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Today's video is a keynote I gave back in November. I explained why you need to focus on building a brand and not selling and why it is crucial to take advantage of social platforms like TikTok and LinkedIn. Also, I gave my best advice to people entering the NFT space and the future of blockchain. Enjoy!
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Gary Vaynerchuk is one of the world’s leading marketing experts, a New York Times bestselling author, and the chairman of VaynerX, a modern-day communications company and the active CEO of VaynerMedia, a contemporary global creative and media agency built to drive business outcomes for their partners. He is a highly popular public speaker, and a prolific investor with investments in companies such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Venmo, Coinbase, Slack, and Uber. Gary is a board/advisory member of Bojangles’ Restaurants, MikMak, Pencils of Promise, and is a longtime Well Member of Charity: Water. He’s also an avid sports card investor and collector. He lives in New York City.

It is very clear to me that over the next 15 years, what the blockchain will do, especially in the nft form on top of ethereum, is create a world that will eat up all of the contracts, all of them every contract over the next 15 to 25 Years will be done on the blockchain now that doesn't eliminate the need for what we do here, but it definitely requires for you to understand it. You've got your perspective. I just want to be happy. Don't you want to be happy morning, atlanta, it's uh.

It's really really nice to be with all of you um. I don't have a ton of time on stage so because i got to run to the meet and greets. So i want to really get into a bunch of things that are, on my mind, for this sector try to bring as much value as i can while we're together. I you know, i think much like two years ago, when i was here how many people were here for that.

Thank you. You know it's really interesting. There's i really play in two very opposite places when it comes to business life philosophy. All of it really, which is so much of what i do and think about, and what i admire and see in others, is a remarkable level of consistency of what is truly tried and true and then on the complete other extreme part.

I really spend almost all my time trying to understand the one thing that connects to everybody in this room, regardless of what they're trying to achieve whether you're in this room and under the context of this room, you're clearly trying to achieve something from a professional lens. But the reality is is if you're passionate about fundraising for your kids school or if you want to segue your career or if you've got a side hustle or if you decide to pivot or run for public office. There's just such a fascinating thing. That has always been true, which is attention is the asset and how you feel that attention becomes the variable of what happens.

You know i was born in the soviet union and came to the u.s when i was three and grew up in the 80s during the cold war, and i've always wondered if, because of that, i've always had an extra interest in the media in propaganda in communication, Because that was so much the warfare of the soviet union in the u.s and obviously i don't have to explain to anybody in this room, i think over the last half decade our society has started paying a lot more attention to communication. I was always fascinated by why if there was a coup in a country, would they go to the tv station and the newspapers even before they went to the palace, and it made me always understand that this shit's important communication is the variable? What's really fascinating about this industry and i've, many friends in it is when trying to grow the business most of the dna in this room is sales dna. It's not brand dna you're, not marketing, you're selling. It's why google does so well it's why so many people here feel comfortable allocating money to google adwords, because it's transactional somebody types something in you spend dollars on it.

You go to the top, you see and feel the roi very quickly. I understand it. I love selling stuff. It's very easy to understand.

It's very easy to invest in what's impossibly difficult to invest in is brand it's hard. Why am i wearing these because a brand nobody knocked on my door and said: do you want to buy these nikes nobody? I didn't type in nike into it, and this is brand. This little swoosh is worth a trillion dollars a trillion, and so i think about that, because it's easier to understand with nike, but it's harder for a lot of people in this room to think about it. From their business lens, though, we see it, many of you know many of you have your faces on billboards and ads and newspapers and things that nature.

I believe in all that i just don't believe in overpaying for yesterday, and not investing in today, like whatever you did to get here, was about attention, whether it was shaking hands and having friends and working the local thing. Whether word of mouth is just attention. You did something for craig, he liked it enough and when sally asked him he referred, it's all just the same game. The problem is, and the thing that i have had an enormous amount of passion on is: if attention is the asset that grows everything that creates the result.

