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Today’s episode is an impromptu Q&A I did for the #Veefriends community. We discuss why it’s important to do 50 hours of research before investing in NFTs, the top three 3 #NFT projects I’m interested in, and why I think it’ll take more time than people think for NFT’s to go mainstream.
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Gary Vaynerchuk is one of the world’s leading marketing experts, a New York Times bestselling author, and the chairman of VaynerX, a modern-day communications company and the active CEO of VaynerMedia, a contemporary global creative and media agency built to drive business outcomes for their partners. He is a highly popular public speaker, and a prolific investor with investments in companies such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Venmo, Coinbase, Slack, and Uber. Gary is a board/advisory member of Bojangles’ Restaurants, MikMak, Pencils of Promise, and is a longtime Well Member of Charity: Water. He’s also an avid sports card investor and collector. He lives in New York City.

Play with a bag that you can afford to go to zero, because when you can afford to go to zero you're in it, for the education, not stressing that you have to make a flip, because that everyone up you've got your perspective. I just want to be happy, don't you want to be happy? Hey? What's up gary, i'm well brother good to see you you too man, you too thanks a lot yeah. I know uh you mentioned in the crypto striker's discord. Maybe you wanted to talk a little bit about strikers, so i'm sure there's a lot of people from the community here, but uh i'm super down to just chat about it: real, quick and yeah.

I love soccer. So you know me it's like the perfect project when i found it. I was like so psyched. I love that yeah, i'm i'm just doing q and a brother.

I don't necessarily have any questions. I've spent 150 hours studying so no no and then in that case i got a question for you, so um, like with crypto strikers, like obviously there's not that much supply of it right now. People are still, you know, rapping and having more supply like do. You think that like for you, it's obviously a long term play and everything um, but is there any type of crypto strikers? How do you decide what you're buying over there because, like i know that you know a lot about sports, but are you do you have any little thesis that may be up your sleeve that you think people are overlooking on crypto strikers or in general, when you Look at a project in general, i always look at math and i always make subjective calls on art right or culture, and so it's always a mix.

I think some people go too far in one direction or the other right like. Oh, this says: bubble gum but 80 have bubble gum and then that's, maybe not as good in this situation. So i do a lot of math and art analyzation. I think, with things like sports, you can't really play the same way.

You play crypto punks or things where their subjectivity, like mumbai is gon na, be better than uh eriksen and messi's gon na be better than you know, chico hernandez but like, but there's still going to be people that are going to be interested in it. I think a lot of people are making a big to-do that a lot of the tokens haven't hit the open c. Yet my favorite thing about the blockchain is, i know, there's slightly over 10. 000 tokens.

I know that there's you know two. You know 13 messy iconics or whatever the number is like, like the math is there, and so i think i i do think people fomo into products too much in projects like you know i think um. I think people have to be thoughtful about that, but i'm incredibly interested and i've been saying this over and over and i'm sure a lot of you have seen this and feel free to say. I've seen it or had not heard on the screen like.

I believe that we're now in the summer of projects like there are way too many projects coming out every day, and so, while this is happening, while i still want to get my fix as a collector and as a learner, i'm spending more time. Looking back at 2017, 18 and 19 and finding og projects a because i like learning - and i like history b as somebody who'd - prefer not to lose money, i've worked 30 years super hard for the money. I have no matter how much of it i have. You know i'm not in the business of losing it, and i think it's much more interesting to you know bet on some og than it is on the stuff.

That's coming out every day, right now, i'm incredibly concerned about the projects that are coming out every day. Right now, even the ones that are so trash yeah, it's about trash, it's just it's just human behavior right. It's supply and demand. The community is gon na keep growing, but everybody here if this is the first time you've been at the forefront of one of these big moments.

This is gon na take a long time. This is not like september 19th. Everybody you know is gon na be buying. Nfts this is like this phase is going to take like two three years, and so, if there's 50 projects coming out every day and we're three years away from like the scale that everybody feels will be here tomorrow, what do you think is going to happen? These same 50 000 people are only going to have so much time and a lot of the money that's running around is because people made a lot of money in the short term on crypto punch or bitcoin or ethereum.

That's going to dry up. So you know i'm incredibly concerned about the projects. I think that you know i do think there'll be five projects from the v friends board ape cool cats. You know like that crew, like i i do believe, there'll be three to five projects that do really well from a investment standpoint.

I i do think that most people are in it right now financially and looking at these as investments and as that goes, i think 98 of things are concerning, and i think you know i see uh, i see somebody mention jason buy projects with a narrative. I i for one don't give a about the white papers or the road maps. They mean nothing to me. I've been investing.

My whole life. People show me their road maps and their investments all the time. I don't care what your plan is. Can you execute it? It's very nice that you're telling me what you're gon na do everybody every company i've ever invested in told me.

