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Today's video is an awesome keynote I gave in London recently! I discuss so many gems in this event like why I give everything away from free because I believe opportunity is abundant, understanding how lucky I have been to be born into the circumstances I have, and why I push an agenda of positivity in a world where negativity is louder.
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Gary Vaynerchuk is one of the world’s leading marketing experts, a New York Times bestselling author, and the chairman of VaynerX, a modern-day communications company and the active CEO of VaynerMedia, a contemporary global creative and media agency built to drive business outcomes for their partners. He is a highly popular public speaker, and a prolific investor with investments in companies such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Venmo, Coinbase, Slack, and Uber. Gary is a board/advisory member of Bojangles’ Restaurants, MikMak, Pencils of Promise, and is a longtime Well Member of Charity: Water. He’s also an avid sports card investor and collector. He lives in New York City.

This is probably the most simplistic sentence that i genuinely. This is not some foofy foofy. Let's do a show. This is real as to me, everybody who's standing right now.

The quickest way for your business to get much much bigger is for you to realize right now. Every single thing: that's wrong in your company is not johnny or sally's fault. It is 100, your fault because you hired johnny and sally you've got your perspective. I just want to be happy.

Don't you want to be happy when i think about? Why would you be here, fair, fair? I love you too, when i think about why you, you would love me, it would be from a place of all of us want to make our lives better. You know and the people we love better right and i think one of the great mistakes so many people that follow me and think they've got my message down make. Is they make content for their self-interest, not for their audience? They don't understand that by making content for their audience, there's a very good chance over a decade period of time, their self-interest will come through the amount of people that i see give me love dm me say this nice things to me, they're about me this and That and when i spend five minutes, analyzing their social media execution, it's very disheartening for me, because they're picking and choosing what they hear from me to do what i do and what i see others do - that is successful, whether it's a person a brand, a business. You have to do all parts of it.

People love to see the part of tenacity, but they struggle a little bit more with patience. People love when to think that they're giving and they're giving, but they struggle to see that they're, giving with manipulation and with intent of something for themselves, which is the furthest thing from giving in the world. So i think, what's really interesting, as i go into this next chapter of my career, is i've got to push myself harder to get into the depths of the nuances and the little tiny context points that make what i do work with the hope that you can Have it too one of the crazy things that has become obvious to me in the last decade is the reason i give away everything i've got is because i don't think if you then go take it and do well that that comes out of my pocket. I'm fascinated by how many people hold things back, because they don't think or realize that the world is fundamentally abundant.

Everyone is so scared that, if they give away their best advice or their best content that somebody's going to take that and run with it, i dinner with my dad two days ago, which was really nice, and he reminded me of a story when i was a Kid i went to a industry, liquor store in new jersey, industry event and i walked around and was telling other liquor store owners about how well was doing and why email was the future. And when we got back in my dad talked about like us not like that was bad like. Why would you tell them they're gon na? Do it they're going to take our customers, and i looked at my dad and i said they can't steal my brain and it reminded me of who i was when i was 17 1921, which is just a younger, less experienced version of who i am today. But what i promise you is, as we all sit here today, without knowing exactly what santino or ben or whoever has in mind of what they want to do, whether you're in b2b or b2c, whether you're in real estate or crypto content.

Have your own agency sell sneakers, it's very easy for me to talk to this room, because there are certain things that no matter what you are, even if you're, not an entrepreneur if you're a stay-at-home parent. If you are a teacher, if you are running for political office, there are things that are incredibly consistent about the human race. I was an atrocious student, but the one class i was consistently strong at was history, and i never really understood why. Until i got into this last decade of my life, when i started understanding myself better on how i roll and it's because history just tells me the future - we're consistent we're animals, we are who we are, and we only navigate through one framework.

