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Today's episode is an interview from the "On Brand" podcast hosted by Donny Deutsch. We discuss the history of our conversations together dating back 14 years, all things NFTs and VeeFriends, the e-sports business, how to truly hustle and get your reps in, falling in love with the process, not just the end goal, and why self-awareness is vital to success.
Enjoy! Let me know what you thought.
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0:00 Intro
8:00 Origin of VaynerMedia
12:00 NFTs & VeeFriends
21:00 The secret sauce to my success
33:50 What is the GaryVee brand?

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Gary Vaynerchuk is one of the world’s leading marketing experts, a New York Times bestselling author, and the chairman of VaynerX, a modern day communications company and the active CEO of VaynerMedia, a contemporary global creative and media agency built to drive business outcomes for their partners. He is a highly popular public speaker, and a prolific investor with investments in companies such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Venmo, Coinbase, Slack, and Uber. Gary is a board/advisory member of Bojangles’ Restaurants, MikMak, Pencils of Promise, and is a longtime Well Member of Charity:Water. He’s also an avid sports card investor and collector. He lives in New York City.

Where my mom really nailed it and when i think a lot of moms and dads miss it in this day, is she built self-esteem, but not delusion and held me accountable? You've got your perspective. I just want to be happy. Don't you want to be happy, he's a monster and when i say he's a monster he's a monster and this this guy is the definition of success. Definition of multitasking, the definition of an entrepreneur uh the definition of a gritty, hustler uh a guy.

I have a tremendous amount of respect for uh. Gary vaynerchuk is that this is going to take. The introduction is going to take a long time because he's getting into the show it's been. I got to set you up because the big holding company is vaynerx and vaynermedia is probably the biggest part of it.

It's i don't call it agency, but it's more than that. It's also got vayner productions. Gallery media group, the sasha group tracer speakers, vaynertown vaynercommerce, he's also a co-founder of vaynersports rezzy empathy, wines, a very empathetic guy. A tremendous speaker he's also got the podcast.

The gary v audio experience he's five-time best-selling author, his uh. His social media goes, of course, about 30 million followers. Gary vee welcome to on brand thanks donnie, it's a real honor to be on with you hope. You've been well, i've been well and um.

You know before we get into it. I want to play a clip of you on the big idea about 14 years ago, uh that was my old cnbc show for the listeners. Don't ask who was a all show about entrepreneurs long before shaq, shark tank or in the entrepreneurial shows, and here's a 31 year old, very feisty, gary vaynerchuk, you know too many people don't understand. Sometimes you know people are talking about.

What are you doing now to me? It's not about what you're doing now it's about where you're going. You know i was a young guy, i'm still a young guy. I want to accomplish crazy things and there's no way i'm going to cash in i'm going to reinvest with the people around me. Absolutely it's it's hard.

You can't go wrong. Betting on talent. No! You want the difference between staying, small and getting big and whatever you do in life. I just want to put this out there in neon.

Again is it's the people stupid you invest in people will always come back gary. That was seems like yesterday, 14 years ago. How come i look so much older and you look younger. What do you two know what the happened with that man? We both looked like.

We had a good and aggressive 14 years uh. I look like a chai. I look like my s, my the son of who i look like now um i uh. I remember that show very vividly.

I always talk about that uh appearance quite a bit because for the listeners here to donny's point i'll say for him. That was the you know. There was no business shows that you wanted to be on more than that show at the time, and i was very honored to be on it, and you know it's really funny just listening to that clip real quick. It scares me to think nothing's changed from the feelings i just had the chemicals i feel like i'm still an extremely young guy.

I have a tremendous amount of ambition. Um - and you know, experience matters for a reason, so you get into this and i'm sure you feel this way. I think when you have young raw talent. You know there is a level of conviction and confidence that comes along with that.

That is beautiful and a lot of times your fresh eyes and you're, seeing things others can't, but there's an incredible amount of value and pattern, recognition and reps, and since that day, to this exact second, those 14 years make me feel really ambitious about the next 14 Years so i feel like i'm just getting started. Also, i don't know when that stops. I don't know when it is, but to your point, the combination of what you call reps. You know whether 10 000 hours or whatever, whatever it is with that kind of the raw hustle ambition grit, is a great combo.

