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Today's episode is a podcast I did on "The Quest with Justin Kan". We discuss everything pertaining to my journey as an entrepreneur, how I take care of myself in such a busy world, my happy place, how to not burnout when chasing your dreams, great parenting and much more.
Enjoy! Let me know what you thought.
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0:00 Intro
0:40 How do you look after your mind & body?
8:45 How to get into a cocoon like "GaryVee"
23:45 How do you motivate yourself to do things you don’t like?
27:45 How does “GaryVee” mix with your professional career?
32:00 How do you get out of the mindset of money = success

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Gary Vaynerchuk is one of the world’s leading marketing experts, a New York Times bestselling author, and the chairman of VaynerX, a modern day communications company and the active CEO of VaynerMedia, a contemporary global creative and media agency built to drive business outcomes for their partners. He is a highly popular public speaker, and a prolific investor with investments in companies such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Venmo, Coinbase, Slack, and Uber. Gary is a board/advisory member of Bojangles’ Restaurants, MikMak, Pencils of Promise, and is a longtime Well Member of Charity:Water. He’s also an avid sports card investor and collector. He lives in New York City.

Yeah i love garage saling so much and like finding a teddy bear for 30 cents. That i know is six bucks on ebay. That high is the same high. I get doing a 50 million dollar ipo on an nft project, they're, not any different, i'm just in the cocoon of my process.

You got your perspective. I just want to be happy. Don't you want to be happy gary? What's up good to see you what's up? It's good, it's good to see you too bro yeah uh, so the podcast um is all about well-being and kind of how successful people take care of themselves their journeys and how they take care of themselves, and i really want to dive that dive into that with You because you're always seemingly running at a thousand miles an hour like how do you look after yourself, your mind, your body when you're doing everything that you're doing? I think this is a great question. I think, first of all, thank you for having me on and second of all, i'm really enjoying watching.

You go through your process here because i think you have a lot to add to a lot of people, and i know a lot of people look up to you and so i'm really enjoying it, and i know i've been pinging. You occasionally telling you that, and so that's why i'm so happy to be on the podcast. I appreciate you doing it. Thank you.

Actually, it's really interesting. Actually, i think i have a little bit of i actually know. This is gon na be a breakthrough for some people. I i think most people are in tactics on this one.

Not not you know religion, so what i mean by that is um the reason i am in such a. I would call it fairly anxious free, especially when you consider what i'm up to very happy state is because i fixed this, the well not the sink, i'm in religion, not tactics, here's what i mean by that. It is more fun to me to run a business and start a business than it is to go golfing or water sports at a lake or tennis or the movies. It's why so many people that work with me are my friends.

My actual happiest place is in business creation and operations, so i really found your joy yeah. This is why i was so unhappy in my youth, at least from my school day to day. I was so quickly called third grade fourth grade latest in this weird kind of like wisdom. You know i spent a lot of time with grandparents and old people, not my grandparents, because unfortunately they died in the old country in russia, but would always be attracted to old.

People would sit with them on the bus and talk to them with at the park. And i don't know if i'm an old soul, where i extracted a lot of wisdom, but by fourth grade i'm like oh, this is not for me. That's okay! That's not like i'm a spoiled brat and i don't want to do school. It's oh! This is really not for me.

I really love this thing. Business selling baseball cards lemonade stands like in the summer. It was more fun to me while my friends were like hey, let's go, do slip and slide or play baseball. I was like yes and i, like those things, but one out of every two days in the summer i was like: let's go wash cars, let's do a lemonade stand, let's start a flea market.

It was just very natural for me to want to do business, and so, when peop. This is why i'm always interested in doing longer form content, because i want people to hear this. I don't burn out because i'm not about the money, i'm not buying homes that i can't afford and i need them. People burn out when they're, anxious or stuck.

I don't need the money to buy something to impress people. I don't need the money to pay my bills. Why? Because i lived far more humbly than my earnings and i did that by the way justin not today when i make a lot more money when i was in my early 20s building, my dad's liquor store for him. I was making 40 50 000 a year, but i lived in a 1400 apartment and then basically did nothing else, like literally have no other expense.

When you don't go out, when you don't buy stuff, when you don't need 800 sneakers, when you don't need to go to coachella so and by the way, there's nothing wrong with all that stuff and i want everybody to enjoy their lives. But i was so self-aware that, and - and so the answer to your question - is i'm doing what i love every day? Truly, not some! You know like love what you do you like. You know that that you know that you know love what you do. Never work.