Our actual perspective on life, every single person here is navigating every single day predicated on how they see it, how they see it is predicated on how they grew up their environment, their dna, their parenting, the most interesting to me, what they are currently listening to, or Whom the thing that's really interesting to me is: if you turn your head to the left, you see it different than if you turn your head to the right and what i've been trying to spend a lot of time on over the last 15 years of my Life first subconsciously now consciously is: i just want people to be happier because it makes me personally feel good to make people happy to be incredibly transparent. I also feel a level of guilt because, as i've come to know the world better, i've come to realize how incredibly lucky i am and look for entrepreneurs like me: who've worked their face off their whole life. Luck is a tricky word because, as you know, and i'm sure people in your life have done this people love to throw out luck as a thing to make themselves feel better about somebody who's doing well, they use it when they have envy or jealousy, and that's Fine, but i'm incredibly lucky. I grew up in a perfect storm of situations that gave me what i have.

I have the luxury of being born in adversity. Just like this lovely lady flew from moscow like where we're from where i was born. What people? Don't? You know what most people in the world don't realize. Is the soviet union in its 70-year run you weren't allowed to leave the country like leave it.

It was, for all intents of purposes jail, and so the fact that i was born in that place at the time where some people were able to leave. That's luck. The fact that i get to go to america, a foundational country in our society that cherishes and applauds entrepreneurship when i was born a purebred entrepreneurship, luck. The fact that i was an immigrant - and you know for all the immigrants in here you know immigrant life in that first half decade or decade - is basically about food and shelter.

You're not worried about fresh kicks, you're worried about eating, and so when you have that and then you have a little bit of a frugal mom like i did, my parents didn't buy me which trained me as an animal that i had to go get mine. That was a luxury, it's hard to be hungry when you're always fed, and so that was luck. But the biggest luck i had by a country mile is that i had a mother who built such a framework of perspective for me and balanced confidence and self-awareness, but also ramifications, eliminating delusion she created such a framework that i had no chance but not to win. I think the world is about communication period.

I think there's nothing else. I think the world is based on communication. It's how everybody does everything communication is why this world is religion based. The printing press is invented, a new form of communication books, the disproportionate leader of printing books in the first two decades of the printing press were religious institutions, and here we are hundreds of years later and our society is framed on it in a much more small Way, google adwords come out in 2000.

The number one advertiser on that platform for the first five years is amazon and it is the foundation of why they're one of the biggest companies in the world. Besides the talent of the executives. For me, life is crazy, simple and i'm desperately trying to get this room to make it crazy, simple, is what it is. It is based on the opportunity to communicate so that you can achieve what will make you happy, and it's predicated on what you are trying to accomplish, based on who you actually are, after that everything becomes incredibly secondary after that level of self-awareness and understanding of how The world operates, you can decide what you want to do.

You can then focus on your passion, trying to maximize your dollars or whatever else, tickles your fancy. The problem is the simplicity of the framework is something people struggle with tremendously. As many of you probably know, the other thing that drives me today is: i think that negativity is dramatically louder than positivity. I believe, if you analyze the world social media, mainstream media, your household negativity is loud.

Positivity tends to be quiet because it's got internal strength to deal with the negativity and it doesn't bother itself with the negativity because of that we have a world that is louder about bad and quieter about good. When this became obvious to me seven nine five years ago, i felt an incredible and incredible energy of conviction and really just honestly accountability. I felt like i had to get loud about the truth of the world and here's the truth. The world is better today than it's ever been in the history of mankind, yet so few people believe it.

I love when all my friends are like gary, you, social media, ruined the world. Look what's going on, i'm like wait, you loved, mainstream media. You mean 1920 to 1990, when the world was at the height of dictatorship and fascism war. What the are you talking about? We are incredibly incredibly capable of misunderstanding.

The situation we can do it in the macro and then to bring it way down for me to get off my philosophy, train and get into the trenches with you it's the biggest reason most of your businesses don't grow. The way you want to you are misreading the situation. The reason i talk about the things i talk about is, for example, as all of you are trying to build. How many people here by show of hands, have five or more employees in a company they run.

Raise your hands stand up, actually stand up, stand up. If that's you more than five more than five your business. All right, please stand don't be bashful! You try to five yeah you're good. First, let's clap it up for these winners.

Now now now. This is very important for the people that are standing. The number one most obvious thing that i see every day of my life over the last 20 years is they think somebody in their company is at fault for something without realizing it's their fault. This is the breakthrough.