I got a great compliment last week i was doing an interview for with that age and they uh they do a weekly interview with the editor does online and i think you've done in the past and they said to me you know they're really. You know this donnie when you were in the business, you were a big personality and you were, and they were really other than gary vee. There are no personalities today, and i was it was. It was a real pleasure and a real compliment being compared to you, but where you blow by me in spades, is that you know, i built a great company.

I built an agency and it was an asian, was one business and that you have just had this vision and you understood the gary garyvee brand. But you keep taking it to new places, and i that to me is so impressed me and what? Because it's very easy, you build something and you stop you go. This is great, but you keep kind of you're on the cusp of every next thing. You just start your nft business, your esports business, and that's give me where the kind of vision to where it's like you're you're always about tomorrow, and it's always about what's next and that's what drives peter that is right, um.

I think it comes from a couple things, one one thing that i've realized about myself recently, unfortunately, i'm ju, i'm glad i made it back on time. I had a funeral. I had to go to of an incredible woman by the name of barbara siegelman, who was in essence my dad's great aunt, through marriage, and this was the family that when we came from the soviet union that really took us under their wing and americanized us and Helped us in a lot of ways - and you know i was just with my mom and dad and sister us kind of core. You know my brother as a young family wasn't able to make it, and i was just thinking as i was looking at my folks, because that was kind of like the rich american family side of the family right.

You know i remember the first time i saw a car phone like in the car was in a jaguar that barbara siegelman had right, and this is when, like we were really lower middle class and um. It was funny when you just asked that question how i just put the two things that happened today together. I think the biggest thing that makes me keep going is how little i like the fruits of professional success from a financial standpoint to do things with it. I prefer the game: it's the process, not not the not the stuff.

That's it right. I love when you give speech, i love when you give speeches to young people, you start don't tell me about what you're going to buy or what you're going to do. It's really big for me and honestly. I want to find a little bit of balance because there's people that genuinely love the craftsmanship of a great watch or or uh having a yacht or you know i don't want to demonize enjoyment for me - enjoyment - is having the means to go to every playoff game Of the knicks and jets, if i want to so i have things i'm passionate about as well, but the real answer to your question is it's more fun to me to, and i just am coming out of one from february 12th to may 12th.

Actually, i was going at it at a level that i probably hadn't gone at it in a while, because i was building this nft project while vayner, x and vayner media are exploding. It is our era. It is our time we're in the pre-dawn of our decade. For sure you know, we've built a large company, but now the world's really coming to our level and our style of advertising, and - and i just you know - and it was getting nicer out and new york and covid's kind of like you know, we all know we're Living through and a lot of people are golfing and sailing and doing some stuff, and i was happy - and i realized my god - it is my hobby.

My great hobby is innovating new things and my great talent is having intuition around new things, and you know it's turning out to create a unique career yeah. No, the vaynermedia is interesting for those who, who don't know gary, you kind of built, your bones in social media and as a digital guy, and you backed as opposed to traditional agencies. That says, we need to figure out the digital thing. You did the other way around.

You've got blue chips, clients now, as blue as they get. I have to congratulate you on a spot that i saw you did recently brilliant for pepsi about you know, set to annie uh. This one will come out tomorrow and i'm not gon na, do it justice, but it's it's basically showing all the things all the kind of disgustingly human relatable things we do drink from each other's things, sweat on each other and that we're back doing it now and Yeah give me the quick story, because you were a little. I was an outsider in my business also, and you know i was kind of the renegade and nobody liked me, and i was you know i was disrupting before i knew what disrupting was and you've built an entire empire on that.

So give me the little the beginning of vaynermedia and how it's just exploded. You know i i'm a big fan of self-awareness. I think, if you're listening to this show, this is actually a very good topic, because i just have a good enough sense of who you are. If you're listening to me on donnie's show like you're in a pocket of interest ambition.

Curiosities, i got to tell you: self-awareness is a monster that isn't talked about enough. I had built this very large business, which is what gave me the luxury to be on donnie's big show at the time for my dad this wine business. I did in a very contemporary way email website and the youtube show which is really revolutionary at the time and i started getting attention from silicon valley. I became an early investor in twitter and facebook and tumblr and really found myself deep in silicon valley.

Web 2.0 and i started having crazy life experiences meeting barack obama and talking about social media spending dinners with mark zuckerberg, like just real. I mean like going from a liquor store in springfield and, like you know, 24 months in these rooms that i'm in, and i remember not only being in the room donnie but feeling because i would stay in a very narrow combo. It was communication right. It wasn't like we were talking about health care, sure we weren't talking about the solar system.

