build a team, a small team. But the question really comes from. I have some really great talents and then there's some spots that i'm not very talented at.

I think that's you. You mean like every other human on earth for sure um, but the question is as the owner. I find it quite easy to hire someone to do the things that i know how to do. Well, you know you just sort of replicate it.

You can identify the the talents, and, but how do you find people who do those parts of the business that you don't actually really know that well, not even uh the profile of the of the position that well, how do you go about hiring um by leaning On good friends and relatives who may know people in that field and asking for recommendations based on reputation of people, you trust it's a tremendous starting point. When you don't know anything right like if you don't know how to hire an accountant, because you just don't do it well, the first thing you do is go to your phone and go to literally. I think one of the secrets in life is the address book in a phone. I'm not kidding, i'm super fascinated by it.

You know you go to contacts right and you start with the letter a and you literally just scroll and what you find is that c. It says chris conte and you're like chris was my homie homie homie and you literally text chris and say hey chris long time. Hope you're well hope it's been you've been okay during this time. Sorry to bother you, but, like you know, i think i remember you went to accounting school like do you know an accountant, it's actually stunning, that the answer to a lot of our questions sit with a human being inside our contact list in our phone yeah.

It's so great and right, like unity, is everything right. So if you don't know you go to your phone, you go from a to z and you try to find a human that you trust right, because that's what you're worried about i'm like how do i hire? I don't even know what i'm looking for. Well, you have somebody who you trust, tell you yeah and then all of a sudden i mean it's it's the biggest asset that people are sitting on their community um that they're not using, and so that would be exactly how i do it that's great and then, From there um once you you track someone down and, and you find the people to hire, then this question is inspired a bit by a comment you made recently about higher fast and fire faster, something along those lines. I would follow your intuition yeah.

You know how does it feel you know like give me an example in real life, of something that you feel like. You would want to hire for um, short-term things, uh, legal stuff, uh, helping build structure, the business and that's a really big one for us. We're based in ecuador, i'm canadian, so we have work within canada, states and ecuador um, so understanding how that whole uh right legally taxes, all that right, yeah, i mean you know, i think it you know on that front. If you get a recommendation from somebody, you trust you're gon na have to make you're gon na have to make the assumption that that person is good yeah.

So the only thing then you're deciding if you don't want to work with them anymore back to firing, is completely predicated on. Are they just horrible as a human being? So it's less about being scared if they wrote the right contract or gave you the right advice right and don't forget, you can get two opinions. If you want to be very thoughtful because you're very concerned, which i think is very valid, you can get two recommendations and then you decide on moving forward if you just like and like enjoy interacting with the person it's it's i'm telling you right now drama it's In your address book, you just have to ask six people yeah. I appreciate that cheers.

Brother take care all right. Just one quick thing before you go um. If one of your guys or you could shoot me a dm i'd, love to send you guys some some of the stuff we make just as a gift. No thank you.

Thank you all the best. Let's go with it. You got it brother, it's great to see everybody in the comments laura. How are you hope, you're a mute, rob morrison hi? How are you good? How are you i'm good? It's great to see you again yeah it's been a long time, it sure has yeah.

So, what's the update? Ah, why don't you give everybody a little bit of the story, so i mean i went on not thinking about video at all and you pretty much checked me to uh. You know i haven't done video in 12 years, so i gave it a shot and uh i've been doing it ever since that day last year and it's amazing i've the opportunities i've been on a lot of podcasts uh, my book's been selling more um just recently. I did my first book signing so at like a teen prevent a teen suicide prevention event that was incredible to actually talk to people in person to hear people's struggles and stories in real time and sign it for their kids. It was just amazing, so you know i guess video was my thing.

It makes me feel really nice. Why don't you give everybody like two seconds of context, because i think some people are freaking out and they're excited to see you back on the show, but like one minute for anybody who doesn't know what's going on what happened, you came on t with garyvee. You know the date yeah, 4, 8, 20. right so a little over a year ago, yep.

