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Today's video is a raw recap of my secret wine NFT NYC after-party. I tweeted the location and in less than 5 hours we had an incredible time altogether. I met a lot of fans and had a lot of valuable convos. Hope you enjoy it!
Thanks for watching!
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Gary Vaynerchuk is one of the world’s leading marketing experts, a New York Times bestselling author, and the chairman of VaynerX, a modern-day communications company and the active CEO of VaynerMedia, a contemporary global creative and media agency built to drive business outcomes for their partners. He is a highly popular public speaker, and a prolific investor with investments in companies such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Venmo, Coinbase, Slack, and Uber. Gary is a board/advisory member of Bojangles’ Restaurants, MikMak, Pencils of Promise, and is a longtime Well Member of Charity: Water. He’s also an avid sports card investor and collector. He lives in New York City.

Anything you want to end the video that was crazy. You got your perspective. I just want to be happy. Don't you want to be happy? What's up everybody, if you're in the new york area, i'm throwing a secret wine party tonight, i just sent you a tweet to the details.

I'm going to tweet it out in a couple hours hosting it at 11. 00 p.m, in a secret location somewhere. Here in new york city, when i fire it come into the city check us free wine, free empathy hang out a little meet up, should be fun. I'll, see you then what's up man? What are you called? Yeah super nimitz.

Chris 16. That's good bro! What's up fam chris, what's good bro, it's how many people are here already uh, there's like one twenty, i think there's like 2 000 people that show up well. I know that we're. Where are we hi? How are you claire? Thank you, hi nice, to meet you.

Thank you so much show me some stuff. I love it. I want to be the biggest advertiser in the better perspective bit bigger than facebook good for you, because my co-founder annie had a product. I think we're going over here.

Oh good one. Thank you. Nice to meet you guys, thanks for coming big sports car fan. I hope you get the jets one day.

I just want to take a picture man. I don't want to waste any of your time. Who's got it right here. How are you doing who's my friend? How are you i'm good, 16 year old artist that i've known digitally for like six months and just did an open edition with nifty gateway like just kill him caleb? Where do you live washington, washington, state state? Yes, i'm glad you're here absolutely real pleasure to meet you.

I got it yesterday. Two days ago, mark zuckerberg would like to be on your podcast and i did it yesterday. I can't wait for you to watch something actually record it. Oh, it's amazing does randy know that very you're important to love it.

I want to take a picture with him. I don't know if you remember that i dude i tyler and andy may i was a little bit out of it, but like it's good to see you again, thank you pleasure all right, such a pleasure absolutely really good to meet you, man, you're, always so busy. Bro, maybe we can get a zoom in sometimes i would love that one before you're just mobbed. I love you more.

Are you realistically, like i got into nfts after i had a really bad accident and i lost like the use of my body. So you know such an expression, i'm so glad you're getting it out there. I really appreciate it real pleasure, i'm glad you're here. Thank you great night.

Thank you too, before this gets crazy, all right, good brother. How are you hi gary? How are you it's great to see you how you been good good, welcome, yeah, it's all right, awesome! Awesome! You signed something for me. I can't my board. Let's go yes, i know exactly who you are when did we meet hold on? I got a prayer right now: okay, something just happened.

Okay, all right! All right! All right, give me something give me that there it is. I don't need the money give me that give me that give me that that was good. That moment where my head went. I don't know where you went you you were sitting across from me.

I saw you yeah. I remember blown away by that. That was amazing. Give me something for that.

Give me something i'm always like wondering like when i do it. Do you actually remember right give me something on that? First, let's gather everybody from vayner and somehow systematically try to get as many people back here as possible. Yeah cool, like gather, more vayner and then like got it. Oh yeah.

How are you i need your help? I need vayner to help get as many people back there as possible ben. Let's start getting it set up and open thanks karen here we are web four, though, when what the web for wine party all right, amazing, congratulations by the way. Thank you brother. Thank you.

I pre-ordered 12 copies of your book. Thank you brother, so i'm just going to share it. I'm going to donate to libraries, give it to my friends and uh. You know i'll see you inside saying documentary thanks for being in my wu tang documentary.

Thank you. Bro. Remember, of course, of course, you gave us a great interview. Thank you, brother, good, to see you thank you for selling my cousin, his company back for a dollar you're welcome.