We were talking about my game and my marketing to build my dad's store. I built a three million dollar, almost four million dollar business to a 60 million dollar business, with no money on just finding. Every angle that was of the second and the kpi was a business result, not a headline, not a not a metric, not a report. It was business and i remember not only being in the room, but i remember feeling like the sharpest tool in the room yeah, and this was sharp tools, and so i just i didn't go crazy.

I didn't go egotistical. I didn't think i was anything special. I just had a really calm year with myself in 2009-10, saying, okay, this is something what am i going to do about it, and i remember i leaned into another thing of mine, which is not as obvious given my energy, but i really from both of my Parents and my upbringing have a level of humility and patience. That's unique, and i said you know what i've got this talent.

Why don't i build a deaf, i'm a star wars. Guy, i'm going to build a communications death star for myself. This is where you don't. Even know this part of the story what's really unique about vayner is i don't have a dream of selling it to a holding co with a huge turnout you get offers all the time.

Don't you all the time? Yeah? What's the matter? What's the multiples today i mean you know, i mean the things i'm getting offered are crazy because they're multiple on revenue, not on ebitda multiples on. What's the multiple revenue they're giving you now i could probably get you know. I've been offered something in the ballpark of five to seven on revenue versus 12 to 18 on eba, that's crazy, but what what i'm really focused on is i'm building this for myself, you know, rezzy was a 200 million dollar ex at the amex consolation bought empathy. 18 months in i did something with k-swiss sneakers that really worked.

I sold 40 million dollars worth of nfts donnie in three weeks. I want you in two minutes to our audience: explain because you're doing something different on nfts and in terms of gary b friends, explain to nft, explain your nfts nft is owning a digital asset, that's exactly what it is, and i get why you know. In the same way that i told my friends we're all going to date online in 1997, they thought that was crazy or, and you you, you innovated understanding, you know tell tell the viewers at home, not every business thought they needed a website back in the day. They just didn't, they didn't think they needed it.

Of course they didn't. You know, and definitely not a social uh social network account yeah um, so i believe nfts will be omnipresent. If you have a child in your life that plays fortnite roblox, mind crap share. Excuse a minecraft excuse me or or if you remember just 10 years ago, people spending real money, buying sheep on farmville people, buy virtual currency and that's going to grow.

You know it's not just about the art and the collectible ownership like a painting or a sports card. What's crazy about nfts is that they have the ability to have smart contracts underneath them, so you can buy. Let me give you an example: you could buy a john mcenroe nft, it's an image of an artist drawing johnny mac, but what you're really buying is underneath the image. It's there's a contract that says you get a one-hour hitting session with johnny mac.

So you have this all of a sudden, yeah correct, and what you're going to see is every ticket every membership. All of it is going to turn into this digital asset. This nft and people are going to look at each other's nfts. The way they look at each other's photos on social, what i did with v friends was i've been infatuated with intellectual property.

My whole life, you can watch a hundred videos on youtube where i talk about i'm building vayner and i'm going to buy ip and i'm going to run it through vayner vayner's being built. For me, we have clients today, but eventually we'll have clients and then half the company will work on my owned and operated businesses like i've done with rezzy and empathy. I thought i was going to buy the smurfs. I thought i was going to buy starter jacket.

I thought i was going to buy some of these things. Then nfts came along and i said, wait a minute, i'm going to start my own, so i built my own power rangers. My own care bears my own scooby-doo they're called v-friends they're. All the things that i talk about, empathy, patience, ambition, work, ethic in character, form, empathy, elephant, patient panda and i've sold these nfts.

But what i did was i added another thing that i've been wanting to do since i was overly affected by south by southwest years ago. I've always wanted to throw a super conference so, along with the v friends that people bought donnie, you get a three-year ticket to something called v-con that i'm gon na throw once a year where i'm just gon na have a but you'll, probably get an email from Me in a couple months saying: hey don: do you want to moderate a thing, or do you want to do that, like i'm, going to throw a smorgasbord coachella meets south by meets davos entrepreneurial? You know innovation uh summit once a year and then above that there was about two percent of the tokens that had silly things like come and sit and watch a knicks game with me play me and ping pong have dinner with me. So i was trying to show, because you started seeing a lot of influencers and celebrities come to the space of nft and just put out draw put out an image, and that was that's not the real thing there we're gon na buy homes we're gon na buy This is a ledger: we're gon na transact, people are gon na buy businesses, like literally people, are going to nft their homes and sell the nft that comes with the home. You don't need me to tell you this, but you know your nft business is going to out monetize all your other businesses combine 10x.