So i i think i went on saying i've been writing for 12 years and i said why are things not popping off and i said i don't know what it is like. Should i not do this anymore um and then i think you said well, have you done video content and i said no and you were like why not and i was like because i hate it and then you were just like what the and then um so Yeah i mean i just said i was super uncomfortable. I did the video literally right after that event or that talk we had and i've been doing it ever since, and it has gotten easier. I literally did a video.

I don't know what time it was, but it was four months out from our conversation - and i said i in four months, twelve years of hating video was gone, so i have to i'm really proud of you yeah, i'm really proud of you yeah and it's gotten Easier podcasts have gotten easier, even being just doing random videos. Just talking about anxiety talking about mental health. Everything super easy. Now, it's great to see you is there anything i can answer for you, um yeah.

I just had a quick question because um i had some people who i respect. You know in regards to my social media, and you know it is traveling jersey girl, but i'm wondering if i should change the name if i should make it more narrow. I guess to like laura wiseman or like author laura weissman, i mean laura weissman is my favorite. My favorite always is name yeah um.

You can also go with laura b yeah that people used to call me that in high school um you know uh. The reason i like very very very narrow, is, if you go to laura author, you just might not associate as being an author you're such a young woman. You have so many more years to impact and do and live right, and so i've always been a huge fan of just name. Actually, i got made fun of a lot not made fun of jesus like i got razzed a lot or questioned or pushed against in the early days, because when i started garyvee, that was when your twitter handle was like wine guy, gv yeah or like gary wine.

You know - and i remember thinking even then in 2006 seven, you know this is just one part of my life and this whole thing is going to be huge, and so i i always thought that i wanted it to be my name, and so i i couldn't Be more um, more passionate as well of getting you to laura v or laurel weissman yeah. I mean it is just a little sad because i've had traveling jersey, girls, since i was 18. you're, you're being romantic about something that doesn't mean anything yeah. Okay, get a tattoo okay, you know what i mean like take a photo and turn it into an nft, and then you can have it forever.

But like i, if you're asking for the professional rationale to more to more upside lord wiseman or laura v, will work better if you, if but guess what, if you're, truly sad for some reason since you've had it, since you were 18 well, then, and keep it He gives a what i say: no, i know, but i'm just thinking like i just feel like it's not cohesive. You know what i mean because, like i don't travel like i used to so it kind of doesn't make sense where it's like. Let me let me make this easy for you. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter.

Names are made right. Mcdonald's actually sounds like a corner irish pub in a fourth-tier city they executed and created the greatest fast food empire in the world. Right nike means dick until phil knight came along and made it mean something the is. Google google's a up word actually just like anything.

Oh yeah, like google, google's a stupid ass word, you know so, but but they made it mean something. So if you know travel by the way can be omnipresent, travel doesn't mean physically going to the beach travel might be the journey your mindset's going. Well, that's what i say i'm like this like because my first book was spiritual, nomad a journey within and abroad. So it's it's travel, but it's really the journey within yourself.

So that's the whole. That's the whole thing sounds good to me yeah. Well, i just want to thank you because i don't think i would have done video after that talk and i've always told myself. I just need that one garyvee conversation to do that, so it worked, i'm crying laura.

I wish you the best. Thank you so much by the way. In the comments i know, google is a number i mean. The word sounds ridiculous, nike's, a greek god.

I am. I know they mean something i mean they don't mean something until the like. You never heard the word, google until a search engine came along and used it. I understand it means something so this nike, so this so does everything.

But the execution is the game, not the name people. You know. It's names remind me of like that tennis player that buys like roger federer's, tennis, racquet, 100 sneakers and has the headband that does it and goes out there and gets smoked. Six love, six love! Six! Love because they can't play right, like the name, is not the variable all right, lauren good, to see you.

Thank you. Bye, bye, hi, gary hi joanne. How are you, where are you from um? I actually am in berlin, but i'm from the philippines. Originally very nice.

It's nice to see you wow. This is true surreal. I can't believe this is happening. It's happening, i'm so nervous.

