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Today's episode is a fireside chat from NFT NYC! Jodee and I had an amazing conversation full of value and even a little debate! We discuss all things NFTs including, the moment I fell in love with them, if I believe the community cares more about money or art, decentralization, what industries I believe are going to be disrupted by NFTs in the next year, and much more.
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Gary Vaynerchuk is one of the world’s leading marketing experts, a New York Times bestselling author, and the chairman of VaynerX, a modern-day communications company and the active CEO of VaynerMedia, a contemporary global creative and media agency built to drive business outcomes for their partners. He is a highly popular public speaker, and a prolific investor with investments in companies such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Venmo, Coinbase, Slack, and Uber. Gary is a board/advisory member of Bojangles’ Restaurants, MikMak, Pencils of Promise, and is a longtime Well Member of Charity: Water. He’s also an avid sports card investor and collector. He lives in New York City.

And then he goes, do you have a punk and i'm like? What's a punk and, and he dropped three minutes on crypto punks, i had a run because the family, something and then that night started a 45 to 75 hour journey over a one week period where i consumed everything about crypto punks and by mid-january i decided that I was going to buy a lot of them. You got your perspective. I just want to be happy, don't you want to be happy, but what was it about crypto punks that sort of made you want to be so obsessive that you just jumped in at that point, because of what i was already doing, i had felt we were Close to the time you know my career in 96, so you know what i did in social, no 506. My career is what i'm doing right now with vr i watch from very far away and then, when i think, they're ready to jump in in a year in two years and 18 months and nine months when it's on the pre-dawn of the moment.

That's when i jump - and i think that's what i'm good at so you felt december last year - was the pre-dawn. Yes, i i felt that 2021 was going to be a year and then you went all in all in. I have never seen any technology so rapidly adopted. There's a reason.

There's money and greed involved and that's, but don't you think it's that might be one. That's why it's happening jody, but but that's, but that's it! That's! Okay! If we collectively understand it right, we have to understand that there's amazing things going on here, but let there be no confusion. Ninety percent of the people currently in our space are in the business of day trading nfts to make a bag and that's okay, but we have to understand it. It's also dangerous.

We have to understand it. This happened with internet stocks in 95.. This is what happens. There was something called gold.

That's what we did. It's called the gold rush like this happens in the macro. This is the most interesting technology shift. Since the internet decided to go social.

I think there's been pent up demand, rather necessarily greed to actually own your own content, and it may be. It may be that your friends are the ones who are the day traders, but my friends, i i think, there's a broader community that actually wants to see something about themselves in their nfts or collections, a hundred percent. That's why it's going to be phenomenal. It's creative! It's bringing a loss, a lot of us back to a creative place that we gave up at 7.

9. 12. 13.. There's incredible nirvana in this moment.

What what the energy i'm bringing is? Let's not be hypocrites, i'm sitting at dinners and meetings and watching conversations and discords of we're the anti-establishment word this we're that, but then what they're really saying is i'm gon na mint this and flip it, and so what we have to be collectively aware of is, If we don't go through this moment with eyes wide open, let me tell you how this always plays out when we don't go in with eyes wide open, it becomes over saturated. It becomes too the conversation's around money. There's a lot of comment. There's tons of conversation around art, there's even more conversation around the money and money scares me because people make bad decisions yeah.

It scares me too and p and i'm watching the thing i do for a living is i watch. You know i talk a lot, so i confuse people because it always seems like i'm talking, because i talk a lot and i pump out a lot of content. But the reality is 90 of my day is watching and i'm watching and people are very clever and some people are not clever, but it all is going around the same thing. This reminds me of a lot of web 2 on the great things take control of our own, all the stuff.

You know web 2 started off very nirvana too. You know like yeah it, but let there be, but it didn't work out that way. Of course it did. I love how everyone's like social media is so bad.

I'm, like you mean you liked the alternative of mainstream media. You mean the media communication infrastructure that led to the most fascism dictatorship and wars. Let's not get confused right now. I understand the current conversation is to razz social, but this concept that the media that used to be controlled by 49 people was so much better.

