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We’re so excited to drop another episode of Trash Talk! Probably the best so far, Gary found some incredible deals with a Vintage Soapbox car 🏎️ and a box full of Matchbox toy cars - plus you’ll get to see a fun moment involving the cops, punch buggies, negotiating, and much more!. Enjoy!
Blood From a Stone - Arch Tremors 
CaHoots - 91nova
Crate Digging - Tigerblood Jewel 
Duro - Lu Ni 
Great Defense - Xavy Rusan 
Inception - Megan Wofford 
Manifestation - Iso Indies 
Metu Neter (Clean) - Xavy Rusan 
Money on the Line - Damma Beatz 
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Gary Vaynerchuk is one of the world’s leading marketing experts, a New York Times bestselling author, and the chairman of VaynerX, a modern-day communications company and the active CEO of VaynerMedia, a contemporary global creative and media agency built to drive business outcomes for their partners. He is a highly popular public speaker, and a prolific investor with investments in companies such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Venmo, Coinbase, Slack, and Uber. Gary is a board/advisory member of Bojangles’ Restaurants, MikMak, Pencils of Promise, and is a longtime Well Member of Charity: Water. He’s also an avid sports card investor and collector. He lives in New York City.

Oh there's a cop camera down, damn it here's how i turned 130 to the potential 1900 on one day of garage sale, but, more importantly, how you can too come on. I mean right off the bat. The trash truck is me up. These three minutes might cost me.

The whole thing go right here. Open this one trash talk episode. Seven, i think drock is back, did not oversleep every minute counts in the trash talk battle, so the more you can dominate this little traffic scenario or gary. You know better me, that's you sold you whoa yeah! You sound ecstatic, wait a minute.

I hear drock it's saturday morning, i'm pretty sure. I know what you're doing we're trash talking. You know what i'm going to a town wide that i've never done. Yeah west milford.

I don't even know where that is more jersey, suburb life for 97 of you are gon na, be like how do i find garage sales we've established this go to the cut google pound wide garage sale. Google is your mother, here's a link that goes into detail on all my garage sale stuff. Why is there traffic on saturday morning? No there's not enough people hungry enough to go garage, sale, they're, not hungry enough, keep on pouring every time. We both saw a lot, which is this leveling three baths.

Oh, how about that lego thing this one i was going to do for 10.. This is me, take a look at it. Would you do 10 for these two yeah i'll? Do that all right? Thank you. So much have a great day bye guys we struck quick, look at that all day.

Long 45 50 bucks on some real. Those two things is like what some people spend six hours at retail, making minimum wage on. This is real out here. They talking like they.

Don't know a king when they see one see him in person. He take it back like a refund balling, with my brothers on my playing d1 daily checking chicken, he gon spin it watching reruns, say they real, but they clones of me, i'm my cousin in the pen with more phones than me. I got daily correspondence. I got ta learn christmas.

They tagging me like they knew me they actually living goofy. I'm tagging flicking flex in the muscle, like penitentiary 1968. Not always. How much is this? There was a mix of two things there yeah, so the houses are 20 bucks apiece.

It's 40 bucks for 10 bucks. There see, i mean i'm not going to take it, but 10 bucks is 40 bucks. Easy. Thank you have a great day, hunch buggy.

You know what a punch bug is. I can't believe you got me, i'm so pissed great job. Drock i'm setting up an epic moment there. He is a little punch buggy, i'm proud of you, i'm also proud of how strong i am it's nice.

How much for the cars um? Would you do 20 for both? No, i don't think so. Did you want this? Yes, but if you really really want to you knocked yourself out, go ahead: okay, you got it go 15 in the middle. All right, you do 20 on this 35, for all of you, yeah yeah, awesome i'll, be right back. We did extremely well here.

Things are going to be very good now the day is made. How much for this bucket um six, maybe go. Seven. If you throw that in uh.

Let's do eight have a great day. He wanted 30. He wanted 20., he wanted eight and he wanted three for the minions. One at 61 got 43 and got destroyed.

What's that, lady keep beating us she's, not beating us this time, and she knows it. Her goose is cooked. Big shout out david. I know nothing about.

Dvds, oh, why that's why he punched me earlier with a punch, buggy, i'm so happy right now. That is the highlight of my trip right. How much were these two little things dollar for both how's? That sound sounds more than fine notice. Her strategy see what she did smart.