I appreciate that i always tell people you're solid today. Thank you very much. You're welcome. Of course, nicoria, of course, yeah.

Thank you brother. I think so, because this is not going to get crowded. Are you good? I want to help. I want to get in the mix.

Thank you for coming. Thank you for coming you're asking. I brought something for you. Thank you, my friend, it's an nfc that i made.

This is the physical. I can air drop you the digital, that's amazing, so i got this for you. This is for you man. Thank you to bring it out here.

Thank you, man. What's your name joey joey? It's a real pleasure, absolutely man! I just wanted to make sure i got this in your hands. I got it. I'm gon na put it in my pocket.

Thank you so much real, quick! Thank you. So much welcome bro! Oh here are the t-shirts. What's up gary hi, how are you good to see you? How are you thank you great mom, yesterday, yesterday, yes, you took the phone and she's like a celebrity, because, let's go dude for me, one life living always always always living. Yes, sir.

Thank you say. You're welcome bro yo, who wants shirts? That's good. Let's go what's good, you want shirts, let's go bam, let's go gary, the best three minutes friend, of course, so thank you. I've been trying to follow you for like a couple.

Do me a favor? Can you get her connected to andy, okay, all right she's? What's good bro, it's kind of a cool shirt? Thank you man! Thank you! So much you helped a huge fan. Got it got it. I saw this photo. You did the calligraphy.

I saw it on twitter. Yeah, you can take a picture. Thank you so much you're welcome. Thank you, drock hello.

What's that what if you could believe everything on the internet that'd be amazing, but that's not how humans work gary, what the internet's just the mirror of the humans? Okay! Imagine if you build a news network, what's that network that doesn't make it real gary, oh my god i'll be excited. If you do it how's it going very good. How are you good to see you days? How are things good great to see you here? We have a question yeah, it's always ingredients. You know it's intense, it's execution, it's circumstance, it's a lot of we're really good at it.

Everyone is here to support you. Thank you, i'm so glad you guys are here. I i just wrote this book and it was published yesterday with t-pain. My name is maxwell, i'm a mixologist! Thank you bro! Thank you.

This is first thing i've given to anybody. Thank you for doing that. Yeah. I really do.

I hope you enjoy it. Man. What's up everyone watching monkeys, i got 30, i got 82 of them. I got five.

I'm not gon na make it you're gon na make it okay gary i'm literally just here, to give you this gift, you're very sweet. Thank you, but don't say cabana yeah! This is from fancy yeah. Thank you. It's good to see you you're, welcome and welcome gary gary, you remember the beginning of the year when you uh had to scrape all those winery sites before nfts.

Yes, yes, thank you so much for the town hall. It's like it made me very emotional and i'm very appreciative for everything you're doing and the realness of what you're saying. Thank you for saying that, but i really appreciate it. Thank you.

That's awesome. Yeah he's good for you how you doing bro, what's good dude, hey ben good nice, to meet you, it's good! That's good! Bro! You know what what's up fam yeah, what's up bro? How are you yeah? The new project has 10 features, normally no features all 10 feet. All features: hey yep bro. You got five more lives and i was telling daddy oh right here.

Um, you know what keyglot like what we're doing with draftkings and stuff like he has no red tape and has memphis unlocking. We just shot the video at the uh castle in memphis. You know what i mean for tresco, trey and uh, and my and my sports firm. We just uh.

We just uh signed jalen duran, so we're gon na be in memphis a lot. So i'm gon na come through we're gon na i'm gon na come for at least two three games in memphis, i'm looking at the knicks schedule. I want to come through when they play the grizz, so you want to go to the shot again when on what i'm out next week, i'm going to cali for some, but i'm going to be coming through. You know what i'm going to bring you i'll bring.

You i'm coming for at least two three games for jayla yeah, we'll be walking in memphis mike knows more about bielsa than you think straight up. Ah man, i'm cheering for you heavy breath out. Let's make a deal, i treat you to the game contributing what about super bowl. Maybe i can book you know.

Maybe you know i'm about to start booking talent for super bowl. It's in la this year, yeah the way you wrap clock and your fan base. We can do so much with you like. Sometimes the brands might need it a little cleaner than normal, but yeah exactly you know you do not you don't have the red tape bro we're just doing like we're.