You like that one you're excited about that anybody who's standing right now. Just this is the easiest, my favorite framework. This is probably the most simplistic sentence that i genuinely. This is not some foofy foofy.

Let's do a show. This is real as to me: everybody who's standing right now. The quickest way for your business to get much much bigger is for you to realize right now. Every single thing: that's wrong in your company is not johnny or sally's fault.

It is 100, your fault, because you hired johnny and sally you can sit. This is a very big deal. This is like funny to me. I am shocked that we now live in 2021 in a world where bosses don't want accountability where, where are we accountability? The reason the world is so tense and the reason the world is so upset is because people don't like accountability.

We love to point fingers, we hate to point thumbs. You could still be right, but the act of pointing your thumb makes it better. Let me say that slowly i take accountability for everything, that's wrong in my businesses easily. It has become second nature.

Logically, i often think i'm right and johnny and sally are wrong. Logically, but in real truth i am the one who hired their boss's boss uh. How many people here own a v friend, raise your hand? Thank you if any of those people, how many of you, if you're in here, does anybody here own a gift goat? My man stand up for this goat, so you you, out of all these people, may know what happened this week correct. So thank you.

I just want to confirm that there is a human that knows what i'm about to tell. You is true. It's him all right. This week we you know: nfts are decentralized anonymous web 3., but the world is still predominantly web.

2. gift. Goat was a token i sold in nft land, where you own the token, but you also get 18 physical gifts from me over the course of three years. As you can imagine, i'm gon na need to have an address to send it to you.

Thus, i need information we're going through that whole process. With that small group of 555 token holders i got about, i still held a bunch, so call it a community of three to four hundred, even though we have a clear system, even though four people around it are super strong, been with me for a long time. As my friend here knows this week, we sent an email to all the gift goat holders to confirm a continuation of something we need to finish this process off. The team completely completely didn't follow protocol and decided to send a regular email instead of through mailchimp.

In a server and send it with everybody's email in the cc yeah now the reality is in a non-custodial environment of nft land. There's a lot of mistakes. You have to do to get something stolen from you and just having one's email is not going to be. The death blow, but it's a piece that could get to a death blow if the person on the other side and others make two or three other critical mistakes.

The insanity of this mistake was high, like comments in the discord for gift goats. Only of like how do we have confidence, everything they're, saying, they're right, it was such an amateur mistake. We haven't made that mistake on regular garyvee monday morning, emails saying what's up to you, this they're hypersensitive to information within so here's. What happens? I come out of a meeting in l.a.

I get the tech i you know, and so just like in two seconds, i'm like like right blood to the head like wind out of chest, because i know it's going to one cause some anxiety for my community them. Two back to me: first them now me: first, oh there's gon na be a couple people that own this thing that are gon na be anxious, and i feel bad next me, which is really not me next. Oh, i have four employees right now that are scared. Shitless and they're anxious next me: oh, i don't have two hours, but the next two hours are completely destroyed because i have to go into full damage, control and community building.

To make sure my community knows that. I don't think this is a good thing and i've got to fix it and that's what i did within 39 seconds of knowing the situation. I recorded an entire video taking on accountability and post in the community and then spent the next hour and a half with the community in discord. Why do i tell you that story? I tell you that story, because i actually believe in accountability.

My biggest concern is that i know there's a lot of people here consume. My content. Leave comments. Dm me engage, they talk, my talk, but they don't live.

My talk, i get more emails from people that are the employees of people who love me and talk about me all day to tell me that rick loves you. I have no idea what you're talking about, but rick's completely full of he talks. Like you talk. He repeats your but he's a that.

Rick story is super common. I know there's a ton of ricks in this room right now. I know it more than the sun will come up tomorrow. You talk that garyvee, you don't live that garyvee and where you don't live, it is not on the hustle and grind.

You don't live it on the kindness and humanity. You don't live it on the empathy and about that 100 hundred percent, and i don't say that on stage to come up here and like i'm good and scolding, you i'm coming on stage, saying cut that out. I promise you, if you listen to this, it's real. It's real the reason i pound patience down everyone's throat and everyone hates the flavor of it is because, once you have a framework of patience, it eliminates so much bad behavior patience is important because most people can't see like the way i set up.

