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Today's episode is a podcast I did called "Trading Secrets" with host Jason Tartick. This one is all about tactics I think help you get ahead in life, how to spend a lot of time listening to feedback, why reading DMs is the most one of the most beneficial things you can do as an influencer, and much more.
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Gary Vaynerchuk is one of the world’s leading marketing experts, a New York Times bestselling author, and the chairman of VaynerX, a modern-day communications company and the active CEO of VaynerMedia, a contemporary global creative and media agency built to drive business outcomes for their partners. He is a highly popular public speaker, and a prolific investor with investments in companies such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Venmo, Coinbase, Slack, and Uber. Gary is a board/advisory member of Bojangles’ Restaurants, MikMak, Pencils of Promise, and is a longtime Well Member of Charity: Water. He’s also an avid sports card investor and collector. He lives in New York City.

I'm a 45 year old dude with plenty of gray hairs crushing on tick tock, because you know because i'm reading what 15 year olds like from what i'm saying and i'm also reading when they say i'm old and finished, and i suck and i'm adjusting you've got Your perspective, i just want to be happy, don't you want to be happy welcome back to another episode of trading secrets. Today we are talking with the serial entrepreneur angel investor chairman of vaynerx, ceo of vaynermedia, multiple new york times bestseller fortune 40 under 40 list. Digital media mogul i'll tell you what, if that's not enough gary serves on the board of mcmake, bojangles, restaurants and pencils of promise. Honestly, i could have done that for about 15 more pages, but i had to pick some of my favorites.

So that being said, we have what i'm gon na refer to him as just the electric factory garyvee here garyvee. Thank you so much for being on an episode of trading secrets with us today. I appreciate it. Thank you so much for having me on good stuff.

Well, we got you for a little bit of time here, so i want to dig right into it. Usually, i might rewire my guests start from the beginning to see where they are today, but i'm gon na i'm gon na get right into it and when i read everything you've done gary and of course you know we follow you on instagram and your youtube. Your podcast everything, the one thing that just blows me away is that you're always like eight steps ahead. You're like a magician, i don't know how you do it and for anyone that doesn't know in the intro i'll i'll give some more information we will.

In the recap, but you're an early adopter, an angel investor at a company, huge company, facebook, twitter, tumblr, venmo, snapchat, coinbase and uber, we'll get into your nft stuff here soon, you're also one of the first guys at an e-commerce business with your wine youtube right after Youtube launches: how is it from the 90s to 2021 and even before that you're? So many steps ahead like what are these tactics that you do that, maybe we could implement into our lives? I think one is extremely tangible and one is like something that i continue to try to spend a lot of time figuring out, because you know one day i'm going to go into the ground and i'm not. I think the world is abundant and i love it's. You know actually one of the things that i think is real. Is that my framework around abundance and how i think everyone can win and like i, i try to share all this stuff right, like the second i decided.

Nfts was the next thing since social. I got loud, it's not like. I went and picked up everything you know like yeah, maybe once in a moment i'll pick up a little something before i tell everybody everything but um. So i think the biggest thing that i do that everybody here can do is spend a lot of time listening, which always makes all my friends and like even like people that are this is a great crossover show.

I think you know there's definitely some people that hear this for the first time that hear about me for the first time in this, and you know my intensity, my jersey, my you know, east coast, my alpha, my competitive, it's so abundant in the way that i Communicate but all my soft skills and all my other attributes are kind of a little like less obvious right, and so i think the thing that everybody can do is spend a lot more time. Listening i'll give you an example sure i read the far majority of my comments and dms to this day seriously seriously. Now here's why i've had this career of being ahead. I know that what i'm really doing is research, okay right, so when you think of it as like harding somebody back or saying, what's up, first of all that matters, my second book i ever wrote was called the thank you economy and like if you want to Build something connections matter and the internet allows you to build a bigger connection right.

You can, you can scale connections. I think everyone is so i think everyone isn't humble enough of humility. Let me give you an example. I am at a very big place in my professional career at this point.