A day of your life, there is no bigger poster child for that than me. I genuinely like what i do every day more than every alternative, besides the thought of like spending time with my family who's. Not in my business like, like you know, like i love that about that's, why i have a business with my dad and my brother right and like yeah. Why? I why i even have thoughts of like? Can i do something with my sister? It forces me to spend more time with them, because this is my playground that i want to be in.

I love going out to dinner with them after work. I love the weekends we have. I love vacation. I love all that i love family time, but i don't think people burn out because they don't have enough family time.

I think they burn out because they have this very poor relationship with the money they're trying to extract out of their career or business and how they spend their money in their life and what they spend their money on yeah. I totally that really resonates with me, because i think i you know i i was in that place for most of my career, where i was trying to do something. Dude. Do everything, for external reasons, right, extrinsic reasons to make money to be successful, to be somebody, and that was a huge struggle for me, and i was doing things that i think a lot of people on the outside would probably say, like oh he's, probably having a Great time, but i wasn't you know having you know, wasn't intrinsically motivated, and so it was like such a struggle for me what's funny about it is it was a struggle from your like the way you put your head on your pillow at night, but it was A driver to some successes, you've had and i've been fascinated by this uh.

You know something i started saying five or seven years ago, uh, how you make your money is more important than how much you make and what i noticed was. Oh, the people that achieve either look like me or the bizarro reverse version of me, i'm so internal and i'm justin. It is so crazy how out there i am. I i guess.

Actually this will make sense. One of the i think, if you're going to be really out there, like you and i have been in our you've, been in the past and i i think it's one of two extremes: it's you are really out there for external validation and that's that's oxygen, but I don't think that's sustainable because it's an unhealthy relationship with the world because they can tear you down or mine you're in such a cocoon that you fear nothing from the outside. So you can put yourself out there, because when they say you suck or they don't think you're successful, you actually can't hear it, which is cool, because when they tell you when you're on the other side of it, which is i'm starting to swim in that lake You're the best i mean people say crazy things to me like incredibly, i'm incredibly overrated in a small group of people's minds and i'm incredibly underrated. I think in the masses and like and and what's cool about that is when you're in a cocoon and can't hear it and you're just about you and your process.

The booing doesn't hurt and the cheering doesn't feel good either and by that you're. Just in silence of your own, it's like, for example, the way i feel being garyvee or building big businesses or being successful is really no different than the way i feel like when i'm garage sailing on a saturday like i love garage sales so much and like Finding a teddy bear for 30 cents. That i know is six bucks on ebay. That high is the same high.

I get doing a 50 million dollar ipo on an nft project, they're, not any different, i'm just in the cocoon of my process, that's so powerful! How did you so? How did you get in that cocoon or like discover that for yourself, i think, that's probably the biggest driver between peace on the back of garyvee? I think i am driven. The reason i think i became so public in hindsight is two reasons. One i knew that what was gon na happen with social and like the internet, i feel like you did too and like you, can go back to those two thousand six. Seven five days like there was a group of people that inherently understood yeah.

I had this insight that it was like people want to follow people right. That was the kind of impetus between behind justin tv and you really took it and ran with it. Oh i remember thinking. Oh this kid i have goosebumps.

I don't know if you can see him. I remember exactly what i thought the first day i saw it i'm like oh, you know. I was already friends with justine right by justine and all that i was like so the justin thing, god. I just remember exactly how i feel that so i just brought up, i just seen big shout out to her.

I was like oh, this dude is gon na live a very literal version of what i know i'm about to do in a very different version, because you probably know this as well a little bit of the differences. I keep my private life very i kind of, but but it was still the same thing to me and i remember thinking how brilliant it was and and and then like as a platform and obviously you had all the evolutions of it to your success. I the the answer, is, i think i became gary vee in a lot of ways, because i was felt gratitude and guilt both yeah they were, they were almost even. The answer to your question is impeccable parenting, ridiculously fortunate circumstance being born in the soviet union coming to america, having nothing being in the 80s in new jersey, which meant you spent 10 hours a day outside luck of the draw on dna, then i had you know Not only was i given the ingredients with my chemicals, but then my mother was the best chef of all time with emotional intelligence and accountability so like.

How do you build ridiculous self-esteem while not creating entitlement and delusion is hard yeah and my mom and my mom did it for me. She cooked that meal, so i almost feel like, and it took me a while - probably last three four years, even on this one. I was like oh, this is just homage to my mom. I want to do for the world what my mom did for me.

My mom did this. For me. People really gravitate towards my words. I have a communication style.