This talk can't see that most of the they do is for affirmation from other people. People can't see that most of the they do is to get credit from other people, normally toxic relationships, whether parents, siblings plus ones or my favorite thing to hate, because i hate the word hate, but i hate this. So many of you live your life based on the comments from strangers on social media people. Here don't post certain because they don't think it's going to get enough likes people post certain that they're not even about anymore, because they think it's gon na get a bunch of likes.

People are scared to make video content when they know video content works because they're scared the way they look and they don't want people to say they don't look good. The world runs on a currency of people trying to get affirmation from others. People buy they can't afford. Do they don't want to do all to impress people they don't even like the opportunity for you to accomplish whatever the you're up to right now is never been greater than it is right.

Now we are thank you. We are at full scale of web 2 from tick tock to face meta from tick tock to meta. That's gon na be hard um from tick tock to meta, to youtube to podcast. You are now pretty much capable of reaching almost any person on earth if you're good enough.

My favorite other non-accountable thing my instagram is down because meta wants me to just run ads and they're with the algorithm these. My favorite part of that is not true. Rick. Here's what's actually happening from facebook to tick, tock, to twitter, to youtube they're, just a blank supply and demand machine.

They all start out the same way. How many people here by show of hands have been following me long enough that when i get crazy and got crazy on tick tock three years ago, you listened and it worked out for you raise your hands, let's clap it up for them. That's awesome! So for the people that just raised their hands for the people that just raised their hands was that the first platform that you built a big community, raise your hand perfect so for those hands what they realized when they went through. It was oh what gary's been saying consistently is right.

You can start at zero when a platform has a ton of people consuming, but not a ton of people making content and the ads haven't started. Yet it's just supply and demand. There's people consuming there's people making. The third variable that always happens is eventually that platform adds an advertising product and over time more money goes into it, but there's still just one feed, it's just supply and demand it's real estate.

It's the algorithm. The algorithm isn't trying to trick you into spending ads you're, just not better than everybody else. You're, not funnier, you're, not better. Looking you're, not smarter, the algorithm is truth.

Your subjective feelings are false. This is a good thing. This isn't bad. This is awesome when you realize that's true, you realize oh crap, there are people still exploding out of nowhere on youtube, even though it's at scale when you realize that you're, like oh crap, there are people crushing on instagram right now, even though the majority of us Me included organic reaches down they're innovating they're, adjusting they go from a picture looking good with lighting to making a reels, because that's how the algorithm is working.

The amount of humility that i find in the business world is staggeringly low. The amount of humility that i see in the business world is staggeringly low. Why do i keep finding things like nfts and tick tock and youtube and facebook and twitter and email - and why is my career, my career? It's based on two things. Curiosity and humility.

Do you think i had a lot of time in december in january this last year to spend on reading about something called nfts? You think i had those 50 60 70 hours a week extra to keep digging in in january. I did not what i had was curiosity and humility. Curiosity because my spidey senses said there's something happening and by listening and reading all your dms and comments. All that time i put in that's how i stumble on, but way more importantly than that humility.

I have friends when i ping them in january and said you need to google this. You need to watch some of these youtube videos. You need to read about this nft. They replied with my time's, too valuable yeah.

You know where this next line's going. I am fascinated fascinated by the lack of humility to create innovation in the entrepreneur and business world people value their time, and my favorite part is. This has now become very clear to me, the people that tend to value their time, the most in my world when i really analyze it are the peoples whose time is the least valuable they're built on some straight facade ego. They think they're.

Somebody they're also - and this is a big one - most people continue to be transactional. What's in it for me for the 30 hours i put in this month, nothing when you innovate nothing. If you're going to innovate, you got to go, build some stay alive until everybody comes. These are the things that are running through my mind.

These are the frameworks that i think about so much. This is where i'm at at this point of my career. I don't understand how people don't realize that kindness is the single strongest foundation to building a huge business and, let's, let's, let's have this talk? I really want to have this talk, i'm not on some ideology up here, i'm not on some zen fufu buddha up here. I'm on some i'm a better businessman than all of you combined, okay, that's where i'm at so let there be no confusion.