I'm like man, i'm 45 and i'm like the momentum, is really building right, like the last three four years was like really on fire with a big base right, and so i'm like man, i'm really like you know. Sometimes i'm like man, these next 10 to 20 years, are gon na, be weird like i'm gon na be way the up there, you know - and so i uh, but yet i still for like two hours last night read two hours worth of discord. Conversations on seven brand new nft projects that have a .001 percent chance of being the next board api club of b, friends or something quote unquote worth the time i put in it comes from humility even where i'm at - and this is me saying, i'm at a High place isn't for me to stroke my own ego, it's for everybody, who's, listening who isn't more professionally successful than me to say, if i'm willing to reply to people and read their comments and do it like? Why are you fancy after you've, gotten 10 000 followers and now you're, not replying to the comments or thanking people to who, with you or reading the comments to get a sense of where, should you take your content or where's the temperature of the world right? I'm a 45 year old dude with plenty of gray hairs crushing on tick tock, because you know because i'm reading what 15 year olds like from what i'm saying and i'm also reading when they say i'm old and finished and i suck and i'm adjusting got it All right, so the reason i'm blown away by that, though, is because like so this morning and i'm like kind of punching myself, we have one account: that's about 110 000 followers all in career management and we're literally strategizing who can respond to the dms because they Blow they're going crazy and it's like it's like a negative right. It's like who's, the lowest man or woman like right.

It's like seriously yeah, where meanwhile, i flipped it. I'm like this is the magic it's brilliant. It's brilliant! I've got a good one if you're listening to the podcast uh google, gary vee space, uh pete, uh, psp, right, uh, uh, i'm i'm sorry, i'm sorry it was creative, strap. Pcs.

I've got so many acronyms in my company pc gary v-e-e david. I think i see you doing it, so let me know if this pops up garyvee space, pcs, i wrote a blog post about this new position. I created at vayner vaynermedia by the way, with all the stuff that i'm doing jason people don't realize. I'm the active ceo of a 1400 person global marketing company and that's what i actually do sure sure, yeah and in that company, because of me, gary vee yeah doing this work that we've been starting this podcast with him jason.

This is a real like coup for you a little bit. I don't really talk about this. That often so you put me in a good spot, so i have a funny feeling i'm going to send a ton of people to this podcast. To hear this, i created a position in strategy called a pcs which is the post-creative strategist.

Her and his job is when we post for a brand like pepsi or budweiser, all the all the companies we work with, to read all the comments to then form an opinion or an observation to then help make the creative on the next post better. It is actually the answer to your question. I've been reading the room, the culture, the society, the humans, i'm very good at understanding history. I was a terrible student except for history, so i understand that what people said about the television and what people said about i'll.

Give you a good one. Do you know why i know nfts are going to work? Why is that? That people told me about twitter and it's the same that people said about credit cards. This is stupid, i'm not going to do it so you're, seeing the kind of the same behaviors whether it was youtube three months, four months after when you started your show or the early investment in facebook or twitter or now crypto and nfts you're. Seeing those same patterns circulate and you're identifying the same thing that was 20 years ago is today and that's what's driving a lot of your behaviors to be three steps ahead? Is that fair? I watched exactly.

I watched the same movie play out over and over. I know what it tastes like now in the beginning, with the internet in 95. I was like man. This feels like it's going to change the world.

I was going on spidey. This is the part. That's not scalable right. I've had, i was at a baseball card.

Show in 1993, when i was 17 years old selling cards and just decided that i didn't like the way that the show was flowing. I didn't feel what i felt at shows before and decided. The card market was about to collapse and literally sold the majority of my collection and, literally six months later, the entire market collapsed. It's brilliant because it's not only the reading, but it's also the executing and that that brings me to another question, because i watch your larry king interview, where you said this was 2016 for anyone that hasn't seen it yet, and so what you say is that you Believe that our tv was becoming is becoming the radio and that our phones are actually becoming the tv so again back to kind of our theme here of looking at history and bringing it to today, five years later, that statement right tv is becoming the radio phones Are becoming our tv? Would you modify that statement at all uh? No, because um, you know.