Just trying to do cool with people have influence like yourself, man, we're also in a whole different place than we were even two years ago. We got brands really starting to put out paper because they trust us and like there's some real to be done bro. I really cheer, for you know that you can hit me anytime, especially hit me when you're down for real i'll bring you right back up real quick and that bart chain's crazy. That simpson do it to him like that, all right i got ta get in there.

Bro fellas take care of yourselves good bro, hey it's your name, ethan real pleasure. It's good to see you again all right, we'll talk later yeah. Look, he got the eight ball on me. Everyone said gratitude, but i just want to let you know that i am a dev and i want to be the next year.

I'm gon na. Do it because i shoot straight, but i need endorsement. I need help. I didn't get an endorsement, that's not my problem.

I'm sorry about that, but here i am but listen. Listen! It's even how you got put down bro. Of course. What are you talking about bro? This is how you this is why i hit you seven years ago.

I know you see the way i see you early, you see it's a huge tower. I was homeless here in new york city four years back and kanye had discovered me and you know i was homeless for a week. You know your words are just miami friends. We made it, let's go i'll, see you guys soon.

Thank you. Thank you i'll, be with you one. Second, i can't control it. You can't be here hey, but i want to share something with you.

I would never know who you are and hear about you like. I was waking up so early yesterday to listen to you because you came into the nft and i'm being honest, so i would never say thank you. So thank you. What's your name m-a-a-m-a, thank you and to listen to you because you know i'm telling you if it's voted for the nfd, i would never know people it's beautiful.

Thank you. Thank you for coming. I thought it was doing the right thing in my companies in my crew because everything felt safe because i wouldn't confront, but then i would just fire people and then i realized everyone was actually scared because they didn't really know where they sat me. You know sometimes how the subconscious becomes the conscious.

You know how that happens, but you've brought so many people to nfps that i can't deny it. I appreciate it. I'm still not going to buy any friends, i'm going to stick to the pump, but thank you for bringing you know. People we got to give you credit what creditors do.

I appreciate a little selfie i'd love, so i could tell all my friends to the haters that that garyvee actually could take a selfie with me, hey chef. How are you i'm great have a great day congrats on your phone and the way that you got into christie's you, you slid in worry about the blockchain later about the blockchain, get get get get leverage of having a community. Everything will work itself out. Tick tock window for virality is going to close the next few years, go as hard as you can on that platform.

Gotcha got it. I know you've seen the project that i'm currently working on for the end of teas, and i really look forward to our conversation in the future. I can't wait thanks for being here thanks for coming out really. Why did you decide to wear this shirt today? Because this whole scene makes me reminds me of what this was back in 2007.

It was the best see how much you each person. Thank you. I see you. I just met with the musician who asked you a question at another event that i connected with on twitter and he's like that's what he told me gary.

He was every single person and that's a real like real. Like you know, like brother, you know, like my brother and we'll see you at peacock. You know from day one day, brother and we've been missing, like we missed our flight to get to the token soft event. So thank you.

The way i do everything is, i don't give a about everybody's road map about wire frames. I got ta take. How can i like practically like move forward with this mindset of like you know, this is my future. This is my goal that i want to like.

I fell in love with just providing people what stuff, what's stopping you developers and like not even developers, just ideas, who's a developer. Now i got in, i got into space. I got into this space a couple months ago. There we go we're good next yeah.

Thank you. The reason i did that was you can find a developer. The developers aren't the problem. So what would the problem be if i was to be like uh? The problem is either a lack of patience or a lack of confidence and and the lack of confidence usually comes from actually caring.

What everybody here thinks well, then, if you don't give a then just do it. I appreciate you. This is 20 years of putting out a ton of love asking for nothing. It doesn't happen like that.

So i think the way you have to do is build a community like where's the discord for the project. It's ready, it's not live yet. You know like that. That's the reps: that's like thinking about doing push-ups, you're gon na have to do them right.

So is this for us. No, then we're good okay! Good! Thank you. You're! Welcome! Good luck in terms of the push-ups for the discord, any specific advice, yeah, launch a discord and then put out a tweet and be like yo join. My discord and three people show up because you only have 200 followers there we go.