My hands are so cold. Don't worry! What can i help you with yeah? I have this question because i work i've been working in a lot of different companies. Um yeah i've been like um doing, like mini jobs, kind of stuff like um waitress, and now i'm in like a receptionist in berlin. But since last year i actually like covet came - and i saw this time like we are pushed in this digital world and i needed to look somewhere else.

So i looked back and wanted to to discover what i have to um like i can do digitally and i look back in my childhood and i actually saw my diaries. My diaries are actually a comic book of what i was feeling in a in um in that moment when i was um that kid yeah so um now i i want to do something related to design and drawings, but i have this weird feeling like i feel, Like i need to study before it, but i think i actually have it already with me so yeah. My question is how to deal with this um impostor syndrome. I think do you feel, do you feel like you need to study, because you were taught that schooling was the most important yeah actually in my family they always encourage like study, because it's really important and i yeah in my childhood.

It was always like this, and i had this environment like i was always kind of compared to someone yeah, but yeah it's a bit. No, it makes sense. It makes a lot of sense. Yeah i mean look.

I i have too much empathy that you know three minutes. Five minutes together is not going to break 20 years or 15 years or 18 years of the way you were told it was, but you don't you don't need me what you're doing with me right now is just looking for one final check of affirmation, because even The way you ask the question, you know, you don't need the school, you know you have it even even the way you ask the question. All you're looking for right now is a little bit of affirmation from somebody you admire, which i'm very humbled by and i'm here for it joanne, i'm incredibly ready to tell you art school. You can do this.

You got this, i'm thrilled to do it. I have better news, you you don't need me, you already know it's why you asked the question the way you did, but it's somehow the feeling is there and it's still like somehow dragging me back but yeah. I know, what's what's dragging you back? Probably you might even be using schooling as an excuse. What might be dragging you back is the fear of it failing or the feel of people or the fear of people telling you it's not good yeah.

Actually, that's right! That's what we do on t. We break down emotionally, you know like joanna. I would tell you that that that is the thing i've spent my life on. It's why i created v friends.

I want those characters to help people um get out of that place. Like you know it's it. You have to understand everybody in the comments right now me everybody in the discords like if their opinions, ultimately don't matter, it doesn't matter it. Doesn't it just doesn't i i would love to pound that into your head, their opinions, don't matter because at the end of the day, what happens like they're, not there with you, this is your life like you have to make for you yeah, that's right right.

Yes, so the thing is just be confident about it and actually don't even be confident about it be neutral about it. Don't even feel it like just actually make it, because you want make the goal that you wanted to make it not how successful it's going to be or if people thought it's good right. I invited myself sometimes like okay. If i need to talk with people - and i actually need to feel that i know what i'm doing or something like this and when it's art yeah it's art when people say my doodles suck for v friends, i understand why they say that i understand i understand.

I just can't value their opinion because they are wearing cargo shorts and i think cargo shorts are disgusting. Right like like, i adore your pony. What are those called pigtails? I think that's really cool other people. Don't i love wearing a jets hat other people? Don't i didn't like wearing regular like brim hats now i do.

I wanted to wear beanies before now. I want to wear this. It doesn't matter it's art, yeah, okay and if i can draw - and i can really design something but, as you say, a lot of times um, it might be really neat to have a value. I don't like okay, i can draw, but i cannot really just give it empty.

It should have value value. Value comes in a lot of forms right, like obviously with me friends. I was able to do a lot more than just art right. I i was in a place in my career, where i could throw the conference v-con where dustin, by the way, i want the b-con uh video to play when we head out um joanne wright.

I could. I could give access to me and after 25 years of building reputation. 15. Really i people want that.

However, there are millions of things i bought some nft teacups right for several hundred bucks, a piece point, one whatever ethereum, because i thought they were beautiful. That's the value value is subjective. You know an nft can be just the art and people like having that as a collectible and an nft can be something that you put information or access or or products or many other things in the in the contract. But your self-expression in your art is value and don't forget you're such a young woman in 23 years.