Obviously streaming is a monster right, and so the way tv is being consumed is different. The context of that larry king thing had a lot to do with marketing. So right, so, i would actually say that point is even more valid, because what i didn't see at that point, though i was very bullish on netflix and an investor even back then was how fast ot i mean. You know how beside the show that you were on yeah, like like literally besides sports and like three years and the bachelor honestly like what else is programmed.

What else do people actually watch on? Let's say network tv and then cable has been annihilated. You know youtube, netflix and social have completely absorbed the human. You know attention span and so yeah i mean, i think you know the context of that was around commercials and why market you know i was explaining to larry my company, which is the mat. What i was saying was like in his work you know trying to land for him.

I was like look we're a modern madman right, we're the best agency in the world once starbucks and ford, and toyota and nike understand that making 30 second commercials with the majority of your money that you spend on marketing is asinine in 2022.. Absolutely and so then i i think you would assume that, like network tv, cable, tv and maybe five ten years ago, it will just be non-existent yeah i mean i think those companies kudos to them, whether it's peacock or other things like they're they're gon na just Like they went into cable after they realized that was a problem and brought up networks. They're gon na go into streaming. The problem is netflix doesn't seem like they're fooling around yeah.

They got, they got some moves, they're making moves, they're doing the right thing. One thing you talked about garyvee and you already brought it up was nfts, so i want to quickly talk about it from radio to nfts in two minutes. We're trying to cover it all here. So for anybody that doesn't know, there's 2 billion spent on nfts in the first quarter.

If you look at nba top shop, they are just blowing it 600 million plus, and then you come in and you launch uh my understanding, it's v friends and that from your launch, like almost instantaneously after your launch, you guys are making 50 million plus. So i need i need this a two-part question. The first one is a 101. someone that hears you say: nftv friends, let us know the one-on-one and then we'll go from there.

There's a lot to break down here, so i'll go fast uh. I just pushed my my 5 30 by five to seven minutes, so it'll flow a little over here we go 101 nfts. First, you have to understand that web 1.0 came and organized information. Literally, i'm old, you know you i used to not be have google and yahoo, and i had to go to encyclopedia, which is why i got f's, because i wasn't willing to do that.

Um. That was information. Web 2.0 2567, which i really crushed with my you, know my investments and i didn't have a lot of money. If i had the kind of money i had today, then i would already have the new york jets and i'd still be reading comments.

By the way, i love the game, the money, the accolades, i love the game, but um that was documenting communication. What i understood then was: oh, my god. The way we interact is not gon na be as much on a telephone calling writing letters and meeting in person we're gon na use this it's gon na. I used to call it aol, instant, messenger.

6.0. That's what i used to call it in my head. This myspace friendster thing and then facebook came and twitter came, and i was like okay, it's over so information, 1.0 communication, 2.0 consumerization 3.0. We buy humans buy and a lot of times.

The reason we buy it is to communicate to the world. Look what outfit i'm wearing look how expensive my watch is. It is not acceptable to roll up on somebody and tell them how much money is in your bank account, but it is actually overly accepted by our culture to wear a seven. The eight thousand dollar watch or 250 and people know so we're peacocking.

The same reason: we, the car, we drive our facial hair. Everything we do is communicating. We do that through words, that was 2.0, that was social media, but we do it through stuff. Now, when you take that macro cuban historical thesis that i think i understand well yeah and you layer what's been going on for the last decade, which is digitalization for communication, do people value a blue check on instagram they do.

Do you believe that you have friends who, if somebody was like, if you give me 20 grand, i can get you a blue check on instagram. Do you believe they would pay for it? A hundred percent? Yes, okay, so that is a digital. That's right! That's a digital asset. That means you don't own it.