Well i'll. Tell you why the thing that is just completely have and - and i do happy i'm trying to learn how to pinch myself and smell a rose a little bit more because i've always been. I don't like it. I don't, but it also helps me not get too low when things are bad, but i'm just kind of that way, but nonetheless donnie.

Here's what's nuts in the contract of my nft and what i recommend any listener that goes through it. You can put a royalty component, so there is a 10 royalty, one percent, i'm giving to charity nine percent. For me on every secondary transaction. I i i didn't make.

I didn't, make seventy two thousand dollars the first seven years i worked for my dad. You know per year, not obviously sure i i made 72 000 in the last 24 hours on the royalties of my nfd. You know it is crazy. I said to my brother, when i kind of clicked me in february i said you know: george lucas launched star wars as an nft and then made the movies.

He'd, probably be the richest man on earth today. He would have never sold it to disney because the royalties on all that secondary collectibles is just mind-boggling. So how do i, if i'm a a pepsi client or i'm a cri, a craft, heinz client or everything and i'm buying vaynermedia, and the very thing that i'm talking to you about - is your vision about the next thing? How do you keep your? How do you keep one foot on home base to make sure like like i, i i keeping up with you on an interview is difficult, so how do i as a client, you're building all these things? How does each things continue to stand and flourish as the next kind of shiny toy is the thing i don't mean that in a no i got it, you know you mean in a good way: yeah uh, you uh. This is where i get to give you a compliment back to the clip.

It's the people. Stupid, amen, amen right, you know lisa, buckley's and claude's and mark yodkins and, and you know, katie sagans and lisa buckley's and rob and wanda it's it's i'm at a place. Now, 13 years in where i'm sitting with you know, we've got globally, probably 13 1400 employees um. But there's - and you know this better than anybody there there's right now - i would say: there's their 47 52 people.

You know that like are the company right and i've. Never had you're catching me at a great time. I've never had a crew like this. Not only are they all exceptional, not only am i better at understanding the industry and what is needed to be successful, but my my continuity feeling towards them aka.

Do i think that in my top 40 executives, the ryan harwood, sarah baumann's avery's gabby's that you know do i think i let me just give you the math of the 40 top people, i think, run the company today, allen's parkers of the world, i think 80 Are here in a decade? That's crazy! Yeah! I had the same thing all right, the same thing. It was just and that's why you won and that's why i'm going to win and that's what always wins, because you know what real, quick donnie for everybody who's trying to build different kind of companies. Think of it as an offensive line in football. If you keep the same guys together for five years in a row, they know everything about each other, you know and when you're constantly switching guys out.

It's sorry, i i remember i didn't think it was a fair fight. We went in for new business because we had this swat team that just like we could finish each other like it was just we weren't inventing every we just knew it. We knew what we had. We knew it was a dynasty, and you built this up.

How do you um? How do you deal with equity? How do you deal with making people feel like they're owners of a company? You know it's it early on. I had a very tough challenge, i'll be very naked here i started the company with my brother and aj who's remarkable and i was 33. He was 22 and we decided to go 50 50.. My belief when i started being her was, i would do it in five to six years.

He would then kind of i would groom him and he would kind of run it, and i would be on to my next michigan, because you know i like the action. I knew that about myself. My brother has crohn's disease and about so we were exploding from 40 to 300 people in an hour and like literally in two years, it was just a lot and my brother is far he has so many more skills than me. Um and but the the concept of managing people's feelings was extremely like not overly exciting for him, and you know this: the the ad business is the people business really, i think, i'm in the hr business and then we happen to do all this other stuff and He came to me and said i want to do something else, hence how he did vaynersports.

So i was in this very curious spot with equity, where i was already not in a place where i to this day, i don't feel like. I have as much of the company as i'd like to, and so the way the way i've done, that is by building out all these other businesses. So, for example, my co-founders in empathy wines started as interns a decade ago at vayner right. These are gentlemen, who literally made who became millionaires as partners with me, and so what i'm tr, what i'm trying to do, donnie and what i've been doing is hey.