I think we're a little bit lacking thoughtfulness to the conversation. Well, let me put it differently, though, which is we have as consumers? We have jumped on many trends. You know: microcomputers apple, various brands, mobile telephony, nokia, blackberry and then more recently, social networks, facebook, twitter, google and every time as consumers we've jumped in with both feet. Someone else has ended up controlling what we're doing what what i, what i love about, where we are now apart from the money-making part.

It's not it's actually decentralized, it's not decentralized. I think it is no! It's really not. Let's talk about why the technology's decentralized is anybody watching? What's going on, the humans become the centralization, but that moves, because the centralization is moving because the technology allows the centralization to move. Until we take accountability for our old actions, we will blame platforms and people guys gals.

This is an important conversation. Everyone's like this is awesome. It's decentralization. I spent 13 hours discovering an artist named sarah in texas that i like and just literally say.

Oh i like this art and then i get 400 dm saying you're the centralization. Now you okay, then i like what like this thought. The biggest issue that leads to unhappiness and anxiety in society is the decision that somebody else controls you like. What are you gon na blame when it becomes decentralized other humans, something else like? What are you gon na blame? Like it's fascinating, like you know there you were there.

Social was competing against rupert murdoch and two other people and read like three old white dudes that controlled all our thoughts, social. Now it's like this algorithm makes me a racist. You you're, a racist facebook made zero people. Racist facebook exposed the racists, so i'm not confused what the current conversation is.

I'm very happy that everyone's excited to blame twitter and facebook and i'll be here in 10 years sitting here and you'll, be blaming centralization allowed humans to have too much control because they're blaming elon jody again they're blaming elon. No, no one would blame me. Of course, they're blaming elon pumped it up guys. You know, what's decentralized, when you have enough self-esteem to think for yourself, that's decentralized.

This is going to play out very, very simply. It's going to become decentralized technology. There's going to be, governments are going to fight for centralization. I don't know how i think, you've sort of manipulated.

The argument, i think i think, where we were going, was the value creation in social networks is centralized and they value creation in the nft space. It's decentralized it just wasn't this thought that facebook, inc and twitter and everybody else got all the value. What about the 8 trillion influencers that had no audience that paid nothing to get attention in return and make millions and millions of dollars? What about that jody like this thought that they kept all the economic like it's absurd! It's real! Like oh you're, talking about the influences on social who make money out of having lots of followers. You mean the people that paid nothing for the attention in a world where you pay for attention.

Yes, i'm talking about that um! It's a it's a very important conversation. It's a reasonable conversation right because pre-social media, if you wanted attention, i did this for my dad's business. I had to pay 80 000 to a newspaper to get a full-page ad. Then i just made a youtube video like there's a trade there, but don't don't you think one of the craziest things in the history of marketing is that cmos of brands paid to have people follow their facebook page and then they paid facebook cmo of brands of Big companies don't know what's going on in the reality of the current marketplace, but i think the cmo brands now have an opportunity to have their own nft marketplaces with their own fans as they should and i'm.

I can't wait for it on their own platforms. Not you not deep inside facebook websites. I can't wait i'm here for it. I love your work.

I love you too, like i'm here for it, but i i think the energy i'm bringing this morning is: let's have 360 conversations like 360 conversations are healthy, like like pay attention to what's hap everyone, here's a good one in nft land, the community's going to drive It let's talk about that. This is the community. By the way, this is a great community. Let's talk about what's happening in our space, let's go into the details, gary this project.

You know this porcupine with a clown knows right. This project's gon na work, not because the founders, but because the communities so i sit and think about that right so jody, do you have any bulls chicago bulls fans? There were in my new jersey, high school in 1992 sega. How many i know you're an aussie. How many i'm not um - i told you - i was in here for 40 seconds: joey! Listen! How many chicago bulls fans were in my new jersey, high school in 1992..

Tell me half the school wow, because michael jordan was doing his thing and everybody in the community was wearing bull swag. How many bulls fans are in my high school in new jersey right now, jody zero. The community is all for it because their money's tied up in it, but if the founders of the project can't navigate it to success, the fans aren't going to show up to the stadium. We have to be very thoughtful about this.