You can't touch it, but for some reason both of you know and everybody listening was nodding their head that there's a ton of human beings that would buy it. Why? Because our life has become equally digital, as it has become non-digital and status, follow count blue checks, digital things. You can't touch matter a whole lot, your wikipedia page, your google results. I don't touch.

That sounds like it's really valuable. You layer that with watching the kids and how much they're willing to pay for a fortnight skin, my nephew, this is real. I'm gon na read it live live. This is live.

My sister texting my brother, and i because she knows this is my thesis. Okay. She texts this kid. This is her son who's.

11.. This kid better learn nfts soon, because he's negotiating money for more skins right and then she wrote. Then she wrote what did she write? Oh, my lord. He went from asking for 11 to 25..

My nephew max wants 25 right now to buy a fortnight skin because he wants to communicate or power up in fortnite sure that's happening in video games in madden in 2k in fortnite, it's happening in candy crush. I knew this would the reason there's videos of me talking about virtual goods in 2010, and everybody thinks i'm a prophet. Yes, i got it, but i didn't get it this way. What it was was farmville people were already buying sheep on facebook with real us dollars, and i'm like right.

So basically, nfts are no different than a rolex or a pair of off-whites, because you want people to see what you have so i think now i got a real deep one coming. Let me drop you, my third one, so i believe nfps are gon na. Do that for everything? Okay, the reason fashion works. The reason fortnite works is the reason.

Nfts are gon na work, people will have public wallets and people will be able to see. What's in them got it got it. This will become the new social network. I'm gon na look you up on wikipedia or or google i'm gon na.

Look your right! Jason david! You guys meet somebody brand new. They walk away female male, whatever it is, and there's always different things. Business hook up whatever everybody's living you're gon na look at their gram right, you're gon na look, you're gon na look, i believe in ten years everyone's gon na look at everybody's public wallet, because they'll see what concerts you went to because your ticket's gon na be An nft, they're gon na see how you flex with your kid hey. Do you have money like listen? That's a real talk! People think about that they're gon na say: oh, he has a expensive, crypto punk, that's flex cause that's like having a banksy painting in your wall when they come to the apartment.

This is all human. It's just going digital right, yep and the big one is on social. We control our pictures right on social what's happening now is we're pr agents of ourselves sure when you buy something you can't alter it. I actually believe i will have a better read on people by looking at their nft wallet in 10 years than looking at their social media.

So i was going to ask you: how do you keep momentum in this space? Because, if you analyze how many nfts are being bought on a month-to-month basis, it's this crazy, high low volatile dip in and that's because it's all over, because it's internet 95, you can't this whole thing - is a lot of the projects that are out right now are Going to crash to zero we're in the we're in the gold rush part of it right now. This is internet stock 95 is in the mix right now, there's there's been something that has been spent 100 million dollars on. That is definitely going to zero because the supply is going to outpace the demand. The problem is what i want v friends to be.

What i think crypto punks is is the amazon and aol stock when everything went to xero fascinating. So, in april of 2000 jason history lesson time: the stock market collapsed of all the internet stocks because it wasn't sustainable. Just like these individual nft projects right now are not sustainable got it. The problem was, amazon was a five who, though i got ta go.

Do my homework probably 5 10 15 bucks - a share that would have been a really good idea. That would have been a brilliant one so whatever, but now i got to tell you what everybody wrote was the internet's a fad. That was the article see the internet's a fad. It's not a sustainable business, it's not real sure.

What was really happening was they were judging individual executions, not the overall thing. There will be nft projects that go to zero and there might even be an nft winter. Tomorrow, six months from now, two years from now, but the macro of the nft movement is beyond real, and this goes back to your exact point. We started this conversation.

The whole macro ideology that you hit play the whole movie press plays and the whole movie restarts, and now this movie is the nft movie and it sounds exactly similar to, like you said: amazon, 15 20 bucks. A share people were saying it's a fad, we're hearing the same things with nft's question for you. You want a good one. Real, quick before you, segway go, go, go.