That really is unique. I can do this for the world, and - and this is awesome like like being admired - is so much more interesting than being uh known like like when i look at somebody looking at an athlete or a social media, influencer or a model or an actor. And i see how they react to them versus how i see how people react to me. I want everybody to live my life for them.

It feels incredible to be to be to be asked for a selfie out of the admiration that you gave them something that really has helped them versus they wish they were like you or think you're hot or, like it's cool, it has been really incredibly rewarding. You know it's nice to be admired. It's an intoxicating feeling and the only way you could be admired is not put on a pedestal, for an accomplishment is you're, impacting them not they like what you've done. It's a different level.

It's a different version of admiration. So anyway, how did i get there by being incredibly fortunate that i had chemicals and parenting and circumstances that put me there and then had the dna to become aware of it very early on and then hone it i i became in high school. I realized. Why is peer pressure not penetrating me? It's very weird, just to tell you the 14 15 16 year old me would have conversations with him of like.

Why is this really not working on me like? Why am i willing not to compromise on things for popularity? Why am i willing not to be mean if i'm willing to be a little bit meaner and pick on kids? I could go to that next level and be at the height of popularity in high school, because i was right there because of my personality wouldn't compromise. It and that's what was needed for high school in the 90s. You need to you need to go that next tier. You had to compromise a little bit on kindness, it wasn't cool like it is now to be sweet and warm to everybody, but i had to be that because that's who i was and that's how i was parented or later, even in like college like why won't I do these drugs because i know that will get me this girl right now, like you would have these conversations with yourself of why you wouldn't compromise to peer pressure or outside validations.

That's a really high level of self-awareness for a young person to be able to have that that internal conversation, where you have that magnetic cognitive, like analysis of why you are a certain way and then yes and it's like cool to figure out that in my 40s, I'm like i have that cool. How do i talk about and then in parallel to that self-awareness, have a level of humility to not think you're special because of it. So the thing i'm fascinated by is: how do you, how powerful to anxiety, starting back to where we are, how much humility and accountability make me happy on a daily basis? How do you communicate that to other people or how do you teach other people, because you, like you, said you had all these ingredients you know like and then your mom was this amazing chef and then a lot of people following you. You know they might have not have started in that place right.

They might not have um but they're. By seeing i see, you know where my confidence came from my father, my dad was on the opposite side and i was his son coming into a business, and i spent a decade plus my dad now what i learned from that is just like. I know that in many areas that don't come natural to me, for example, if you're like, if you ask me right now in the podcast gary, can you become a better singer? I'd be like, of course, i could become a dramatically better, better singer. I can take it seriously mentally.

I can hire a voice coach because i can afford it. I can practice every day and in three years i could become a much better singer. Can i become beyonce no and what happened was justin watching my father and then subsequently, the last 20 years 25 years watching people that are very close to me evolved and then watching my own self evolve in an area where i really struggled, which was believe it Or not, stick with me or candor, i'm incredibly candace as garyvee. In my content, i was incredibly visceral to conflict which made me incredibly not candarous, as gary vaynerchuk, the executive, which created macro entitlement in my organizations and created vulnerabilities with my direct reports that i wanted to be different about in my 40s and have gone through this Incredible journey on standing up what i call kind candor, which has been a missing ingredient in my career and in the last two years.

I think a lot of things have exploded for me in a positive way professionally. On the back of me, starting to evolve on something that doesn't come natural to me, my mom doesn't have it either, so she didn't instill it, and thus it was a vulnerability and i can't believe how much further down the path. I am same with my physical health. You know 38 and a half years of garbage around muscle, gain and but least natural thing.

I have a workout later today, i'm like dreading it. Every day. I've worked out every day for six years and still dread it, but fought through it and what yeah? What that did was give me the confidence that the kid or the grown up on the other side of that tick tock or that facebook post or this podcast, and it said why i think i give a good interview. People are like man, you give a really good interview, i'm like it's, because i'm desperate right now that there's one person listening to this and i know what kind of inspiration you are to so many.

So i'm imagining who's listening and i know my name is this week's guest, so i'm imagining who's listening and what i'm trying to do here in our 45 minutes is. Can i get one person to self-reflect to become a little more self-aware to feel a little less scared to tell themselves the truth and then like move them right and so yeah and to me it actually comes from the following. There's been a thing that i've been saying: that's really resonating, because one of the things that makes me me is i'm an anthropologist. I read comments at scale on culture, like i've.

Read 150 comments this morning on the delta virus, the delta variation of the coronavirus. I didn't read the cdc or bbc or reuters article about it. I read 250 to 250 comments and observations this morning on twitter and instagram and a discord on what they think. What i i care about, what people's interpretations are you got it yeah.