You might do something that makes your nfts that you launch today valuable to somebody. So a lot of people are thinking about launching an nft and how well it does today, i'm thinking about launching for people like, i would have launched an nft 20 years ago, when nobody knew who i was today. The things i'm doing would have impacted that nft. So stop what you're doing joanne is you're living in no you're living in no you're living in.

Will they this? No, i have to do this. No, i want you to live in. Yes, i want everybody to live in. Yes, everybody lives in no well.

This won't happen, and this defense, no defense negative. What? If did it? Did it no no go over here? What if it goes great and more importantly, even if it doesn't sell or go great you'll, be happy you did it you'll, be happy, you need it for you right now for you, where you are in your journey, you need to just make it just for you. That's the win: okay! Yeah! Thank you very much for that. You make one! You send me an email i'll buy one all right! Okay! Thank you very much.

Gary you're welcome bye-bye. Let's keep it going. Dustin hey gary, hey mark. Are you? Is it myra? It's myra yeah yeah.

What's up yeah, thank you! I'm were you happy to talk to you, i'm from brazil, but i live in canada now and shout out to brazil and to the canadian re-friends, because lots of them talking to me um yeah, so i'm an artist. I i do illustrations and i have like i do it. I post it on ig and i have like a podcast as well, and i'm also like uh working towards being being a writer um. But right now i have my nine to five, which is which is fine, like i have like my life and it's good, but i do want to like um i'm trying to grow like a community.

I don't sell anything of my art or anything like that. Yet i just post it and talk to people um, so i'm trying to grow a community and the goal is to want like to build a legacy. One day like have an nft project and um sell some stuff like pro like a non-profit and things like that and right now i feel like um, i'm creating the stuff. I'm posting it, but i i struggle with some things like i'm, not very good with video like i don't.

I don't show myself very much and i like even the discord right like i love it. I love the vibe and everything, but it's like too much energy. Like it's too much for me sometimes so, i'm just like i go in and out a little bit here and there and yeah. I don't know like i'm wondering if i'm doing something less or wrong or um no you're you're, you're you're playing the game through the lens of your feelings and how you're built you probably observe that.

Well, if i did these other things, i could build a bigger community. The question is: it's a fork in the road there's a lot of things that don't come natural to me that i've fought through pushed that didn't come natural to me and i fight for one was my physical health at 38. I was like i'm gon na regret. This at 60 or 70.

- let me get my together and it comes incredibly not natural to me like this morning i canceled my workout, i'm gon na try to do it later, because i just don't ever want to do it, but i do it because i know It's important another one for me was candor garyvee's candaris, i'm very good at candor, i'm doing it this morning, but as a leader gary vaynerchuk, it was hard for me to deliver negative feedback to my employees or create negative situations in the last three four years. I've really focused on kind candor, because candor, the lack of it was hurting me because people were getting fired and they were surprised and they were mad at me. It just doesn't work entitlement. People thought they were better than they were like.

So i worked on it. What you need to do now, there's many other things attention to detail attention to detail. I hired 700 people to do that right, um uh! I don't like reading emails, so now i make five-minute meetings. I didn't learn how to read better right.

So there's forks, there's things that you have to fight for that. You think really matter and then there's things that you have to navigate around and you realize, even if you did it better, you wouldn't be happy yeah, because, like i i with my the stuff, i create it's not like super technical, and i know that like if You compare it to like a an artist that, like you know like it's, not that kind of thing like. I know it's simple and i know my my vibe with it. I like it, you know yeah, i really identified with the drawings.

I have a cheerful chipmunk by the way. Thank you so yeah i really identify with the stuff you created, i'm just. I guess i'm trying to figure out how to bring more value through my stuff so that i can like really start to build a community, because right now i feel like it's. I started it last year, um after the pandemic, and i like a lot of people and then it's just like um.

It's like it's not like it's staying. You know, have you ever thought you draw it or you digitally. I draw it on uh procreate. Um.