They were gon na make me rich and it was gon na crush and be the biggest company in the world and oh by the way 98 of them have gone out of business. There's gon na be an enormous amount of carnage with investing in the projects that are out just because the project's old doesn't mean it's good either. Just because i'm looking at 17 18 19, that doesn't mean it's good, either but daniel. What got me to the excitement level i did of the two projects i've been most excited about.

You know, there's three projects. I've been excited about over the last six to eight weeks for real for real outside of like dabbling world of women. On a pure. I, like the team, that's my intuition.

I like the art, that's my intuition. I like the community, that's my intuition and i like the way it looks and i feel people can associate with it. That's my intuition. It's four guesses number two tom sacks rocket factory tom sacks is one of the most successful contemporary artists in the world.

He also put together maybe the best project in my subjective opinion. Besides be friends with doing real life stuff put three pieces together, make a rocket we're gon na film, the shooting of the rocket the rocket's gon na come down. I'm gon na put in a glass case and send it to you, oh by the way tom sacks. His art in a physical form, normally is valued at like 30 to 60 thousand dollars on the low end, and i get a token and that wild.

So to me that was brilliant and i know he's running it and in it and in it for life and then number three was this crypto strikers? Why why it's very personal, you know one of my favorite sets of all time is something called burke ross. It's a sports card from the 50s, an entrepreneur in a wild wild west east coast, brooklyn style just made baseball cards without the rights from the league and the players, and you just put them out in his cookies. That's a crazy story. Let me see, let me see if i can put this in for you guys it's a wild story.

Um, it's super rare found it. It's super, like you know, kind of like pirate. You know like and and crypto strikers. You know kind of represents to me.

The early sense of you know ethereum projects. It was early 2018 made for an iconic moment of the world cup. To your point and mine, like it's, got some of the greatest footballers of all time in the modern era in the set you know kevin de bruyne and like like and and yeah, i think, is still under underrated in there. I agree so i i know enough about proper football to be dangerous, um, and so the other thing i'm looking for is i'm i'm enjoying this era.

I'm trying to figure out what's going to be everyone's rookie nft, so i come from sports card world. I believe from 2017 to 2022 there will be the establishment in a five-year window that will be trading in 90 years from now on, everyone's rookie nft and i've, and i believe crypto strikers could be messi's and ronaldo's and moon excuse me: um rookie, rookie nft, and If that's right, brother, and by the way, the other thing i like about it is it looks like booms, which is my favorite subset in sports cards from the art standpoint it it's so there's just a lot about it. I like, and, and it's also the most popular global sport in the world and blockchain is global. You know so there's a lot that i like about it awesome thanks.

Gary no appreciate you uh bringing me on the call i'll. Let someone else uh get a question appreciate you guys. Thank you see you guys. Next up is a board becky, i'm going to call it not mbappe.

If you guys don't like becky hi, can you see me? This is crazy. I don't know if i can see yet: usually it populates the front screen, keep talking hi gary. This was really exciting. Um, i'm definitely not prepared for video here, no worries yeah.

My boyfriend in the background is like is that gary vaynerchuk? Yes, it is so anyways yeah, i'm bored becky, i'm involved with the same lady squad takeover um. We're really focused on sort of fostering the community that we have right now and - and i don't want to plug that by any means, but i know, but it's becky. It's one of the most important things going on right. We have this.

You know this misrepresent. We have this project that i incredibly you know jumped on immediately, because i was it was it's very important. It continues to be very important for me to see all kinds of representation in nft land. It's only good for the space.

It's only good for society. I, like the art it came out. I got excited right. I didn't do as much homework.

You know, which is why i did so much homework on this crypto strikers and like found the founder and, like you know you go through it ends up that it's misrepresentation, everyone, you know obviously collapses. You and many others in the community come in to save it fix it, make it better. Luckily, there was some humanity on the founders side. On the other side, they hand over the project right to in essence, that eventually ends up in your hand and it's kind of cool.

It's like a real fun thing to watch to see if something can be resurrected. You know, i always believe, turning something bad into something good, yeah yeah. I think that's, that's our focus right now i mean i have some logistical questions that might not be appropriate for this format, but um, maybe for more of a macro level. What do you think would be the most important thing for a group like us to be thinking about as we we look to rebuild this and and and really look to focus on something that could be sustainable.

I think that part. That second part was the best part. You need to do two things. It's like non-profits, i'm on a lot of boards, i'm involved with a lot of stuff, and i always tell them just because you're a non-profit doesn't mean people should give you money right.

Like there's audacity and expectation, there's a lot of things people can do, and just because this is being resurrected from a bad situation, doesn't mean everyone should care or anything like that right. The reality is, this project has a great springboard now with your energy and the rest of the community, but it's going to come down to what you can do with it. Yeah right, like you know, it's got this kind of moment in time. You know and you're gon na have people on both sides of the aisles like and you might be rebranding it.