I've created a very aggressive bonus pool for the top people b, uh most of these people, and why i think i have 80 retention, which is over a decade, which is a ludicrous statement. It's ridiculous. I know that for everybody, who's listening is because of those 40 people. Most of them have had a conversation with me of like look, i'm doing a lot of things in my life uh, the guy who's gon na have equity and be friends.

Andy k started as an intern on my content team he's now. The president of beef friends he's gon na it's gon na change, his life yeah. I just tripled this out: double this double and a half his salary from vaynermedia to be friends. So i think it's about it's not about competing with a holding company that might give you fractions of shares.

Sure it's about actually making them feel they're invested by actually actually, where they really really have really meaty stuff is. The key is the secret sauce at the end of the day, the 30 million followers that you have out there that basically ensures everything you do. Has a kickstart to it. The uh the secret to this success is how i built the 30 million followers from scratch.

Good answer right, right, donny! It's the fact that i knew i know two core things and it's very advertise oriented when you think about advertising understanding distribution, where the human's intentions are and understanding what creative goes into that to provide a victory is the game right that was television, radio, outdoor and Print for a very long time, direct mail - it is completely fragmented, as you know at this point, so i think what works for me i'll give an example with v friends when i really talk about it in three years, people are going to ask me questions of Why i left so much economics on the table on the initial launch, so as remarkable and astonishing as the number i threw out 40 50 million, depending on how ethereum's moving and what it's like, which is just you know bonkers even for me, i i'm i'm stunned And flattered by that success, but understood it would happen. You know when i talk about 724 000 in secondary sales in the last 24 hours. Many of these people, who've resold. One of my tokens have made more money on that token than i made.

What i understood a long time ago is, if you're talented enough to know what to do with the 49 of the relationship that you have with every individual on earth and you're able to provide that other individual 51 of the value. You will be in an incredible power spot your whole life and i think what i've done, uniquely different than the far majority of people that have come along over the last 15 years. Trying to build a brand on the internet is there's two ways to really win: entertainment or education. Entertainment comes in a lot of shapes and sizes.

Entertainment is being very attractive and being a model on linked on instagram. It could be being you know, funny in skits on youtube or dancing. There's a million ways to do it. Uh education comes in a lot of ways we see as well on linkedin and many others where you're talking about expertise.

For me, i've played a third kind of little subtle gear, an obsession to making sure that every person that comes in gets more value than i get, which has led to very little asking and a lot of giving my best away for free at scale. For a decade and a half and it's - and i think, that's the secret to what i do and i think that's going to always be my strength, because i know what to do with my 49 yeah. You always understood, look even simple advertising, traditional advertising. You got to give the consumer something, i always said you got to teach them, you got to make them.

Laugh you got to give you can't you got to get and what's interesting. Is your approach to business is very much your approach to motivational speaking and everything that you you giving you're, not a philanthropist, because you're you're a capitalist at the same time. But you understand that one of the bedrocks of capitalism - or at least your bedrock - has been empathy and altruism and giving so when you're giving a speech. Yes you're making money from the speech.

But what is turning you on is that you're le you're, giving nuggets and you're that that's what is that's? What drives you? It's a tremendous observation. I actually believe that being selfish around you know what makes you happy triggers the ability to then be selfless at scale which then creates selfish. You know results, you know, i, i think that's exactly right for me. I i just don't understand the concept of being transactional or trying to win the short term.

My dad actually used to be pretty frustrated with me in the way that i negotiated, but what i explained to him was dad. Yes, i understand that i probably could have gotten that bottle of wine and by the way, when it's a bottle of wine you're getting 500 cases, there's real economics when you're leaving a dollar on the table right, but i said i said, dad. Listen. I've watched you since i was 14.

This is now maybe when i'm 24., i'm like i've, been watching for the last 10 years, which is maybe from 14 to 17. You wouldn't let me in the big meetings, but by 17. I was in these meetings. I go.

Look you're a gangster you're, a gangster negotiator but you're squeezing the out of your suppliers for everybody every time and then they're, not gon na go the extra distance for you and donnie. What i really started seeing happening because i'm a very observant kid is they started the numbers i started. Realizing people were coming in and starting price was higher to my dad because they were expecting yeah and i said dad and we were in the liquor business where you have to buy from the same suppliers. You can't go.