So that's what i do for a living, so i do that with my own feedback, so something i realized that has really hit that i'm gon na land right now - and i hope this helps somebody when you realize that, when you're lying to yourself and you're trying To hide something that you, if you're, really good at it, you're gon na trick 98 of the losing players on earth, the other insecure, and i don't want to call them losers, but like oth people that are not as emotionally intelligent. One thing. I've told a lot of friends when they're faking, the funk, which means when you're faking it you're, anxious, yeah, right, you're, subconsciously, always waiting for the imposter syndrome to get cloaked and what i've been trying to tell people is like look, you're only tricking, the other insecure And unhappy you're, when you're tricking you're actually losing with the two percent that you want to win with yeah yeah people. The result of the truly confident can see through that correct and there's a lot of kids doing damage to their personal brand and, by the way, all the personal brand is, is the slang term for reputation.

You know you know a lot of people hate that term and i always laugh i'm like what about refutation. Sorry, i, like that term, i'm like good, don't call it personal grant anymore. This is just reputation at scale, um and so yeah. So how do i think about it, i think, about speaking to its truth, engaging with people suffocating excuses, uh trying to really really really.

I work on a lot of my people. I most care about of. Please please, please don't point fingers, please point thumbs. If you can get into looking at yourself when you feel somebody else is in control, you're super vulnerable and when you're in the index finger game versus the thumb game, you're extremely vulnerable, because then you don't feel in control.

When you don't feel in control, you feel helpless or manipulated, and it's a really sad state when you give up your agency and you're saying like the world is happening to me. Instead of like i'm control and control of my own experience, because there's there's uh nothing more true to me than believing the world is how you see it, because i have two very distinct sides of my family. One is grounded in cynicism and one is grounded in optimism and that extremity and and by the way extreme on both sides. I wouldn't call my optimism delusional and i wouldn't call the cynicism blind, but my family's family tree is pretty close to blind cynicism and delusional optimism and that's and that's how i think i became me right more than that yeah um it just.

I have an extremely optimistic mother and an extremely cynical father and their sides of the family played out that way too, and it just gave me a huge perspective on life. Like every situation, i could literally see the opposite like i live life just and why? I think i'm balanced by literally seeing the world through both sides of the family's eyes. I could see every situation be like. Ah, my dad thinks that kid's gon na steal, my mom's gon na think that we can reconcile him ah yeah, ah uh, and so like everything i look at there.

The reason i think i've not gotten into trouble from uh over, extend myself and lost is i'm too practical. I see the wrong and everything, but but i choose the right in everything i see the wrong, but i choose the right: was it always that way or like? Do you train yourself to kind of embrace the optimism side? I was always naturally optimistic, but then, when i started spending time with my father in my teenage years at the liquor store when he's like the employees are going to steal the customer's going to steal, it was just that immigrant, you know yeah like, and i used To blame him and then i got older and realized. Oh, no, i'm so wrong. My dad was born in a country where that was true in a communist country.

Everybody stole everything because the black market was the country, and so i had to become more empathetic but nonetheless um. Yes, it was always that way. However, in in where you're going with the series of your questions, i believe in osmosis. How do i teach people by talking about a 24 7.

like what you put what you put in your ears becomes your truth for sure, so so, actually one one thing i wanted to touch on that you talked about just now. Was you know, you're doing a lot of things that you don't like right like that, like working out every day, you worked out every day for six years and you don't even like working out that much right or or embracing that feeling of uh. You know kind of being candid in your personal life or you know, behind the non-social media life right, like you know, uh, when it sounds like, maybe am i one-to-one versus you know, cantor's easy when i'm talking to the world because it's i'm not talking to an Individual human right be accountable, stop taking like my favorite one stop taking money from your parents in your 20s and watch your life get happier very easy for me to put on instagram and tick tock, but i know people who are 27 that are friends of mine, That are doing that and it's hard for me to say that to them right, because there's that conflict avoidance, you know that that's not natural, and so how do you motivate yourself, like you, don't have to do anything! You don't want to anymore right, like you're you're successful. How do you motivate yourself to do those things right like? That was something that you know.

Similarly, i embraced much later in life. In my 30s, like i was like okay, i'm going to do a bunch of stuff that i like hate, doing that doesn't come natural to me. How do you, how do you keep motivated to do those things and make those changes, buy two things by doing them around the things that are important to me, that are logically important. So like there, i always say if i brought a thousand people into the room and asked them the following question about me: hey, do you think it's a good idea that gary ate better and worked out every day versus what he's doing, which is he's not i'm Gon na lose a thousand to zero yeah and the market is always right as much as i want to trick myself.