Why aren't people interested in investing the 20 hours that it would take to understand the current space of attention? Like i just don't understand why you wouldn't see, through the curiosity and spend five hours to understand why a tick-tock video might actually lead to a customer. I don't understand why you would say no, i let me rephrase, i very much understand why you say no, you say no, because you positioned it in your head as something else. You've positioned it as the thing that your kids spend all their time on right. But what you don't do is the homework that makes you understand that over the last 18 months, the growth of 35 to 55 year olds on tick tock is so extraordinary.

We haven't seen growth of consumption like that since 2011, facebook - all of a sudden, if you understand that truth, it at least leads to the curiosity. How many people here are producing three pieces of tick-tock video a day for their business and if you raise your hand, i'm gon na check on stage publicly, so don't lie. How many people in this entire room, make three tick tock videos a day for their company, raise your hands? Two, i'm sorry, three, sorry sally three: three! I love it and i love the passion of that. What excites me about that is because i've been making content about tiktok for two and a half years.

I already have dozens of emails from lawyers contractors. A cement provider hit me up last week that he landed a big contract from a tick tock. Do you know how insane it sounds to even say that a cement provider landed a six-figure contract from a tick-tock? Even for me as progressive and curious and in it as i am, i understand how far-fetched that may feel, but it's a reality and this isn't a talk to say everybody run out and go make tick-tocks. This is a talk of.

Are you challenging yourself to do branding work because it's the singular thing that grows anything branding is the singular thing that grows anything. It's just the way the world works, and so i think the opportunity is extraordinary, uh one more time by show of hands by show of hands how many people produce two original videos or written articles a day on linkedin raise your hand one one. Two got you two again that one i struggle with way more, but it goes back to my only interest in this talk today. Why are we the world? This is not just this sector.

This is the world. Why are we not interested in putting in the 20 to 30 hours to understand something? That's happening today? Linkedin for the last four years has converted itself into being the business facebook. This is not the linkedin. We all grew up with.

Linkedin marketing isn't spamming people on email; it is making content to go in the feed. How many people here consume content on linkedin and know what i'm referring to raise your hands? Raise it high, please. I want everybody's higher come on look. That is the fun thing for me.

Almost half this room is consuming it. Two people are making for it. It speaks to the thing i started this talk with. I believe this room is in the sales business and i believe, if you can make the shift to understanding that you need to be in the marketing and brand business.

It's the only thing that can substantially double triple 10x of business. It's real! It's what happens! It happens at every business. It's happened for the last 20 years, as we've lived through the internet revolution. This is important talk for a much more important reason for this specific room.

The reason it's an important talk for this room is if you became an operator of contemporary marketing for your business in this room. You would start the process of changing your perspective on how you navigate your business life, which is about to become unbelievably important to everybody. In this room, because of the advent of the blockchain, as we are going into this next tier, i think all of us looking around this room meant this is a perfect age demo for the most part of many people, either. Never knowing anything else or the majority of the room based on what i see many of us, remembering the world before the internet and watching what it's done over the last 25 years to change our society.

How many people here made it through high school without being on the internet, raise your hands i'll, raise mine, raise it high, that's right, kids, it sucked! So it's a lot of hands in this room. We recall the world changed a lot. The world's changed a lot in the last 25 years, the biggest companies the world changed, consumer behaviors changed. The way we buy things has changed the decisions we make changed and now we have decentralized servers brewing and i'm sure at this point, especially because this has been the year of nfts and bitcoin.