Google social media is a fad right. Okay, i mean the amount of people that wrote. That was astonishing yeah. You know i got a quick question too.

What do you think is a better long-term investment place since v, friends and nft spaces usually ran off the ethereum platform? Do you think ethereum or bitcoin is a better long-term investment play um? I believe that i'm more bullish on ethereum, but i'm incredibly bullish on the bitcoin community as well, but i've been pretty consistently more bullish on ethereum. I think bitcoin in a lot of ways is more stable because it is the gold, whereas ethereum could get out innovated by another chain, but i'm incredibly at this point, still more ethereum. But the fact of the matter is: i'm also not educated enough. To give you a tremendous answer on that, i'm more bullish nfts, because those can sit on ethereum or they can sit on polka dot or they could sit on so they could sit on something else in the future.

I don't care what it sits on. It's kind of like saying gary: are you more bullish, yahoo or amazon, and i would have said you know, i love amazon, but i bore bullish on search engine and what ended up happening. Was it wasn't yahoo? It was google right, i'm i'm not sure. If it's a theory i'm feeling like it might be, but i'm more bullish on the human behavior, i don't have the technical know-how or the understanding of central financing and banking.

Nor do i understand what sovereign nations are going to do with legalities to impact all this, but what i can definitely tell you that i can't wait to clip in 12 years when i'm bald and not as good looking and i'm gon na have the side-by-side video. Like i always do with my other content and - and i say see, this is gon na be a c moment. What i know is what i know is that a stunning amount of people are gon na buy digital assets. The way they buy handbags sneakers chachkas on their desk hats, toys, uh, sweaters, it's gon na - be way more digital than people.

Think i love that. I never in my thought and never in my mind ever thought. I would think of the following: comparing different cryptocurrencies right now, to search engines and being like okay, which ones ask jeeves, which one's google it's kind of a wild thought jason, because at the end of the day, what this is all about is who wins the game Of brand right right because there's the technology part and listen when you outpace everybody on your tech, you win. Google search engine was so wicked crazy.

They changed the way search was done, so the results were so good that then it was over right. The iphone this thing came out and everything else was like a piece of dog. You know like yeah unreal, all right, so it's like a full sprint trying to touch a little piece of gary's life all within this, but we're gon na try and do it for those that don't know the cool thing about garyvee also has this fascinating youtube series Called trash talk, and so this was kind of like the blood and spirit of the the animal at seven when he had a lemonade stand, making thousands of dollars he'll go to garage sales, find goods, find pokemon cards, trading cards, etc, he'll buy them and flip them. So if you have any uh comments on trash, talk, i'd like to hear them, but i really are curious.

The best return you've had from doing something as simple as going to a garage sale and then my brother and i went to a garage sale, probably in 2005 6-7. It was like 1 30 p.m. When, if you're an og garage seller, you know that's it's finished. That's the end of the night, you know like 1.

30 p.m is like midnight it's over and we were just like kind of beaten and battered. It wasn't a great great day and we just pulled up and it was like you. We judge garage sales like immediately like oh, it's a 60 year old guy. We like pop culture.

You know youth toys, video games, that's what we knew best. This was before iphone is on you, where you can look up so you're going on memory and your skills of the night me and aj used to spend hours on ebay, completed, auctions, doing research just so when we go to garage sales, be like oh forks, like I'm like, like staplers, are worth money. They are like you know like that kind of stuff right and he finds this box and he i see him negotiating, and it was one of my proudest moments because he's only like 14.. I was a young kid at that point, he's 11 years younger than me, and he gets the box for like 10 bucks.

It started at 20. and he started a 5, which was a tactic. I taught him because when he was really like 11 and 12, if it was 20 you'd be like well, you take 18 and it was over. I was like no, they asked 20.

You asked five, so you can settle at 10., like you need room right. So i was really proud already of how he negotiated and then he looks at me and his face like bro and i'm like what and he opens the box and it is loaded with super nintendo rpg rare games like you would not believe he paid 10 bucks For what was flipped on ebay for like 7 800 - that's brilliant, that is brilliant 780 times at a garage sale. I mean we found a gunned sailor bear for 10 cents that sold for 390.. There's some good, but it's crazy to me.