Have you ever thought about? Have you ever thought about getting a camera and videoing you making it and then putting it on tick-tock behind popular music yeah? I've done i've done a few of those. I even did one with the cheerful chipmunk and the peanut butter thing on it. How many times a day? Are you posting on on tiktok? I did a few, i'm not posting it often because i felt like it would be always the same kind of thing. The problem is, i i've said the same thing for 15 years and 90 of the world doesn't know who i am yeah.

You just said i'm trying to build a community, it's not growing enough and then in the other breath you said i don't want to post as often because it's the same thing nobody's seeing your yeah. Ninety nine point: nine, nine, nine, nine, nine, nine, nine, nine. Nine! Nine, nine, nine nine nine percent of the world hasn't seen it yeah post it. You should be doing two drawings a day: videos minimum on tick tock! That's how you'll build a bigger community, all right yeah! You you've been around me long enough to know the rules.

You're, just not doing it for reasons similar to joanne prior to you, which is people, say no for no reason yeah. I really related to what she was saying, because i started as well like not knowing if i had like the talent to do it, but it's just it's just hard. I guess and tick-tock to not only tick-tock ig as well like because you post it, but you feel like you're, not you know, never, never doing enough or it's not right. You know what i mean it's more, it's not that it's you're looking for results too quickly.

Nobody watched wine library tv the first year. I think a lot of times people forget on shows like this or when i interact that i lived the life that i'm giving advice for yeah for sure you know people are people, see me in this version, but go look at the comments on you know episode. One of wine library tv on youtube. There was nobody there i mean.

If you go, look at the comments of crush it. The first book i wrote, everybody said it was crazy that people would make money on the internet being themselves like negative feedback or no feedback at all is part of the process. You have to make a lot more content and put a lot more out and more things will happen all right, cool good. Thank you very much guys, hey guy, how you doing good danny.

How are you i'm great uh? First off, i just want to say thank you for everything over the years. Um i'm a proud owner of confident, cobra and brilliant barracuda. I love it coors, yeah of course course i mean the cores are the ones that have gone up the most. Did you buy them at the floor, so i got one for point.

Five ethan one for point, eight, two e, so i i had to go. Are you are you? Are you the confident cobras yeah bro? I think the confident cobra it's funny. People are buying patient panda empathy. Elephant makes sense right, they know who i am yeah, but but there's, but there's a couple of words that are starting to emerge in my life that i don't talk to about enough.

I actually think the continent cobra is one of the sneakiest characters in all of the friends yeah. I have like serious ambitions to develop that character. That's why i had to get it at 0.82, because i was scared. It would drop.

So, are you completely freaking out how much these things have gone up already crazy, but i'm i'm just holding on so i don't. I. I think i have an offer right now for 2.8 eth, but i'm not i'm just letting it ride. It seems like a lot of the cores are going for four and five like like yeah, you think you've got the you got the hands to hold on to at four and five i mean i'm, so i'm only 21.

So it's true, which is why i'm asking because at four or five you know all of a sudden something you bought something you bought. For you know a thousand bucks and somebody two months later offers you six thousand. I have empathy for that. That's a big! That's a big turn.

I think i boosted the brilliant barracuda for 10 eats so like. If someone buys it for 10, then i would respect awesome. What can i help you with bro yeah? So just to give you some context, i am a college basketball player division. Three right now, thank you.

I also run my own business called danny cooper basketball, where i train kids all the way to pros, and then i also took your advice and i got in touch with the top nba trainer and i am interning for him right now. So my question is with all of those things on my plate. How am i able to like put forth equal effort and production while keeping my stress level and mind even keel, because i know you manage so many businesses at the same time so like it's very overwhelming sometimes, and i'm just it's, i fear it's only overwhelming, because You're, judging yourself, if you're able to not judge yourself, then you'll be in an incredible spot. The reason i'm able to do so much is let's say i was in your position yeah.