That's that so like there is no doubt i don't want to live with regret. Justin regret scares me and even though working out doesn't come natural, i know at 68, 72 and 79 that it was two on my mind, and i was too woke to it that if i didn't do anything about it, then i would really sit with regret and I didn't want that. I didn't want the last 20 years of my life having that pit in my stomach that the was the matter with me, of course, that excuse that i didn't have time. I was too, but that's full of you have enough time for everything.

So i just pounded myself with that combo until i finally figured out my unlock and by the way on the record for other people that have been fortunate enough to be able to afford this mine was i'm more accountable to others than i am to myself. So i hired a full-time trainer who's. Just for me, travels with me is my guy. That's his career, and now i don't want to let him down.

I don't want to let mike vicanti down, so it made it easy number. Two just is again my who i am as a man. It was too obvious to me that if i asked a thousand people and said you've watched my whole life was i right in this situation. With these 57 things, i can think of 900 of them would say no and that killed me, because i love my emotional, like structure, and so what that was grounded in justin was.

Is it okay to say to justin? Who is my direct report? Everything's awesome you're gon na. Do it try to build him up and then out of nowhere, say you're fired by, because i wasn't able to give him critical feedback along the way and then blame him for not picking up on the social cues. And the answer is, those thousand people would have said 900 would have said you're wrong 100 would have given me the excuse i had, which is. He was delusional.

He deserved right and once i realized that i said i can't do that. I have to change that. Oh, i have a problem with candor. It's hurting me in all facets of my life except garyvee.

That's why everyone loves him. I need to do this and i started chipping away at it and it's still hard. It still does not come. Naturally, as a matter of fact, i'm writing a new book called 12 and a half it's coming out in november.

It's called 12 and a half, and it's talks about. I use the analogy in this podcast, so i like that you picked up on it. It's basically the 12 and a half ingredients for business success and the reason it's 12 and a half is kind. Candor is one of them, but i speak to that.

I'm only halfway there and i only have 12 and a half of the 13. I need right now yeah and i'm very self-reflective, and i tell everybody else: look you might not have it on ambition or accountability or empathy or patience or kindness. That's okay, we're all in our journeys, but do not dismiss them because they are true. I love that.

I i so so many of the things that you um are doing like the book uh, you know all the garyvee stuff, it's like that's content creation being out there kind of creating this admiration, giving people advice that can change their life. Like do you like that, like how does that sit with between that and your business? You know you like your. It seems like you're, like i like the business more yeah as a matter of fact, v friends, my new nft project in some way subconsciously, is being built for me to be less garyvee. Okay.

So what i mean by that is garyvee is my vehicle to leave these good things into the world that i know i have in my soul, v friends, empathy, elephant, patient, panda perspective pigeon is me now transforming from being hulk hogan to being vince mcmahon. So i believe, i'm actually in the year or within the six months of something that will. I will look back on as a transformative moment in my career, where i went from being hulk, hogan the star of wrestling to being vince mcmahon, the architect of the star of wrestling and still known people know who vince mcmahon is it's not like? I'm going into the cage, but i'm going from becoming from being mickey mouse to becoming walt disney people, know walt disney, but he's not mickey mouse. I have a lot of passion for these beautiful human traits like when.

I tell you my my passion to make a countable ant, which is the character i did for accountability. Yeah, like big like kid robot like smurfs, like scooby doo, like i, want a countable aunt to be like hot, like whether i'd make a streetwear brand and do like vape or whether i do a sunday morning cartoon or whether i do a cereal like a countable Ant and patient panda and empathy elephant i'm gon na take gary vaynerchuk was the architect of garyvee, the delta between garyvee and all the mental strategy stuff versus gary vaynerchuk, the architect of it, and then the day-to-day operator of the 1500 vader x ecosystem. It's actually not even close, don't forget. I was 30 before i made a single piece of content.

It wasn't like i had this. I need to move to la and become famous train. I had this. Oh youtube and twitter are gon na, be the most important it.

I'm gon na, like what do i do like? Oh i'll, just jump in and take this spot for now and now the next chapter of my evolution will be building the most significant intellectual property. I i believe that v friends will have incredible legacy as the first intellectual property, that was a billion dollar intellectual property, built from nfts. The way that star wars was built from film. The way that harry potter was built from books.