So i got it. This wasn't it but i'll tell you jason ready. Let's go full circle started getting comments, because i would talk about like what you can do for 25 000. Investing what you can do started getting a ton of comments.

Yo you rich dude. I got 80 bucks. You gary you lost touch with the people. I got 100 bucks.

I was like fine. I was like. Let me show you what i did from 17 to 25, when the i had dick. I was like this is what i did i was hungry.

I wanted to save more money, i had time and instead of golfing or watching college football. My saturdays were garage sailing because i had knowledge and i had hustle and humility. I didn't give a my cool friends would make fun of me could give two. I was going to the garage sales and buying you know: spending 89 and coming back with a thousand a month later buying all sorts of pop culture.

Happy days, this wizard of oz that the you know the alf doll this you know, like you, know backstreet boys, board game that, like super pop culture, super pop culture and so, which is why i'm so prepared 35 years into my business career, to build v friends. I'm gon na build pokemon, i'm gon na build power rangers, i'm gon na build care bears, and i know how to do it. I'm going to use nfts to do it, which i never thought possible, but it was all this training of pop culture, and so it was me reading comments that led to me doing trash talk. The show i'm like i'm going to show people how to go from 80 bucks to 80 000.

If you go to trash talk, six, which is the current one, a guy rolls up on me super emotional and goes me and my wife do this because of you, and i could see he's emotional. So i like kind of give him a hug, and it shows me he shows me his phone he's like this is because of you and i'm like. No, it's because of you, you put in the work. I talk.

I give away free game all the time you did it and i see his ebay paypal. It's got 34 000 in it and i go. How much do you start with, and he said a hundred dollars, unbelievable and literally, what's wild about the question that you just answered? It goes back to my original question like reading what the future is, i didn't even get to get the question out of my mouth. You knew what i was gon na say before i was gon na say it, because this is a guy who blinks in a million dollars, falls in his lap.

I'm like what the are you doing at a garage sale for a ten dollar uh card. It goes back to the comments, the research, it's why i understand like it was funny like towards the end of his life, which is so tragic. I you know i started really being like. Oh, i understand kobe bryant, i'm like he just liked the game yeah and like to me like, even when you said, a million dollars opens mouth whatever.

I'm like, like you know, i'm like i don't like when i tell you it would break your face. If you cut me open and read the data you'd be like wow, this guy really wasn't full of he just doesn't really give a about the money, of course i'll take it. Of course it makes your life better, like let's not be delusional, i'm not out of my mind. I understand the value of money in society, but when i tell you i go find a video game.

I found a thunder cat, that's worth 34 bucks on ebay and i bought it for a quarter. This was like episode two. I can tell you, because i'm telling you the truth. The chemicals that went through my body was more exciting to me.

We just landed a six million dollar client for vaynermedia the other day. I was happy, but it was you know, and so like that's like public speaking like it's, not really a great use of my time anymore. This podcast, not a great use of my time, sure you know it's a great use of my time. I know that this me, being on your show, will help you get bigger guests, because i know what i what i mean right now to a lot of other bigger guests.

I know that i'm gon na link this at some point and a lot of new people are gon na discover you that's karma, that's doing right by somebody. I also know that you may ask a question in a way differently. That makes me say something that i want to clip and put on my thing: that's going to help me put out good content. I also know that there's 39 people here who never heard of me who right now are like looking into me and 16 of them, are going to stick with me on my journey.

I also know that there's nine people here who have seen me in their feed they're like that guy he's too much whatever and they're like wait a minute. There might be something a little bit deeper. There he's not a full of just all sizzle guy, so you know it's just you know what do you play for and i play for different things and that's why i think i get different results. I absolutely love it.