If, if you know, i would look at it and be like okay, what matters to me the most right now and i would i'm just making this up, i would say you know i want to be like chris brickley one day. That's what i actually want to do right now. That's what if you're saying that. Well, then i would give a about the internship more than the club, the clients, more than maybe you know whatever school, whatever anything up, my personal, like whatever yeah.

So what i do is, while i've got 800 things in the air you know, v friends has been an intense hundred days. For me, i'm aware that i've left some money on the table with vayner x. There's a meeting i could have went to right. I'm aware that my social media, maybe the garyvee stuff, has declined a little bit.

I'm aware that i'm aware that i'm aware of that, i'm aware of that, but it doesn't matter. This is what i chose and by the way, in two years i've been like damn. I should have really focused on vcr group, my new restaurant group instead of defrag, then that's fine too. This is one big game danny about not judging yourself when you have six balls in the air, two are gon na fall.

Yeah. The the answer, though my man is to be proud of the four that are still up in the air instead of crying about the two that dropped yeah and that's the thing it's like one day. I want to be, like you said the next chris brickley, but then the next day, i'm like i want to be the best basketball player. I can be so it's well guess what that's what's awesome about being 21.? No! I know i know it's just it's just hard like mentally, because i'm doing it once why why's it got ta be hard mentally.

Why can't it be awesome? Why can't you be grateful and be like? I cannot believe how brilliant my life is. I'm a 20 year old kid, i'm healthy and the world is letting me decide between being a basketball player or a great basketball trainer. Meanwhile, in the world, there's human trafficking and there's women in cages. Meanwhile, somebody i know just lost their best friend's life.

Meanwhile, my cousin's friend's uncle just died of cancer like why. Why be so narrow and lack gratitude, and why not pop up your head and say the fact that i have options. The fact that i live in america, the fact that i'm 20, the like bro, i would give up v friends, all my money and all my success to go from 45 to 20. Just to do it again, the next one i'd give it.

I swear to god. If a weird-ass genie that i drew popped in our meeting right now and said, i'm actually the genie of the few and said would gary you can switch with this kid. I wouldn't even think twice. Yeah you'd have a lot more money.

You'd have a lot more power. You'd have a lot more opportunity, but you'd be 25 years older and i'd be happy, as with my little phillies pennant in the back right now getting focused yeah. Why can't? Why can't you lead into gratitude yeah so just enjoy the process, and - and just you know, that's what you're saying pretty much just yeah, i'm saying be grateful like dwelling between. I want to be a basketball player or i want to be a basketball.

Trainer is the greatest gift of all time. That's that's what i think. Sometimes it just it just is overwhelming at times, but i hear you so what's overwhelming, i guess just i'm indecisive sometimes so i guess it's just so get a dart board in that room. Yeah put the two decisions you're trying to make through put a blindfold on and throw the dart flip a coin.

I got you you're worried about outcomes without realizing the outcomes. Aren't the interesting part going through. It is the interesting part, yeah yeah, exactly dude you're, blessed yeah and they're like really yeah. No, no, you need to go to not the quick.

I know you if you knew you wouldn't be on this, show asking that question. I want you to go in it. Gotcha there was no. There was no part of my life from 11 to 45 that i would have been on the askgaryvee show asking or the team with garyvee asking, because i knew that's what i want for you, because it feels delicious dude, it's better than you think, yeah, it's better Than you think, good luck.

I hope you hope to see you on vcon appreciate it. I definitely will see you alright, appreciate it hi good morning, gary good morning, monica i wanted to talk to you. I just wanted to say: congratulations be friends. It's been awesome to just see it all unfold, it's my first ft, so it's been just a wild ride.

So far. I can't wait. Thank you, which one did you get. I actually have a go.

The reliable rat. You won the reliable raccoon. I did. I was number 17.

and that was just i was beside myself. So thank you. Thank you. So much you're welcome.

What can i answer for you, my question. I'm a full-time employee, i'm a mom of three. I have two toddlers and an infant. It's never a dull moment here at my house, so i have a very creative side to me.