There's just a lot of things happen, listen jody! You were there in 0.50607, when i was coming up yeah, we both joined twitter. The same that's right! Yeah, you were. You recall like that. There was all those combos, and i think the reason i get to be here today is because i've navigated those 15 years a specific way, and for me, when i sit my obligation when i do an interview like this, is i'm going to give everybody here? My best stuff they're going to do whatever they can do with it.

I could be wrong. I've been wrong before i could be right, but what i? What i'm watching is what i saw in 06 and 07, which is the conversation's one-dimensional, and if you peel the layer off an unfortunate amount of it is really about short-term economics, and i think that for us to achieve what we all probably subconsciously and consciously want, We need to level up the convo of what's happening here and there's a lot happening here and a lot of good, but we also have to watch out for some of the things that are brewing, so just zooming out to 35 000 feet. What industries do you think are going to be disrupted by nfts over the next 12 months over the next 12 months? I mean to be frank, i don't really think about it in that terms. I'll tell you why, if you asked me that question in 1995 about the internet, i wouldn't have known that jeff bezos talent was going to be deployed against bookstores.

I wouldn't have known that right. I wouldn't have known that some guy, whose wife was a pez collector, was going to build ebay, but i knew in 1995 if i was sitting here as a 20 year old, i would have said all of them and that's what i felt about social and that's What i know is happening right here right now: every business is gon na be affected by what we're talking about right. Now i just don't know what gal in tennessee has an idea right now and is gon na start something that's gon na go after this or what what person in you know harlem is going to go after transportation, but what i can tell you is there won't Be an industry not addressed affected, changed impacted by the infrastructure of decentralized servers, with a platform, whether it's, whether it's seoul or cardona or or you know, or eth, with apps being built on top of it at scale. It's gon na change the world and it's gon na change in a big way.

Well, i'd like to say thank you to you on behalf of the community, because many people say to me from outside this community. Why have nfts been so successful? And i say three things to them: one: one of the smartest marketing programs campaigns, i've ever seen for 69 million dollars. Everyone in the world was talking about the sale of the people artwork. That was amazing.

That's one moment. That's one people staying at home using clubhouse, because clubhouse was and not in this order by the way, and then the last thing is you because you have done so much for this community in in being so passionate about it. So big. Thank you.

It's very nice! Everybody it's it's really why i want to talk. You know it's funny, i'm an entrepreneur, i'm a businessman! I want to go to garage sale, buy something for a dollar for five dollars. It doesn't mean. I don't understand, what's happening in the macro, that i want everybody to be more thoughtful about and more importantly, the thing we have to watch out for is the hypocrisy like if the the bigger danger is the way we're talking about it, but then really it's about.

Can i flip this for 5x right, like we have to be very conscious about this, because here's what's likely going to happen if we stay this way? If we stay this way, then what's going to really happen, is we're going to have a massive crash because there's too much supply the man won't catch up. People are moving around communities, i'm incredibly worried about people, betting money they can't afford. You know if you look at wall street, when people bet money they can't afford and they lose it all. It leads to suicide.

Is our space ready for somebody to commit suicide because they got a rug, pull right like there's a lot here see i'm really surprised how much you're focusing on the flipping part, because i see so many people in the broader community who you know they want to Have a crypto punk because they might think it looks like them or their wife or someone. We have someone talking later today about that and it's tribal it's tribal. I don't think it's just about the flipping listen. I appreciate that and again i you know what i'm trying to do here in the limited time is bring a conversation to the forefront that i think can add, because i'm buying everything that i think we're all buying, there's so much.

You know there's so much excitement. I i don't think that many people are buying a five hundred thousand dollar crypto punk, because it looks like them well wait till you're here who said that wait till you hear the who there's someone talking today about why they did that. But i mean: do you know what i mean like? I think people well, but crypto punk was a placeholder for art. You know for things for collections look.

This has been the greatest thing that has happened to the independent artist in a long time and i'm here for it, because i love all of you. Oh man, i'm in one two. There is just the thing i loved about 06 209, the friendships that you're all about to make with each other like. Please, please, please, please.