The way that angry birds was built from iphone games and what that will allow me to do is have gary vee take a back seat to the way i build up these far more palpable. I mean me me: i'm a high energy east coast, aggressive jersey, white male, like like i'm, not for everyone and right the fact that these characters, the 268 of them, that i stood up. They will be for everyone once i break them down into eight to 12 categories, and - and i still can through them, help people unlock these emotional traits that are absolutely justin back to the beginning of this podcast, the foundations of happiness. This like how do people not like the whole like money, happiness thing, pisses me off, like how many people do we need that are trillionaires that commit suicide or how many people that you meet that are well off.

That are deeply troubled like there is no correlation of wealth and happiness. How the are we still confused this whole i'd rather cry in a ferrari, is only said by people that don't understand nobody. I get that comment a lot. I want to cry yeah.

I hate that comment like that comment. I'd much rather be smiling in my leased honda who the wants to cry, because crying in your ferrari doesn't mean a tear once in a while. It means you are unhappy. You are insecure, you're buying ferraris, to show people that you made it you're, trying to impress you people you don't even like, and so how do? How do people like so much of society like catches, us in that trap, right like it's almost like everything, instagram social media, like what you see on tv orient people around? If i make more, if i become more successful, i'll um finally be happy, and so how? I don't know it's hard for you to break out of that.

I'll, be honest with you. I actually don't think. Well. First of all, you know this.

It starts at home. You know, you know like the household you grew up in and what they valued. You know. I love stereotypes because stereotypes are flawed because making judgment on people like everyone's is ridiculous, but stereotypes are also have nuanced truths.

That's how they became stereotypes when i think about cultures that are more happy like just they're, more free-spirited or happy. You know you see a family environment where what they cared about was like family dinner on sundays, or always dancing and music, and that, like it's just so obvious to me from afar, you know the way you answer it and the way you attack it is in The meta right now we are two gentlemen who, through hard work and serendipity and timing, and a million trillion other variables, have achieved business financial success. Yet we feel compelled like a fly going to the light or those bugs outside in the summer to talk about these things, because we just inherently know that if you think a ferrari and a rolex is going to make you happy, you are delusional and like yeah And we've experienced it from different, you know different angles and different lenses. You know i'm coming from a place of somebody who has never shown that i've.

Never you know i was never attracted to it. None of my friends were that i've never showed that in my content. It's not what i like. I also feel like i over demonized it.

I've had a couple friends who really like a good lambo or a watch, and they get not. They get tiffed or they disagree and i'm, like you, know, you're right. I actually say i'm wrong. I'm like you actually, like i've heard you talk about that watch.

You spent four hours talking about the breakdown of how it works and the craftsmanship. But the reason i say it is because 97 of people do not buy rolex for its craftsmanship, 90. 85. Whatever number you want to use, and - and so i think, it's important to teach the kids that and not even the kids - the 60 year olds, because it's never too late to change, so i just think it's the meta.

I think you just try. It's we choose what we're about. We choose what we talk about. I choose to talk about the fact that i think kindness and empathy is cool.

I also think that accountability is required, because so much of our issues is that we're in a culture now of trying to convince others instead of convincing ourselves. You know, i don't think, shame works, i don't think no, you know, i don't think fear works and i think multiple people do that to each other from different angles and i'm just trying to watch and observe and i'm trying to put out you know. I don't you know, i don't i have a lot going on. Why do i want to do this? 45 minutes a? I want to keep seeing you win, because i see something from afar in the way you're doing it and when you're up to something - and you see somebody else have the potential to like expand on it.

We need, as many allies into mental happiness as possible. You know, and so that but number two it's because it's me living the answer to your question. By allocating time time is my biggest asset and for me to allocate 45 minutes to talk about it is me doing what you asked, which is. I know i have a platform right now.

I especially have a very unique platform. I have incredible right now now that every kid wants to be an investor in a business man, it's crazy. It must be crazy for you too, when we were growing up. How old are you? It was not i'm 38 i'll be turned 38 this year, amazing.

So you know this because you lived it too. It's insane like every 14 year old boy girl, i'm an investor, i'm a entrepreneur, i'm going to be an influencer make my own money like this is like it's like the whole world turned into who i was at 14, and but i was the only one at 14, when i was a kid now, it's the standard so now i know a lot of these kids. You know i lit now that the world's opening up a little bit i'm getting outside, there's been a lot of growth, even in the last 18 months like i walked by a gaggle of 15 year olds that, like they started, losing their mind and i'm like. Oh, my god, this is getting crazy.