You know it's not like every other business. You're mandated by the state of which people you can work with by liquor laws, so i took a different approach and i've always left something on the table for my suppliers and then with my consumers. My audience, i mean i'll, be honest with you. I hate when i'm asking for something i have a new book coming out in november.

I don't love the promotion of that book, i'm not against it. I'm a salesman, i'm a capitalist to your point, but i love the equity building of not asking for anything and the longer. You hold your breath, the better you're going to do on your ask yeah yeah. What? What is that? If i said to you, because you you immigrate over with with your family at three years old queens, you come from um russia, um, you're, living eight people in one room, yep.

You look back now and there's a lot of people who start at the bottom, but not a lot of people make it where you! What if i tap you on the shoulder, i'm sitting next to you on the subway and i'm going gary. What what? How how how'd this all happen, ridiculously good, mothering love that 100, like you know, it's donnie, do you know what's funny the reason i think i can play it humble and also don't get too high or too low, or i'm very happy promoting and self-promoting. Is i actually think it's a bigger indicator to my parents than to me? I feel like gary vee gary vaynerchuk is the byproduct of tamara and sasha vaynerchuk, the byproduct of the american dream, especially in the 70s, 80s, 90s and 2000s, and really on forever. It's still very much there, i i what happened was i had a mother who built enormous self-esteem, which is imperative.

I had that, but she but donnie i'll, tell you - and i don't know if you had this with your mom, where my mom really nailed it and where i think a lot of moms and dads miss it in this day. Is she built self-esteem, but not delusion and held me accountable? I think what we have now is non-accountable delusional self-esteem, 100 trophies for showing up yeah and you kind of get. Then kids grow up and they get insecure because they realize it was all fake yeah, whereas with my mom she would be happy to smack me in my ass or even my face. If i went out of line, she also really really allowed me to breathe.

I was a bad student and then and then so it was great parenting and then it was circumstance. You know when you're born at the bottom there's an inherent animalistic need to climb and i also got to hone my skills i was born in the i was growing up in new jersey in the 80s. So lemonade stands car wash shoveling snow outside for 10 hours. A day unwatched unsupervised, the streets taught me and the baseball card boom.

I learned my craft and by the time i was 22 coming into my dad's business. I was ass and i mean this when i say this by the time i walked in at 22. I was a 16-year veteran of business. I've been doing business every day of my life, trying to sell something trying to build something.

So i think natural talent meets circumstance um and that's really what i am i'm a nature. Nurturer byproduct, like most people, are, and it just kind of quote, unquote worked out for me. What i love about every just about every one of your business philosophies and every kind of instinct that you have and every philosophy is about the human condition it it it that that is what you so understand and he starts with self-awareness also. But as i listen to your speeches and every one of your philosophies, it starts with understanding, flesh and blood and humanity, you're behaviorist, and that's what i find so fascinating about all speaking of human, though one thing a million-dollar billion dollar question: please you get up at Five, you work out.

You work from a you know, seven in the morning to eleven at night you got two kids. How do we do that? Yes, first of all, i wake up at seven and work out and and more and more i i get a ton of sleep. You know i think it's about um. For me, it's compartments right, it's all in or all out, that's works for me right.

So now now my fathering explodes because this virtual world yeah is the greatest mitzvah for me of all time. The fact that everyone's now being conditioned to do a zoo, meeting, uh there's not a what a gift, what a gift yeah it's, what a gift, what a gift and so for me, it's prioritizing it's being checked out on the weekends. It's doing things it's you know. You know i'm a byproduct of a dad that worked all day.

A lot of us are that still happens a lot and vice versa. Moms that work all day. I i don't find it overtly. You know challenging it's just about prioritizing and actually i'll give you the real answer for a lot of parents.

It's not over. Judging yourself and beating yourself up too many parents miss one thing and they think they're. This horrible person, kids are resilient. We remember the things, not always the missed things, and as long as you try and have good intent, most things will work out.

I i had the greatest parents, the greatest dad in the world who all he did was work, but i i had the best dad because i knew i still came first, i never counted what he wasn't at. I remember and with my kids i had the advantage. I sold my company young uh. I actually regret it.

I i listen to you i get jealous i get because i i was at my space where you are now. I was king of the i own, the industry. I know michael jordan at the time i i couldn't like they were coming at us. I was telling clients go them, so i mean the very the basic thing and i the reason i sold was i don't you solved this problem.