She saw that i was here so she's like. Let me go to that one because he hasn't hit that one. Yet that's extremely well played i'm like impressed by that smells like horse. I got ta learn christmas.

I really do this is so cool. How much is this my friend my father and i built that in the 70s i wanted to get like a hundred dollars for it. Let me give it some thought. Thank you.

I want to talk look. This is why i do trash talk, i'm not going to buy everything because i'm going to buy the that i care about, but i promise you i would have destroyed that man's face and got it for 50. I would have then been able to easily put that on facebook marketplace, craigslist instagram and probably get 300 to 500 bucks. This is the thing that i keep thinking about.

I don't have money. You do have the ability to google a town-wide sale. You have the ability to spend 20 on gas and you have the ability to rip a man's face off, and i use that as like slang for like negotiate well, you saw i want to maybe get 100. drock.

I was taking that guy down at 50.. I might just buy it for 50. Just to make my point my friend: would you take 50 for it yeah all right told you. Oh this thing, i'm barely going and this thing will whip.

I got ta be careful. This was worth it. What the just happened. I'm gon na ride on the highway.

Oh there's a cop, quick camera down, i'm holy garyvee. How are you i'm doing? Well, how are you, man, good man, you're garage, sale, hunting all right, very good? Can i just get your license? I just need to take it down, saying that i uh spoke to you and you'll be good to go all right man. What's your name, james pleasure pleasure, hang tight one sec, okay, one three to one nine, there's no problem here! That was amazing. Someone just called they were concerned.

I guess they thought i was like. I was like. I saw you. I knew you guys were.

I was like man i was like i was like. Did i miss a stop? Sign, didn't see? Oh the film and got it was a pleasure such a pleasure man. Thank you, brother. Thank you have a great day.

Thank you. Take care guys thanks. You know who i think might have called the cops on us, the lady. It was a sneaky move by her to stop us.

I really respect her game garage sale, fugitives, um, hey guys to meet you. Thank you bro. What's your name tj steve steve? How much is this 40 40., i'm just so not educated on these probably just left. Some real money on a table from pokemon guys such a pleasure nice meeting you got pulled over met some fans passing some pokemon firsts.

It was an eventful four minutes. She paid a dollar for the toy story. Dude, let's see you know what this is right yeah, but it doesn't hurt how much 18. wow i don't even know if i want to slug it by the way for anybody who's watching the amount of lego things we're passing on that are pure money-making is huge.

Thank you so much take five. Take five. I mean it's five feels like i have to take it. How much is this little game? I'm just doing a dollar piece on that table.

You got it. Thank you so much we took a risk drock. I have no idea, didn't even look it up, but it is my favorite number take five gabrielle all right, not bad for a dollar prediction greatest garage, sale, time, hi, guys. How are you i would love some lemonade? Thank you.

You keep the change. Okay! Oh my gosh, thank you. So much you're welcome worth 20 bucks. It's right about the greatest garage sale ever got to pay 20 bucks to a young girl.

Do you see her face? How awesome is that that was my face in 1985 when that bike rider dropped by and gave me a 10 bill i'll, never forget it literally for the rest of my life. You just seen your face when i just did that trying to keep my calories down. I mean this: could i have a mug i'll, just dismantle that there we go enjoy have a wonderful day. Thank you.

Easy good dive is a good brand. It's all brand drock one day people will be buying beef, friends, mugs and garage sales, and the whole thing will be full circle feeling good about this one drock, i'm feeling less good, i'm feeling atrocious now have a great day. I would have bet that we would have been pulled over more than i would have been petting a dog. I'm not even kidding bet you that's 50 cents.

You can get 15 for it. It's mug life. It's a 10 spot for a quarter. It's all day.

I, like the mug life. Thank you have a great day. How do you train a dragon? I paid one to train this dragon. It's 13.

trash talk watch what i'm about to do with eight quarters. Two bucks. Let's go. It says two get one free on the mugs and then these two little smirks so dollar and then maybe a dollar for those two okay, see ya, take care all right now, the fun part life is good.

Mug can't find it exactly. But let's call this an easy 10 spot, based on what i'm seeing next denny's you're, not going to believe this 11 14 bucks all day. This is just a vintage one, but just for fun holy 12 bucks for two of them now smurf baseball 1981. So that's 10 50 for the catcher shipping.

What's that you're gon na make 29 like, i really believe, that's you know two to three hours at target. I love this. I know i just see those. What's that i am.