When i talk over the next five minutes, i'm not on some like, let's zen it out - let's all be nice and kumbaya, i'm on some i'll destroy every one of you hard, okay. This is, i have to say this because you have to hear me. I believe that kindness is an alpha killer, business trait, not some nice additive, to the way the world is today. Here's why it's sustainable when you're building some, how many people here are building something for themselves, raise your hands higher higher.

Thank you. There's a lot of people doing that in this room. You have to understand why kindness matters kindness matters cause you yourself will feel better and you're the engine. You have to understand why kindness matters if you're kind to your employees, they stay longer continuity matters when you're building something meaningful.

You have to understand why kindness matters, if you don't over your vendors by not paying them or doing the right, if you do the right thing, they keep doing business with you. You got ta understand why kindness matters why the did i buy this sneaker? Why it does look good, but why this this little swoosh is worth one trillion dollars. This little swoosh is worth one trillion dollars. That's called brand when you're kind and you do it for 15 years.

You build a reputation that reputation. My friends is called brand. We all of us have been taught way too long for the last hundred years about business, that it's a dirty game, that it's a sharp elbows game, that if you're nice you'll get walked all over game. It's not true, and i think it's time we start talking about it.

Are you seriously? It's not true. It's not true. It's not true, and it's time that we talk about it, the people that are kindness most honorable when you're so good that you have no negative intent for anybody else that you don't do wrong things. You move fast.

Do you know how many of you waste unlimited amounts of energy and time being mad about some dumb? Do you know why i out navigate so many of my competitors? I don't waste a minute on drama people, love some drama. You love a good confrontation love it. My dad once got so i i once saw my we had a beer truck delivering beer. The beer truck was leaving they it's a big truck beer truck.

The guy didn't have a lot of room in the parking lot he ran over a flower. I saw my dad from the corner. This man was so happy that he was about to get into a fight with the beer driver. You would have thought he won the lottery, he ran so fast.

He is looking for it and i said dad you look for confrontation. You got to get better inside, so you have peace. So you don't fight my friends. If you're looking for fights you're hurt, there is no reason to be in major confrontations.

The people that win in business, the big game, not some transactional small, you think you're somebody, the big game - are the people that are capable about being the bigger person in every situation. Bro, where are you going? You better be taking a go? Go because the good stuff's coming my friends, i sit here while we have that little laugh, bathroom break and what's going through my mind, is man. I know most these people don't fully understand what i'm saying right now. That's that's! What's going through i'm like i don't.

I don't know i'm gon na fight for this forever. We have to get this framework down because it's super real and it's super works. There are tried and true principles that are forever and then what that allows you to do is have time to look for the new you understand, if you're, if you're cruising over here on the empathy, compassion, kindness, patience, accountability, side if you're cruising, if you're cruising, because I promise you whatever is broken over here. It's eating up all the time if you're, insecure, you're, overthinking everything if you're confrontational, you're looking for confrontation, if you're a gossip, you're looking to call your business friend and just on some other people tearing down other people's buildings to make yourself feel better when it's doing Nothing for nobody when you got this going, you have people was like gary.

How do you time i'm not wasting time on dumb? That's how you know how much energy this takes. My friends, let's make a make a pledge with me right now. Don't talk about your competitor, don't talk about your competitor, let me tell you why one it's a waste of your ten minutes. Two what's really happening, is you're, giving her or him more power you talking about your competitor is making your competitor stronger.

I don't even know my competitors names, i don't even know they exist, give a spend zero seconds on it, cheering for them. Let them do their thing has nothing to do with me. The world is abundant. Nobody on earth is taking your money or your happiness.

Your perception that they are is taking your money and your happiness. This is where we're at we're at this crossroads, where i genuinely believe that we can reframe the business world, i believe that business could be a remarkable engine of good. I really do it's got. It's got the pieces in place.

Inherently it's built on merit, inherently it's built on merit. It's got so many of the ingredients. What it doesn't have is. It doesn't have the full conversation being talked about it's to me me me: it's two winner takes all it's two.

All that and listen i love to compete. I love to win. I love to take like i love all that, but it's more complex than that, and i want to get people into that framework i'll go over here and then we'll go into q. A over here is back to what i said earlier when i got that great woo from that dude right there.