So what do i do? I i'm very thoughtful about what i put on tick tock and if i can get those kids, if they think i'm cool, if i can get them addicted to happiness around good things. Kindness like doing it for yourself not for anybody else, all that stuff, then you're, leaving a little bit of a legacy. I love that, which is absolutely, which is an absolutely my selfish place. My selfish place is the curiosity of how big of a legacy can i build, and the only way i know how to build a legacy is not how much money i make.

Nobody gives a a small group may but they're not sustainable. Anybody who cares about my net worth or how much money i made i'm not going to penetrate them anyway, they're looking for short-term proxies of a dorfy and like hits, i got i'm looking for people that looking to run the marathon, i'm not a sprinter, i'm not Usain bolt i'm not a spreadsheet, i'm i'm a marathon runner, i'm in kenya every day, running 400 trillion miles. You know awesome! That's amazing! I love that. I love that mission and i love that you're putting time into that.

Even though yeah your you know, business is your like number one passion. You know it's kind of like the opposite. For me, i realize that, like i love like, i love creating content more than i ever love running a business like this is what i really love. Love to do, and so you know it's funny to see that you know it, it shows you know you know.

I've been like reflect. I've been reflecting too like why your work recently has been so catching my attention. That sentence made a lot of sense to me. Yeah yeah, i always just want i that, and it took me forever to realize that about myself.

You know it took me like 36 years when i was like. Oh, i should be a business person and i love you know my mom was an entrepreneur. Everyone around me all my friends are entrepreneurs, that's what i thought i was supposed to do and then - and i was just you know - the content was kind of incidental or whatever, and now i'm like. Oh actually, i really love creating content like i didn't love, managing people and running a business like i, you know i'd rather just be an investor and content creator.

You know and even say even saying just is that hesitation. But that's you know, that's my true joy and so i'm happy. You know it's funny, as you were talking, i'm like my brain went to this place where i'm like. Oh i'll, definitely prob.

You know. That's i'll. Definitely do that at some point at some point, for i can see myself at 75 to 80 or 63 to 68 during the transition and go back what a lot of people you know it's funny. So many people think i'm a motivational speaker and that's it yeah that um that i'm a content creator like like people like literally i read the comp.

You know i read everything they're like, but what does garyvee do and i laugh because literally every day of my life, that i've been a professional from may 1998 to june 2021, every single day, all 23 years of my entire professional career, i have been the operating Engine of a business as the last line of defense, i have run a business every day for the last 23 years, where i am the singular energy that is required to make payroll and and and i love that that being said, could i really enjoy not operating? Not having that responsibility doing the content thing and investing, i could and i think a lot of people find their way to that place. Youtube watcher. What's up it's garyvee! First of all, thank you so much. I hope, you're doing super well during these times.

I also want to ask you please subscribe, because my commitment and exploration of youtube is about to explode stories, polls, more content, more engagement, more surprise and delight. This is the time to subscribe. I hope you consider it, and i hope i see you soon.

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  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Paul Hathcoat says:

    Gary, has anyone invited you to speak into the church world? I don’t mean what you believe or don’t. I mean, teach us how to take your principles to the church to produce health and growth. I’m asking if no one else has. Come to my church, my staff needs this. Thx bro

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars NoMoreNailBiting says:

    I seriously like the way the think. The level they're at.

    This is something I had to do as well "thinking on the next level" when I was on the journey of stopping nailbiting habit.

    Five months and $10k later I was able to stop for good. Now we're helping people stop nailbiting habit and we're damn good at it. Hundreds of success stories. We simply make people happy 🙂

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    Venturing into the trading world without the help of a professional trader and expecting profit is like turning water into wine,you would need a miracle,that's why I trade with Mrs Veronica Lisa. Her skills are exceptional.

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Robinson says:

    Hello Gary, I have a question… On my 30th birthday I quit my office job in Belgium and started travelling Australia and New Zealand. I travelled full time for 7 years until Covid hit and came back home, during my travels I worked as a fisherman in Australia, as a commercial freediver in New Zealand, became a scuba diving instructor in Thailand and Indonesia and at the moment am working as a life guard in Belgium… I went on some crazy adventures and filmed it all using my GoPro and made thousands of pictures of which I hardly posted anything on social media. Having all this content and living this adventurous life I decided to become a content creator and go all in on this so that I can keep travelling and sustain myself this way and maybe thrive in the future 🙂 I am building my brand which is Robinson, a true adventurer, fisherman, diver and outdoor enthusiast, 6 months ago I started my YouTube channel and my goal is to post 1 good quality video per week, a months ago I started a Instagram account and my goal is to post 1 good picture a day. I am in this for the long run and I know that by building my brand I will start getting results in one or two years from now but I want to do this right from the start, to give it a faire chance of succeeding and to see where life takes me… Now MY QUESTION is, I know that you repeatedly say that LinkedIn and Tiktok are the platforms of the NOW and that I should post at least daily on there. But all my video content is filmed in landscape and it's not fit to post as a vertical video on Tiktok and all my pictures are of fishing, camping and adventuring and I don't know what value this will bring to LinkedIn?!? So for now I am a starting content creator with tons and tons of video footage and pictures and not sure where to post what? I truly believe in YouTube and that if I keep posting and improving, I will be successful there, but Instagram seems to be over and done with and I don't know if I can bring value to LinkedIn as an amateur content creator? I will keep travelling, adventuring and content creating but not sure where to funnel my effort and enthusiasm into right now? If this message reaches you, thank you so much for reading it and your advice is highly, highly appreciated, thanks in advance Robinson!!!