Oh, my god! I'm sorry! What are you sorry about your biggest favorite? That's awesome man. Thank you. I got ta call him call him call him. She watches you all the time.

Thank you, bro. What's your name, my name is dylan dylan dude. This is great facetime i'll say. What's up.

What's up man what's up fam, i really appreciate that my guy, thank you. He's been running his own business for a few years. Hello. Where are you my guy? That's right? Well, it was good to meet you bro, keep pushing.

I want to see it. Yeah show me my brother, oh the sneakers. He runs his own. I love it good for him good.

He started at stockx and then him and his friend used the training to start like their own thing good for them they keep blowing up it's going. Well, he watched you all the time. Thank you, man, man, thank you, brother, i'm so flattered by it before you leave. What were you actually looking for? Are you out looking for a certain thing where basically, i'm trying to get people to understand that like complain, that they have no money and they can't do anything that you could go garage selling with twenty dollars, buy flip it buy flip it? That's how i built my life really nice meeting.

All of you take care of yourselves bye-bye that was nice. What a perfect way to end i'm trying to do more for the soul way less for the bridge. All right, let's go through the highlights of this episode. First and foremost, number one highlight giving that 20 build to that young lady.

That matters to me always give back to the game that started you off. Another humongous highlight: i mean the soapbox car from the 60s just insane. He wanted a hundred. He didn't get it that whole toy collection that i picked up on that was nuts.

What else was the highlight drock to find two punch buggies in the wild that is wild? Oh yeah pulled over. That was a highlight. Let's see, the draftkings odds on me. Getting pulled over and now, let's see even more ridiculous odds, let's see the odds of me petting, a dog.

You know, i think, back to the reality of business, even though i didn't pick up stuff i was talking through like this - would have been ten dollars for 60 bucks. This would have been 20 400 bucks. I left hundreds of items so different than episode. Six, where everything was ice cold, another fun thing to show every given saturday is different.

Final thoughts, just like with every episode. There's gon na be plenty of comments about gas fees and ebay fees and just a culture of why not versus why yes and uh, if you're part of this community, please understand that the answer is always yes. Get your ass out next weekend. Take 100 bucks go with a buddy, a family member you'll.

Remember the stories there'll be fun days. It's a good time and you'll make three four five: six seven eight hundred bucks. Why not wow come on hey everybody just want to talk through these cars with all of y'all, so we went on ebay and found the average price per car was around 2.48. So we multiplied that number by our total number of cars which ended up being 434.

So that totaled to just above a thousand dollars and then we added that price to the profit from the miscellaneous toys that gary also picked up at that sale. So that is the total number that you're seeing here. So all of that being said, if you were to do the same thing, but you sold all the cars in bulk that price that you're seeing would vary. You.

8 thoughts on “When Garage Saling Got Competitive And Cops Got Involved 🚨 | Trash Talk #7”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Azalea Sage says:

    I love watching Trash Talk! I learn things from you that I would otherwise pass up!

    I wish you filmed episodes of Trash Talk more often!

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars NK says:

    Can someone explain to me why he's only looking the prices up after he bought it? I never did it so I'm wondering if it's forbidden or bad manners or something…

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Michael de Freitas says:

    I am baffled how people in the USA have no fencing outside of their homes and trust strangers to come along and buy their pre loved items.
    Here in South Africa…. There is no such thing it’s simply too dangerous🤣

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Common Sense NOT too common says:

    Love the grind and hustle you are showing Gary. Great work!
    Different story here being a real estate millionaire then stock market millionaire, but still appreciate the GRIND.

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jerry Jrs Garage says:

    When I hit up the sales…Sometimes I make Gary look like a dumpster diver lol. He needs a yard sale beater vehicle for the channel & Maybe pick up the club steering wheel lock 🔒 at a sale for the theme lol

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Garrett Gray says:

    Gary is a stud! I mean it all boils down to two words. Work ethic!!! Who the fuck goes to 40 garage sales in one day??? The ones willing to put in the work to win. Gary you are an inspiration my friend!

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Mrpiccaso says:

    If that girl actually called the cops on you to slow you down kinda respect it kinda don’t because your waisting valuable time and money

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Spa City C-Smoke says:

    Yo Gary, you're underrated. I fucking click with literally everything you say and I hope one day I can find the courage to live my life like you. You've inspired everyone.

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