It's fascinating and there will be plenty of people that hear this and see this podcast when we put it out that are gon na have a lot to say and i'll share the feedback with you. I can't wait. I got ta challenge you, though so you're motivated by the game, which i love. I love the six million dollar example that is so beautiful, but i also know one of your biggest things in life that you say all the time is.

I want to buy the new york jets, so i did a little work. I saw that the jets about two weeks ago were valued at about four billion bucks. My past life - i was a corporate banker, i know. Let's say you got to put at least a billion dollars down to get that finance.

The nfl is even worse because it works worse. Let's say it's 50 right, so 2 billion at some point you got to be like how do i get there and my question is to you: how is it that garyvee, when you look back and you do get there because every place you want to travel, you Get do you think you'll look back and say this was the investment. This was the company or this is to come. That'll put you in that spot.

What will it be? It will be the fact that, 13 years ago, at the height of my hype in silicon valley, i could have raised 200 million dollars for a fund, a vc, firm and deployed it and would have made, as you know, back with your your background, two percent management Fees on that number, i would have hired some young kids that knew the game, which means i could have taken a nice little salary of a million bucks a year or so just to take meetings and get 20 of the action. I was hot facebook, twitter tumblr. I was hot, i was three for three on the three biggest things going right and i could have done that. Instead, i chose to be incredibly patient and self-aware and say i'm the best marketer in the world.

I think so. Okay, but i'm a human. But what? If i built the best marketing company in the world, wouldn't that scale all my activities, wouldn't that mean something, and if i owned this asset, i could deploy it against all my things. That's what i've been doing, rezzy the restaurant, app that you might be familiar with a lot of people, don't realize i'm the co-founder of that and that was breeded in vayner empathy, wines and we sold that to amex.

In a nine figure deal empathy wines we sold to consolation last year in an eight potentially nine figure deal, depending on the earn out that was incubated by two interns. That worked for me, john troutman and nate schroeder started as interns for me became my minority partners and we sold that incubate. It right garyvee, the brand literally me incubated by the machine inside of it, my company vaynerx now in itself. If i liquidate here in the next year or two puts me in striking distance to buy a minority piece of the jets, if the johnsons would ever want that and give me the first right to buy on the way up already just that.

Yet i view that, as secondary v, friends has generated me, 51 million in upfront sales and in 60 days i think, somewhere in the ballpark of three or four million in residual royalty sales, because when you sell an nft in the secondary market from peer-to-peer the original Ip owner takes a rake and i have a 10 royalty on every transaction of a v friend in the last 24 hours. I'm gon na give you the exact data, because i'm on crypto slam right now i'll give it to you hardcore right now: um crypto slam, dot, io v friends has done four hundred and two thousand dollars in secondary transactions. I mean forty thousand in. I don't think it's passive income, because people like the amount.

This was my life's work to get to this moment sure, but the reality is it between v friends and vayner x. I think i'm in dangerously interesting striking distance as we speak, not to mention i bought a crypto punks ape that is extremely rare for 3.6 million dollars the other day, and i think it's already worth 15 million and in 20 years i think it's going to be Worth 100 million because i think it's an andy warhol and a jackson pollock - and i promise you when some crazy character, like me on the upper east side or upper west side of manhattan or greenwich connecticut in 1957 or 67 or 71 said i just bought this Warhol for 200 000 and it's gon na be or this pollock, for you know, 800 000, which is a lot of money back then, but it's gon na be worth 100 million everybody listening to that person, laughed them out of the room, just like everybody who just Heard me say: i bought a jpeg for 3.7 million that i think i'll sell for 100 million, but i know i'm right. It's insane all right, two very basic questions, i'm gon na. Let you go because they're simple answers, but someone hears what you're saying and now you have them intrigued and they want to start just like someone wants to start at a garage sale.