Most people at this point have heard of the blockchain bitcoin nfts, but i'm also empathetic that most people have not spent their 20 to 50 hours to really understand it. But let me give you a simple statement that i genuinely believe will be true and i think has a lot to do with this industry. If one is to understand the blockchain and in 1995, when i saw the internet, i realized that my dad's one liquor store needed to be an internet retailer, because that's how i was going to help my family business and even though i didn't own a computer, i Launched one of the first e-commerce businesses, and then i did it again with social and that's kind of how i've navigated. It is very clear to me that over the next 15 years, what the blockchain will do, especially in the nft form on top of ethereum, is create a world that will eat up all of the contracts, all of them every contract over the next 15 to 25 Years will be done on the blockchain now that doesn't eliminate the need for what we do here, but it definitely requires for you to understand it, and so for me, this talk is kind of really interesting, because it reminds me of a talk a little bit of A different timing, but i gave a talk to the limo and car industry right as uber was happening and the majority of my talk was about uber in the first 15 minutes and as you can imagine, the crowd didn't like it um and i was telling them That i was concerned because the iphone had become the remote control of our society, and now it really is and that i thought it was dangerous and people pooh-poohed it.

They said that legally, it wouldn't happen, or this wouldn't happen, or why would people people like like the way it feels to dr oh excuse after excuse after excuse and i'm sure everybody realizes how much uber has changed that industry? I remember talking, because i had a wine store in 1995 and fell in love with the internet, as this is going to be big and legitimately had two separate conversations at the new jersey chamber of commerce event in springfield new jersey in 1996, with two bookstore owners Who completely pooh-poohed amazon? I mean amazon, probably sold more books in the last hundredth of a second than those two businesses combined did in five years. We are very, very, very good of having opinions based on our own financial self-interest. My friends, you are sitting how many people here are retiring within the next 10 years, and i don't before you raise your hands because the lady that threw her hand up quick is exactly i mean fast. You threw that up fast.

Let me get this next part out, i don't mean you're gon na crush it and buy an island. I mean you're, old and you're finished. Raise your hands 10 years. Raise it high, just want to get a sense, all right, so there's about 7 to 15.

For the rest of you that are not retiring in what you do for a living, you have a choice to make in one man's humble point of view. That could be quite remarkable. In my opinion, you are in an industry that collaterally is going to be massively affected by the blockchain because of how peer-to-peer contracts are going to work, which takes a lot of things in the middle out of the equation. This doesn't have to be bad.

Much like i told my friend who was in the medallion business in la i said you could invest in uber. You could do this. You could build a fleet and build a business development thing. This isn't about technology, putting people out of business.

Everybody always thinks about it too extreme. There will be lawyers even with the blockchain doing everything you're doing for the rest of everyone's career. Here. The opportunity, though, to completely change the trajectory of your career and gain extraordinary market share, because you actually understand what's going on with ethereum or solana or decentralization or the sec's point of view on this, is it a royalty? Is it a collateral? Is it an asset? Is stunning in i'm one human being and in the last? And yes i'm in it, but i'm one human.

In the last six weeks, i've had multiple dozens, which is a lot one person, dozens of friends asking for legal and tax help with the aggressive behavior in a positive for them of buying nfts, and what do they do and how do they navigate? I just want you to make linkedin posts and tick tocks, because i think your business will grow better than the stuff you're doing with your time and money. Now i am far more motivated that just three people from this talk, i'm at the point of my career, where i'm here for a singular reason for three of you to email me in five years and say i don't know if you remember in 2021 in atlanta, You gave that talk and i took it serious and i'm now this that feels nice. I like that, that's how i roll now, and so i'm telling this room. This is really happening like really, and the opportunity is extraordinary.

This isn't a fear combo of like be careful. This is an optimism combo of do you understand how big this is. Do you understand just like what the internet did to our society over the next 25 years? Decentralized servers that scare scale are going to completely change the world. Let me ask you a common sense question: if this was some small, do you think china would ban it? My friends, this is big big.

This is the single biggest thing that has happened since the internet itself. Social media was a monster thing in the middle, because communication dictates everyone's decisions. It was big, that's why committed to it. But this blockchain thing for this industry is extraordinarily big because it's going to touch it fast, and so i would highly recommend people spend their 20 to 50 hours to get educated on what ethereum is and what a smart contract looks like, because i have a funny Feeling, if you actually do not just write it on a piece of paper right now and then never actually do anything about it.