I would love to start like a side. Hustle, maybe make it into like a business one day. How does one find like their passion, their niche? I have so many ideas in my head, but like to just bring it to fruition, write out right, write down all the ideas and, if you've got 17 of them since 17 seems to be your lucky number this month, with being the 17th go token, do that One or do what i told danny put all you know on a dot board, dartboard or write them all down, cut up the papers, crumple them up, put them into a hat, pull one out and just do that. What people don't understand is when they say i have all these ideas.

How do i choose one they're, really really hiding yeah they're, hiding here's the thing, i'm a system support analyst, so i analyze processes workflows for a living. So then i start getting in my head and i get so far down like the future, that i had kind of shut myself down before um and i get overwhelmed right um. So that's kind of my struggle, like you, said to joanne. I live in in the know, in the world of no and like what ifs, and until i guess i jump into something it's i i just can't make up my mind.

It's scary, it's very scary, especially being you know, a mom of three you're. I think you're worried about other people's opinions yeah that too. That's for sure that all the other you just said is not true compared to the part we're talking about now. Okay, so you have to understand the reason i do well in this format or like people, you know who watch this.

I see a lot of first-timers in the comments being like. How does he know it's not that i know everything or that i have intuition and there's just not that many rules in life. I also like good. I'm sorry um, like you, say, scratch the itch right.

So i have a lot of ideas or inventions. I guess in my head and then i look into it and it's already out there. So how does one deal with that? I don't want to reinvent the wheel, but there's no such thing as reinventing the wheel. Everything that's ever been big has already happened.

Yeah tesla tesla didn't invent cars, netflix didn't invent television. I didn't launch the first nft project. First is not has nothing to do with you: okay, you're you're, looking for reasons to say no yeah, because you don't want to do it because you're worried about what people think if it fails yeah there's nothing. I know 100 like you're, going to tell me a bunch of right now, like i'm analytical or i've done the research you're going to give me a bunch of that you are using as makeup excuses.

The real answer to your question is: why are you valuing your parents, your in-laws, your siblings, your spouse, your children me the world, the discord, your friends, social media. Why are you allowing their opinions of your actions to stop you from your actions? Yeah? I guess that's! The bigger question right: that is the only question when somebody has a ton ton of ideas. I have a ton of ideas. I make them.

You know why, because if they fail, if the friends failed, what everybody was going to go on twitter and say i suck? I don't give a i'm not worried about other people deciding if my shit's good the. Are you worrying about my for worry about your yeah, i'm not out here, looking at everybody else's worrying about what they're doing get inside your own world. Okay, your entire thing and many people's things and the theme of this morning is being able to not worry about outside validation. Too many people were parented and grew up in circumstances where they lived for outside validation.

Outside validation is poison, it leads to insecurity and non-action. You know what else it leads to ego. One of the most beautiful things in the world is humility. Do not you know, i always tell people do not confuse my conviction and my passion for for lack of humility.

I'm pure humble. You know why. I don't think everything i'm going to do is going to succeed. I'm pure you know.

The other thing is now that i'm at this point in my career, where everyone's saying all these lovely things about me in the comments they don't make me think i'm special. I don't think i'm more special than any person in this chat right now. I don't i'm and i'm not saying that to like say it. I just don't believe it.

I don't believe it and and that's the other thing that comes along. That's beautiful about not hearing everybody when they say you're you're, not sad when they say you're great, you don't get a big head, absolutely stop monica! Stop! Who what's? What are they gon na say? That's stupid! You know what people are gon na. You know. What do you know who tells you, the people that tell you negative things about your thing are just people that are sad, that they're not doing it yeah.

No, that's true! It's true, because when i do do something, then they start asking. Oh, how where'd you you know how'd you do it, i get it! Please just do it. Okay, all right see! You got it. Thank you.

You got it nice, hey gary. How are you i'm well tim? How are you doing great man, i'm just thankful for everything that you guys do all the content, everything that you've been creating man. I've been following you like, i'm like man. This is the inspirational that people need um, so just i'm gon na start with uh thanks.