I want to do something with an nft gary. How could someone like that go by an nft or what would you suggest 30 hours of homework? Okay before you do a single thing, you, google, what is an nft, you go to youtube. What is an nft and you literally watch or listen or read for 30 hours and oh by the way? There's not a single person who's listening to this that shouldn't do it, because nfts are going to eat up life, the way social media did and whether, as an investor as a career change as something that's going to help your family business as a little side, hustle Or just happiness, little day trading of nfts to make an extra 1800 bucks, so your family can go to a disney trip, is fun, but you will lose your ass if you don't do 30 hours of homework 30 hours of homework. That's the answer.

Second basic question: i need an answer to this okay, so my fiance was the bachelorette six years ago, being in the social media scene, she's now the co-host of the bachelorette. Yes, she gets. We all do. We all get a lot of these comments in these dms and you're.

Saying read them. My question to you is a lot of stuff with the good comes the bad. There comes a lot of hate, a lot of chirping, a lot of things that you can't even control like you're. Looking you're aging.

All this, how do you differentiate? What is a constructive piece of feedback versus what is a negative piece of feedback and then also? How do you ignore it because sometimes it hits in places that hurts great question and we're wrapping up with this? That's what i would love to see if somebody took the time to dm you or your partner in crime to say you don't look as good as you used to. You were always full of whatever this thing that they're trying to tear you down. I genuinely deploy empathy when people say i get lucky you're full of. I know that you're a con artist, it's got the other shoe's going to drip.

You've been lucky you're, not as good as you think you are. I genuinely deploy empathy for somebody. The thought of spending my time to try to hurt somebody else's feelings only goes to one place. I have so much compassion and sympathy to the hurt like that is your life.

Your life is that you want to spend time making. Somebody else feel bad is a 100 proxy to you're, not in a good place, and that and i deployed uh gratitude. I was lucky enough that i was an immigrant that so i'm not entitled. I didn't have anything.

I had the greatest bomb in the world that instilled so much self-esteem in me that i never valued other people's opinions, which you can imagine. Even i mean as early as high school. No peer pressure didn't do dumb, didn't hurt. People like gave up popularity upside to like be nice to people.

People were picking on because you have to be mean in high school to win in the 80s and 90s. Like you know, like did all these things and like so i i would tell everybody who's. Lucky enough that they have a volume of hate coming at them. You know it's not as much as like the haters or if they hate you, they love like it's.

Like i hate when people put down the person, that's deploying the hate, yeah haters are going to hate or trolls. I don't feel that way about them. I feel like they are people that are hurting and i want to like. I like actually reply a lot of times be like yo.

I'm sorry, you think that about me, comma. I really wish you like happiness and health comma. Can i do anything for you yeah, so much love, compassion, compassion and energy all right when it's hurting you. It means you're insecure.

It means you were playing for validation on the outside. To begin with, if you're hurt by somebody saying you're, not good looking anymore well, then your validation was coming from being good looking. This is why it's so important as a parent to be balanced of what you're saying to your kids. You know if you're telling your kid you're beautiful, you're, beautiful, you're, beautiful she or he and the world's gon na tell you it.

Even if your parents, don't so parents, have to really guide that balance like if you have a very attractive child, you can't triple reinforce what they're feeling on the outside. You got to find the other. My mom made me feel great about how nice i was that's. Why i think, like my content's, crazy, i'm an alpha out here, aggressive dude, right and i'm out here like empathy, kindness compact, like some of my cool friends, are like.

Oh, this is some dork like in the beginning, you're like you're dork, i'm like you i'm like. I believe that kindness is good, like i believe that, like being patient is fresh like like, i believe that unbelievable so many garyvee, so many uh, unbelievable financial and professional tips, but i got ta say i think, probably the most powerful tip of them all was the Last one you ended with, i can't put into words how much we appreciate your time. Thank you so much. Thank you.

So much cheers all right. Gary take care thanks gary youtube watcher. What's up it's garyvee! First of all, thank you so much. I hope.

You're doing super well during these times. I also want to ask you please subscribe, because my commitment and exploration of youtube is about to explode stories, polls, more content, more engagement, more surprise and delight. This is the time to subscribe. I hope you consider it and i hope i see you soon.


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