I didn't have the vision here. I would walk into a three-hour meeting. I knew i was gon na end in 30 seconds and i was bored. I was bored with my success.

I felt i had won the game. I felt that you know what's funny. I lived that same life, no, but you've solved it. You've solved it by creating new mountains but - and i created new, i went into tv.

I did these other things but yeah i felt like i won. You know we were agents of the year. I toured five years where i was making a ton of money because you did. I didn't sell because of a and i say to people, don't ever say you can't go visit.

Your money sell of course, you're ready to do something else. You know the mail. Oh, i got this number great you'd be miserable somebody. Somebody could give you five billion unless otherwise you could buy the jets so that might make it make work.

That's the only reason you're gon na monetize it only one, but you know that's a terrible mistake. People make and you don't do it for that reason, and i was bored and the other thing i found really difficult. I wonder how you deal with this as an alpha male past, a certain age being in a service. Business is really hard.

You really you're sitting across the table from a you know, an advertising director that you wouldn't hire nine levels below. I don't mean the word levels below you, but you wouldn't even hire at your company there's not a meeting, there's not a meeting i'm in that. I don't think i have more capability than the ceo of the company of the meeting. So how do you now human patience, humility, knowing that i'm eating crow in this situation, is actually the thing that's going to make me win the whole ball game? It's i! I convert that meeting not into i'm in the ring and having the fight.

In the main event, i converted into i'm in the gym eight weeks before the main event putting in the work. So this even what may look like a big meeting and a big pitch. I mean dying to be very frank. I felt that way from the day i started when i didn't even have the ws in the industry to your point.

I've enjoyed winning and being successful in this industry because i like it, i like a lot of the people, but it does have an establishment, as both you and i have lived, there is an establishment and being anti-establishment. It's one more rep, it's another sit up in the gym. It's another 45 minute hitting the bag session, because i'm getting dangerously close to having that past the baton moment where it will thrive. Without me, it will, i will still be able to stay very close to it very much like i've.

You know i've had an incredible rep at this with my dad's wine business yeah, i'm still very much intertwined there and i'll do the same with vayner. Whenever that time's right and - and i just know that it's worth it eating that crow one last question and then uh observation on my end uh, i asked this of everybody, but i'm most interested to hear from you. What is the garyvee brand? That's a great question. I actually think the garyvee brand is executed on something i believe in which is every brand is actually consumed differently at the consumer level than people realize right.

I you know people think nike state doesn't stand for just do it. It means something different for people everywhere. So, for i think for a lot of people, it's work ethic grind that hustler thing i think for for an emerging group of people, it's whoa. This dude is really pushing kindness and empathy and patience, and these very grandma virtues and he's making them cool.

That's neat for other people, it's innovation and seeing around corners to me believe it or not. Donnie. I don't spend a lot of time. Thinking about it.

What i think about is doing the best things i can and hoping that the other person on the other side consuming it if they choose to extracts some sort of value out of it. For me, it's it's for the way. I see it within myself. It's the obsession of the process, your brand, i'm going to break it down for you, your brand is about giving and in its essence, whether it's giving your intellectualism in terms of motivation, whether it's understanding the dynamic consumer, dynamic and you're.

49. 51. You have taken everything by given everything and it's a really interesting thing about and i really enjoy. I have to tell you, as kind of an elder statesman as a guy who maybe passed, i've so enjoyed and impressed what you've done over the last 15 years or so i you know you were kind of a punk on my show.

You know you had that wine business, you know yeah. I was like oh here's, this guy he's kind of, but but i knew there was something special, but just watching your career and watching what you're doing now. I know it's just a good beginning and i remember i always used to laugh for those in the owners that don't know that your one goal is to buy the new york jets and i go okay and more than ever after spending a half hour. So with you today, i do think that's a i don't know what the johnsons are thinking, but i think if anybody can pry it away from you, keep doing it.

Man keep fighting, keep kicking, keep scratching and keep setting a good example for everybody cheers to you and thank you for having me on it. It's an honor stay right, buddy, bye, everyone youtube watcher. What's up, it's garyvee! First of all, thank you so much. I hope.

You're doing super well during these times. I also want to ask you please subscribe, because my commitment and exploration of youtube is about to explode stories, polls, more content, more engagement, more surprise and delight. This is the time to subscribe. I hope you consider it and i hope i see you soon.