You know, and it's just step by step, step by step, but it takes time. Okay, let's just say no, i have been building steps. I believe you, i believe you. I have no concept to that, to you not doing that.

The problem is to get to a place to sell 10 000 units of something takes like time all right. Thank you. Gary appreciate it budweiser forget about for a second there's, a bigger conversation which is you can, but people aren't you want to people will, but it's early like it's early yeah, like 98 of people, have no idea what the any of us are talking about. Right now.

Right 98 of them have not even a concept my grandma doesn't get it forget about your grandma. The grandma is the easy thing to say 80 of your 30 year old friends. Don't know what the you're talking about. So i think a lot of people are pretty much showing their timing on living in the metaverse like oculus is disproportionately the biggest winner and it's still small, and it's disproportionately, the leader everybody's buying up real estate in the metaverse on some world.

That's not even going to be here. That's like buying real estate on friendster to 10 years before twitter. The brands are going to want to bring their assets into this world right. They want to own that the the ip of the jacket of the shoes of the hat of the glasses they're going to need to bring that into the metaverse and to me that is 3d and you don't see 3d everywhere you're, not seeing it.

That's fine and, like i couldn't agree with you more, but by the time it hits enough scale for those two that were on stage with me to give a you're gon na be 73 years old, no way no way. Dude. It's gon na take a long time before. Let me ask you a question based on your reaction: when do you think 100 million people are going to be living in the metaverse for five hours a day? When do you think a hundred million people will be living for five hours a day in oculus or vr devices i'll give it 10 years and i'm willing to bet a decade? That's fine! That's that's to me is a good number.

So the question is, i feel comfortable with that answer. Right, it could be we're, not sure could be seven could be 12 gon na do for the next 10 years, buy hold and build. That's fine, then that's amazing, but you can't rely on the brands you go. Buy and build and we'll see you in 10 years is what they're going to say.

If 23 year olds knew what it felt like to be 45 and feel this young, they would slow their down they're. So in a rush to show everybody else that they made it that they put so much pressure on themselves for no reason yeah. And how did you come up with reference in 2018? I was going to make toys to put on people's desks because i was getting so many dms and emails during the day from people being upset at work that i thought if i made little characters like patient panda and empathy elephant back then in 18, i already Had them if it was on their desk, they wouldn't need to go to the phone and see my content. They would just look at the character and maybe say it and feel better.

Then i got sidetracked, then covet happened and then, when the nft thing hit me, i was like it. I'm gon na go back to that thesis and create characters. I can only scale so much as me as a human. This is all crazy and amazing, but like i'm just one dude, but my characters could be mickey mouse, they could be pikachu, and so i knew what i i know and i knew - and i know what i want the world to talk about, and i knew that If i created it in character form, the scalability would be huge.

So that's how i came up with it nice i like that thanks cheers who here bought the book right, yeah? Yes, i i really got something for you. I really do. I'm okay, give us a little hint though nope. This is for the community we out here.

We are out at night. Slowly, though your lack of patience. Is you up, i'm ready for your boss? What's up, thank you for coming out bro, of course. Thank you.

Thank you for coming out thanks gary appreciate it. You do so much for the community. Your inspiration for me, thank you, for you know the podcast really changed my life, my guy. Thank you.

So much you're welcome all right fellas! Thank you. Everybody. Thank you. So much for staying out real pleasure.

Thank you have a great rest of the week frankie. I love you bro talk later. Thank you. Thank you.

Thank you. Thanks for everything i'm so proud. Thank you. I will i'll look forward all right ready.

Thank you very much. Thank you. Thank you. See you next year good to see you.

Thank you, everybody one to ten. What do you think of the guerrilla marketing of your abyss, the bus we bootstrapped, this we're broke kids from the woods, a solid, 8.8. 8.8. Thank you anything.

You want to end the video that was crazy, youtube. What's up it's garyvee! First of all, thank you so much, i hope, you're doing super well during these times uh. I also want to ask you please subscribe, because my commitment and exploration of youtube is about to explode stories, polls, more content, more engagement, more surprise and delight. This is the time to subscribe.

I hope you consider it, and i hope i see you soon. You.

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    Much love Gary and everyone on your team.

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