I mean long time listener first time, caller, if you will thank you. Yes, i love that, but i mean the v friends piece, just the engagement, the community that you've built around that that's been phenomenal, but um. How crazy is the discord? I have trouble just tracking, like i'm always like when you do the at here. I'm like.

Oh, i got ta, go, find that and i got ta and i'm like strolling and it's refreshing and i'm like dang this phone. It's not moving fast enough. I need 5g or some kind of upgrade. I need this to like work better, but do you have any be friends i didn't get in on it? Man i i missed out, and i'm like - i really should have jumped in a lot earlier, but i was watching.

I'm like trying to figure out what did you, what what? What do you think held you back? Could you not afford it? Did you not trust the blockchain ethereum? Did you think the prices would go down? None of it hurts my feelings. I'm trying to learn - and i want people to learn like what what do you think made you not go in. I think it's more just personally, i'm ultra financially conservative. I wanted to be in on it and i wanted to do that.

But then i was like looking at the ethereum prices and i didn't buy at ethereum like early enough. You said, hey may 5th and i was like man. I really should do this, but it was just kind of a thing it was. It was too far-fetched.

You hadn't been into crypto, you didn't. You know, you hear the horror stories you started falling into the nose of like it may collapse. This might be a fad. You know my stuff might get stolen like it was all that kind of nope that no culture right right right just by the way and by the way for everybody's listening.

I actually think you should never do something. You don't understand. One of the reasons i put out content early, as you know, was i wanted people to get educated because i wouldn't want them to buy be friends. I don't want them to buy me friends right now.

If they don't understand, if they don't understand that i'm trying to build transformers, pokemon star wars and that the nft, just like the first copies of harry potter, the book are worth lots of money like you know, or the first star wars, figures or you know. So i don't think you tim you made a per se mistake. You know, i know that a lot of people feel crazy because they've gone through the roof in value very quickly, but things have been flow and, more importantly, you know i i don't think people should do things, they don't understand with money. I never do um on the flip side.

I don't think people should say no before they do homework. You know so there's a nuance there, but nonetheless, what can i help you with? Well so my story, i'm an engineer by education and i've been kind of moving around within my company, and i do like what i'm doing. I just feel like i'm kind of stuck on hey i'm in my late 30s. My resume doesn't really speak to where i'd like to go, and i'm you know i'm just like carpet bonding companies on my resume right now.

Hey like this is where i'd like to be good um i try to like tell people like this is who i am this time. You know what i got you you have to start making linkedin posts, video or written about your observations, thoughts and opinions of where you want to be okay, because you may say one smart thing about social media marketing in a linkedin post. That makes somebody reach out to you to hire you as you know, or rowing or t or whatever the you want to be in, like you have to start making content on linkedin today, with your observations and opinions and thoughts about the thing that you want to Be in yeah, i think it is. You know just starting to get the content out there get in front of that and like really what what what what spamming carpet bombing pounding resumes to people on linkedin or email is begging, asking hoping making content on linkedin.

That's grounded in strong opinions, observations thoughts because you don't have to be an expert because right, right or expertise, that's being proactive, that's putting it out there! That's creating leverage for them to come to you got it right right, right, get ahead, very different frame, different framework. Yeah keep the hat on the head, not in the hand right correct. I, like it all right, correct. Thank you so much for your time.

I appreciate being able to get on here, appreciate it brother, all right, dustin. I got to go to my next meeting.

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    Also for anyone struggling with building up their confidence with art/music/anything creative, start by doing 10-20 min a day of something that you have no intention of sharing with the world. Do it for a week. Then do it for a month. Then after 3 months you'll be surprised looking back at them because you will have documentation that you have of your mindset through that process. It will build your confidence because you will have evidence of your progress and it's not the wasted time suck you think it will be. It's like going to the gym, if you can convince yourself to get through the door but put no pressure on yourself to do a workout, when you're there you'll more than likely be like 'fuck it, I'm here now might as well do something.' Brick by brick by brick is the best way to approach any new skill or way of life. Thank you for listening to my Ted talk.

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