If you actually put in the 20 to 50 hours, i think there's a ton of gold at the end of that rainbow. More importantly, you have five years to go on offense with what i'm talking about. If you do nothing in that five years, your year, six through ten is gon na, be defense on it and that's what always happens. So that's the big elephant in the room, slash opportunity.

The other really interesting part is how do you get your marketing game up to grow your business and i think that sits in a very interesting place of the common mistake of the last decade of companies. Of this size, entrepreneurs executives individuals in this room of this size has been to outsource that behavior without being able to judge if it's good the reason, a lot of you have your opinion on social is because you hired your niece or someone that sucked, but you Had no idea how to judge it, the roi of a basketball for lebron james is a billion dollars. The roi of a basketball for me is negative. Eight thousand dollars i've torn both my knees, the roi of social media, is in the trillions.

If it hasn't worked for you, it's because you don't know how to use it 20 to 50 hours. I don't know if you've heard, there's a site that can really help you get educated i'll, give it to you i'll. Let you write it down. It's g o o g l e com.

How does a lawyer make linkedin content that works for their business enter? How do i make a podcast that brings me business enter the world is very obvious right now. Everything because of technology on a daily basis is getting commoditized. Besides the human aspect and communication, your ability to communicate to your potential customers is singularly the variable of your upside. If i'm able to just use this time together to get you to realize you've been in sales mode, even when you've been doing marketing and that or when you've been doing marketing in the past, and obviously everyone here does different things that the modern version of it Is just more effective for the cost? The problem is people don't want to make the investment into the cost of creative people? Don't want to invest in the videos and the pictures they want to run the ads because they're custom from google? Well, you just run math right.

You just run the ads, it's just words in social, the world we live in now the ad matters, whether that stars, you or it doesn't. The creative is the variable of success. Linkedin ads work ridiculously well for lawyers, but there are thousands of lawyers that have emailed me over the last five years that have gotten no roi and the 13 times. I've looked at the link that they sent me in those 10.

000 emails. It's because the ad sucks it's because they're awkward on video, it's because it wasn't compelling it's, because it was somebody trying to throw a right hook without setting up a jab. This is about bringing value to the other person. On the other side, you guys have so much knowledge.

You can make videos of just information what ifs you could do. What if scenarios in video form for the rest of your life, you've seen it you've been through it that? What, if is a piece of information that might make the other person feel a little more comfortable that you're not just trying to sell them? Consumers are used to television ads for lawyers that have phone numbers that is spam and direct response. Creative the opportunity is enormous. We continue for some reason to disrespect technology.

I'd really prefer you don't. It makes absolutely no business sense whatsoever. Your ideology has nothing to do with the way you run your business. People are like well gary.

I don't buy stuff from facebook ads, i'm like that's great harold, but three billion people do dick. Well, gary, i don't like facebook, it's fake, i'm like cool. Do you, like your business, like what's the matter with people if this room doesn't figure out, ethereum fast or if ethereum becomes friendster and something later became facebook for social media? If you don't understand the concept of smart contracts on decentralized blockchain, it will affect your business. The next 10 years, the seven people that raise their hands - you can chill a little bit because you're gon na be golfing and drinking margaritas.

The rest of you need to really focus on 20 to 50 hours of curiosity and homework stop making assumptions. I love everybody has an opinion on nfts that they're a scam or they're beanie babies or it's a fad. Without doing an hour of homework, we have become a headline. Reading hot, take society, that's a bad strategy for actual business.

I think you should change it and i hope these minutes together at least gave you uh a little something to push it through, and i appreciate all of you so much. I wish you well. Thank you. Thank you.

Youtube watcher. What's up it's garyvee! First of all, thank you so much, i hope, you're doing super well during these times. I also want to ask you please subscribe, because my commitment and exploration of youtube is about to explode stories, polls, more content, more engagement, more surprise and delight. This is the time to subscribe.

I hope you consider it and i hope i see you soon.

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