14 thoughts on “The Secret to My Success Over the Last Decade and a Half | “On Brand” With Donny Deutsch”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Sir Kay says:

    Two privileged Caucasians sucking each others tools talking about how they got bored making money and how they feel more intelligent than everybody in meetings, what have these people got to teach anybody about anything?

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars F5 Podcast - Business - Relationships - Hot Topics says:

    Things I’ve learned from Gary V over the last half decade:

    1) Happiness should be put on a pedestal.
    2) Patience is key to success.
    3) Kindness is cool and encouraged.
    4) You are 100% responsible as an entrepreneur.
    5) Don’t blame your employees for not caring as much as you do.
    6) Get on the platforms with the most organic reach and commit fully. It’s always worth it.
    7) Self-awareness is the key to becoming the best version of yourself.
    8) Enjoy the process.

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Dean Anderson says:

    Success is dependent on the action steps you take to achieve it. show me a man who doesnt have an investment and I will tell you how soon he'll go broke investment is building a safe haven for the future: with the right choice of investment that has at least 1% minimum risk and with an Expert guidance, profit and interest should be guaranteed.

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Nick Monzer says:

    Wednesday 6/30/2021 is my last day in the corporate world! I'm very excited to start my entrepreneurial journey. It's a passion that's going to tackle a huge marketplace problem. Any recommendations/advice is highly appreciated! 🤞

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Joseph Nicholson-Porter says:

    So, the secret sauce is giving more than you take, in EVERY relationship you have on earth? Love this guy. I want my content to be just as impactful as this guy one day. My hero

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Selena Le says:

    Another good information and practical value adviser, thank for both of you, thank you so much, love and respect from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam- I started follow and love what Gary helps entreprenuers like me from 2016. God bless all of you xoxo

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars NAZ says:

    This is the best video I’ve seen from you Gary in a while. And I liked the others! Amazing conversation. Specially the part about “being bored” and feeling like you already won, so you blow the whole thing up

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Bella Somerset says:

    Great interviewer! The dynamic between both speakers is really good – the two definitely relate on some level, Donny managed to get some great advice out of Gary, and he didn’t mind too much being interrupted although we did get some interesting nuggets from him, too. I was particularly fascinated by his story of selling his business out of the boredom of having reached his goal. There is a great lesson to be learned there out of what I imagine is a real pain for him.

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Yeverel Natalie says:

    I’ll love to share how I have been able to make so much profit in crypto since the year began, I honestly can’t understand the negative attention cryptocurrency receive.

  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Marketing Harry says:

    That was a looong introduction, but well deserved. Its great to see what a history you have from that first interview. Loved how Donny said that Gary kept taking it to new places, testing new businesses. His vision for innovation is wild!

  11. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars SUCCESS SYSTEMS says:

    The most important thing is never be afraid to take a chance. Always remember the greatest failure is not having the will to try. Don't quit before the miracle. Have a blessed & productive day 🙏.

  12. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Darlene Atkinson says:

    Hi Gary and Donny, It read Let me know your thoughts I witness a very smart young Gary move when he see it fit at the right moment in time to help people it kind of like what Zig Zinglar mention, help enough other people get what they want and you'll get what you want in life I am very old school in our house we did not have no phones nothing much for media whatsoever no radio nothing. so I learn all this stuff much later in my life time, I was already working before my mother allow a T.V. in our house I went from age zero to 17 years of age without watching T.V. So my life was so much different than many people life. I grew up on farm land not around people. I do see how You Gary was wise use media to help you
    all while you were growing up. I had fear of being on video. That what I see that different about you Gary, you enjoy the process and it fun for you so you get great success from it. that my thoughts. I do recall seeing You, Donny, I think I was in my 40's before I seen your show. that over 22 years ago. yep! I am way up in years. My generation came from farming selling milk in those old steal big barrels they weight 25 pound without nothing in them. I grew up with 7 years of schooling so school was not big from the family I was born into. Really enjoy this video thanks for putting on youtube to share with all of us.

  13. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars the Rich get Richard says:

    My personal brand, YouTube channel, and businesses is very hard to run, scale, and grow 🤯, especially doing all by myself; however, watching this video  helps inspire to keeping going and growing 👏👍🤜🤛

  14. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Art Zuniga says:

    The comment about eating the crow hit home hard. Currently learning humility by leaving my old job and starting over from scratch. I felt out of place and starting over has been the biggest humbling experience of my life. I’m learning patience over everything.

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