The opportunity is enormous. We have a full-pledged 25 years in full-scale web 2.0, world social internet phone, it's at scale. The highways have been built. The planes have been built - it's at scale, we're all here in our primes it's at scale and over here we have the emerging web 3 decentralized world very similar to what i grew up in in 1995 with the internet for the young.

How many people here over the ages of 45, raise your hand, raise your hands you're, being a little bashful, raise your hands higher all right, let's clap it up for us old, not a lot, which is amazing so for the 45 year olds, plus in here. We truly remember i'm looking at some of you gray hairs now right, we remember actually living our entire childhood without the internet. The whole thing we fully lived life and understood what the world was without it. So when it came, this is now education for the youngsters.

In here, especially the real youngsters like when it came, it was hard for people to understand what you're seeing right now with nfts is very similar. People can't wrap their head around it. The same jokes i hear about nfts are the same jokes. I heard about the internet in 1995., the same person says this is so stupid, i'll, just control copy it and i own the jpeg.

No, you don't the same thing i heard, which is gary who's gon na buy stuff on the world wide web. My answer was everyone: in 1995, almost anybody i knew over the ages of 35 thought. The answer was no one. The difference with web 3 decentralized, ethereum bitcoin this whole world is.

We have the internet. We didn't have anything else. Besides the mainstream media and the way the world was when the internet came along, so they controlled, the narrative with the internet around the narrative is being controlled by a lot of people, not by seven or fifteen. That's changing that's a good thing and that's a bad thing.

Let me say it very clear to you all right now. I believe that nfts are going to be one of the most important things for all of us for the rest of our lives. I also believe right now that 98 of the nfts that people are buying are gon na, go to zero and be huge money losses. I also believe the two percent that are out there are going to be the biggest financial wins in those people's lives.

That's the game: what does that mean like if i'm sitting there - and i haven't discovered this yet, but i believe that gary might be like what does that mean? It means you need to do 50 hours of homework, because i promise you're not gon na guess your way to the two percent right. This is a time for nobody should be you nobody. Nobody should be in this room right now that has not spent 50 hours. Reading or listening or watching videos about nfts you shouldn't you're here for me, you shouldn't, if you're here for me, then you're of a certain perspective, a certain mindset, a certain energy, a certain curiosity, a certain ambition.

Please please, please don't make the same mistake you did by not going hard at tic toc three years ago or snapchat or all the other i've been doing for 15 years. You all know which one you didn't do that now turned out to be what it is. Please spend 50 hours on this. Do you know many of you have an opinion on nfts without ever studying an hour on ifts, you read one headline or you listen to one friend that kind of knows something about something, and you formed your complete opinion about it.

We form our opinions on headlines, not on research. All the opportunity is to do the reverse. Please spend 50 hours on it because you have to understand it's contractual infrastructure, it's not about art and collectibles. This is how you're going to contract every single thing you do from buying a home, renting a car.

All of it will be built on this technology. Please pay attention, got it good youtube watcher? What's up it's garyvee! First of all, thank you so much. I hope. You're doing super well during these times.

I also want to ask you please subscribe, because my commitment and exploration of youtube is about to explode stories, polls, more content, more engagement, more surprise and delight. This is the time to subscribe. I hope you consider it and i hope i see you soon.

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  11. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Sarah T says:

    Nice vifeyt too muchMrs Katherin is legit and her method works like magic I keep on earning every single week with her new strategy

  12. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars ariel babooram says:

    Today is a Great day to do Great things. I attract and i am open to receive all blessings coming my way.🙏❤

  13. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Dr. Justin in Japan 🇯🇵 says:

    That ABUNDANCE MINDSET is key for success! it is a motivation booster that life is always ripe for the picking if you can just take the time to see it

  14. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Marketing Harry says:

    Patience is what many people are lacking, it's true. Enjoyed this video, Gary. Always giving the best advices!

  15. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars RealDJEVO says:

    Love this Content Gary and Team! Consider me a Vee Friend for Life! Staying focused and going to have my first 6 figure plus year next year. Foundational. Let's go!

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