Whenever there's, i don't know what the programming looks like here, but if you go out for a few minutes, please some people are more introverted. I get that, but for people that are a little bit more introverted things that nature. This is exactly the community at this moment where everybody is as excited for you to come and say hello to them as they are to you. This is literally your best friend your business partner, somebody you might marry, is literally sitting in here right now, and i know this because i saw it in the last two waves.

Please push yourself to say hello to a stranger when you guys have breaks youtube watcher. What's up it's garyvee, first of all, thank you so much. I hope, you're doing super well during these times. I also want to ask you please subscribe, because my commitment and exploration of youtube is about to explode stories, polls, more content, more engagement, more surprise and delight.

This is the time to subscribe. I hope you consider it, and i hope i see you soon.

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  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars elijah meza says:

    So what do we need to know about NFTs…bc he did say anything. Not to drop a ton of money digital trading cards? Or to buy Crypto Punks? Let's make friends with introverts and marry someone in the roomm?

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars CB Universe says:

    Gary i really need perspective.. i live in an area where everyone thinks they have to be a cu!+ to get through to people & i just Don’t believe in it. How do i get around that and how do i create an environment where everyone around me is positive?

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    I am trying to Get more insight about who buys and why they buy NFT. Does anybody know of any kind of surveys about this? Or articles or youtube Clips regarding this?

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    An artist invests their time and money creating art. And a collectors invests their time and money collecting art. But there's usually a decent middle road between those two. The artist may even give away their art long before anyone pays large amounts of money to collect it. Nft royalties allowing for the creator to see returns on every stage of their arts circulation and collection is a beautiful development.

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Matthew Flom says:

    Mad respect for the convo. Felt a little like there were two conversations happening at the same time. I would love to see the full interview. Keep it rocking G.

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    "You mean like vou mean you liked the media communication infrastructure
    that led to the most facsim dictatorship and wars. Lets not get confused right now understand the
    current conversation is to razz social but this concept that the media, that used to be controlled by 49 people was so much better… I think we're a little bit lacking thought fulness to the conversation"

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Elaine Griffin says:

    Loved this chat SO much! "You know what's decentralised? When you have enough self-esteem to think for yourself. THAT'S decentralised". F*cking LOVE IT Gary! Happy Birthday Gary 🥳

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    Many thanks Gary! One of the very silent NFT launches with a lot of potential is Nasty Nerds for me and my network with very smart community thinking 👍🏼

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    Thanks Gary and the host! Pure gold here! Have not being paying too much attention at NFT in depth in spite of GV yelling at me everyday. 😀 open up my perspective on it. 🙏 Grateful and thanks for this.!

  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Julio Sanchez says:

    There are so many things that could be done with NFT's. You can partiolize an asset and sale it to thousands of people from around the world and they can all share the wealth.

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    I never believe it until experience it.for a start l deposit $600 for test in 7days l got back returned profit of $6,540 I’m so happy l invested with lady trader

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    With the creation of Western Civilization came the depopularization of the importance of religion and such forth art. Monetary by the individual rose but now we enter a time where we want something to show for it hence forth NFTs. However, there is still a long way to go on its journey and there is more potential to grow

  13. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Cleaner Climate says:

    Gary big props – keeping it real apu. Of course it’s about making $$ first, fomo second and all nested under the fragile umbrella of ego. Art + “decentralisation” is the short fat kid last to be picked for the b-ball game.

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    My question is what factors decides the selling or buying prices of digital assets or NFT's and how do you look at this in broader perspective??

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    These comments truly fucking suck. Gary is highlighting something so fucking real in the NFT space at the moment – that mint-to-flip mentality… that, "I'll get out when it 5Xs" mentality. As much as I believe the NFT space is the future of literally everything – I'll probably jump off on the next 3X bull run. So many of us are over-leveraged… it'll be total panic. But we're smart – we'll jump back in 6 months post-mortem when the world thinks NFTs were a fad bubble. Thanks for highlighting the real shit, gary.

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    Interesting that gary sayss social media is better than mainstream media when comparing social media and mainstream, that's not a strong argument because humans attention is what is being sold on social media and there is no longer freedom of speech for some topics, meaning that there is still mainstream control of speech, and control of what is seen.

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