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Steven wead says:

    Venturing into the trading world without the help of a professional trader and expecting profit is like turning water into wine, you would need a miracle, that's why I trade with Mrs Veronica Lisa. Her skills are exceptional.

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Lillian Pierson says:

    I can totally relate when you said that you don't want to have regrets. I didn't want that either. Thanks for sharing your entrepreneurship journey. It's so inspiring!

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Pastor Fury says:

    I saw Gary doing that with Gary Vee and love it. Already been working on building up my own cast of characters to bring my message forth. Developing the story line of this cast now. Can’t wait to bring them to life for the world. Thanks for the inspiration always Gary!

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Max Swanson says:

    IF you have taken the vaxxxine, N Acetyl Cystine + Vitamin D to mitigate effects.

    Delta variant is 500% more prevalent in vaxxxinated as previous sars covid mrna vaxxxines stated participants were Highly Sensitive to THAT Virus strain when presented again!

    The Vaxxxine was a Bioweapon this whole time…. same year America's Wheat Production went from 87% to 20% of the fields in "excellent or Good" condition. China increased purchases of wheat 600%…. Brazil the other largest grower is not growing in a drought, can't even get out of the river through paraguay.

    Luckily North Africa is Coming Online Again after 6500, another "African Humid Period" coming? 100 year record rainfalls in tanzania etc.

    Every 400 years a Grand Solar Minimum Occurs, Last Time – 25% of Europe Died and 18 years in at its peak, the cost of food rose 700%.

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Charky Icenhour says:

    We Need
    Pork Chop Shop!!
    Who loves eating pigs??
    Couple millions in pig farms.
    Some pigs escape by accident.
    Becomes Feral Pigs.
    Grows in the wild.
    Makes more pigs.
    Few million pigs neds a chop shop storage restruants.
    Pig season.
    Let tje cows grow!! Of years

  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Frank Spilotro says:

    Why I invented ballnets

    July 2, 2021

      Hoo, boy, here we go.  You all want to know why I invented ballnets?  Y'all wanna know what happened with my balls that made me go, "Dang, son, sure wish I had some extra support while I'm sittin' there on the porcelain takin' a dumper"?  Is that even a question any more? I don't know!  All I know is there's a reason I thought of it and you didnt–'cause I'M FUCKING SMART AND YOU AREN'T.

    Sorry to put it so bluntly but there it is.  It's not hard work or elbow grease that gets you to the top of this steaming shit-heap of a society, it's having the best brain (and baby, I got it!).

    By now you're probably asking yourself what ballnets even do.  You have to be fucking with me.  They're nets for your fucking balls, numbers!!!!!

    If you're a man of a certain age, you already know that your balls will start to sag.  Sometimes they sag so low they hit the water.  


    That's what I say, anyway.  And that's why I came up with this net you put under your nuts so they don't hangle in the water with your piss and shit (or other guys' piss and shit, OR ladies piss and shit in case you had to use the women's room on account of the men's being busy like it always is at Red Lobster).  

    That's all for today.

    Thank you.


  11. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Kania Maharani says:

    That's right. Focus on the process. I've been make a IG content and i will make another contents in another socmed. You're a inspiring me Gary Vee to start anything don't care a result. Thank you GV!!🔥🙌

  12. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars royal marshall says:

    Venturing into the trading world without the help of a professional trader and expecting profit is like turning water into wine,you would need a miracle,that's why I trade with Mrs Veronica Lisa. Her skills are exceptional.

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    Venturing into the trading world without the help of a professional trader and expecting profit is like turning water into wine,you would need a miracle,that's why I trade with Mrs Jazmin Connor. Her skills are exceptional.

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