I've seen some of your dms right that project or let's all, support this project, but in 12 months in 24 months, it's going to come down to how good you are. So when you're thinking about that, i mean i've been really lucky, because i sort of stumbled upon a few a couple of really great partners with skill sets that are way beyond my skill sets in this space. Anyhow um. How would you if you remain be thinking about finding the right people to bring in or turn this over to or whatever that might mean um, especially in a space where we don't really all know one another and we're all entering it with kind of it's all Exploratory, even for people that are much more on the tech side than i am like.

How do we find the right people and figure out who we can trust, and by that i mean more, like trust, trust, their capacity and their skills? Well, you don't when you're guessing when you're hiring you're guessing yeah, i mean you're now asking how to run a business. Well, i mean this has been a crazy week, i'll just put that out there and it's amazing. I think i think look i'll try to help as much as i can, but you can tell i'm a little bit underwater and i'll poke in and out, but rely on people. You trust people what you know um it's imperative that you um, that you find people that have done it before right and then you got ta.

Ask yourself what you're trying to do like, for example, it's very people like get like the biggest confusion with b. Friends. Is people think it's about v, con yeah right, like me, con is like an added value. Little cherry on top people.

Ask me what am i doing with v friends um, i say i'm doing what noah maxwell has on his back drop right now, i'm building intellectual property that people are going to give a about. Pokemon came out as a you know, card game and a game boy. Video game - and you know 25, 30 years later, people want to do a million different things with it. Whether it's buy toys play the app find virtual pokuchus in the ar world.

Like you know, buy video games watch movies, i'm going to develop the characters yeah. What you know, what are people going to do? I think that most almost every project that has come out this summer is in the intellectual property game. Yeah, that's why i know 99 are going to fail. Yeah, that's! Well! That's one of our big question marks on the logistic sides about ip and what ip we own and how we can use it moving forward and that's why we've been having a conversation that makes sense.

You have to definitely get like if you don't own, that you're not building a business, yeah yeah. Well, you know um gary. I i really appreciate the time. I know those are the people here.

I just want to say. The only reason i'm here at all is because i listened to you and bought my first nfp and bought. I have four v friends, so i'm rooting for you, you guys and your discord is my home, so i really appreciate it. I really appreciate everyone.

Thank you. So much all right: let's keep it going mate, hayden, hey gary, hey all right, so i was involved in top shot a little while ago and i was in the sneaker reselling so nfts. I guess kind of came natural with all this just so um. My thing is: i'm fairly new and i'm just looking to see where i can find the best projects like where, where to look to find, like you know, good projects, i think i think twitter and discord like live in it and think back to when you started The sneaker flipping game there was a day one where you went somewhere to like read top 10 list of the hottest sneakers coming out right yeah.

This is different because it's so wild wild west that it's new and nobody really knows. I didn't think those little penguins were gon na explode this week. You know like, like you, don't know you don't know, and so what you need to do is a, and this will make sense to you play with a bag that you can afford to lose. You got to start there.

Is it a dollar? Is it a million dollars play with a bag that you can afford to go to zero? Because when you can afford to go to zero you're in it, for the education, not stressing that you have to make a flip, because that everyone up my friends everybody's in here, you can't play in nfts with money that you can't afford to lose. If you're, even even if you're sitting with a bee friends bag, that's monstrous and like i could die tomorrow now that might make them go up. I don't know how works, but i could so then, what right like, like you can't play with a bag, that in nft that you can afford to lose so first rule number one you have to have to have to play with money. You can afford to lose and back and if this hit for you and you've got four b friends and sell one make all your profits back and then play like, even though i believe in it the most on anything on earth.

You know so there's that yeah um but aidan. I think it's learning like i spent hundreds of hours in discords watching youtube videos. Reading twitter, before i said a word yeah, i spent 50 hours on crypto punks before i moved back in january 50 and i don't have an out of time like it's uh. For me, it's tough because there's there's so many projects coming out and it's hard to really vet what what you know what happened? Aiden my hope i didn't buy any top shot.

I think it's one of the most important things that have happened, but i understand sports cards too much and once i saw how the prices were going, i'm like this is not sustainable. You can't make 1300 terry rozier cards, highlights and think it's gon na work out and that's what's happening overall with nfts right now. Oh yeah, it's the same type of thing like when top shot was exploding in like february and there's getting all the media attention and stuff like that. I was.

I was part of that and that's when i started making my money, but on the nft side like away from top aydah, let's talk about top chat: did you get left with the bag, or did you move enough or something in between? I made a couple thousand dollars so, but i have i have about like 25 moments left and took them all off the marketplace and i'm just comfortable with holding those good for you listen. I think my recommendation when people have a softer bag is to not guess on minting and wait for something to get a little traction and then pay a little big and then really ride that out yeah you're gon na pay more. But right now people are just guessing yeah when i meant i'm watching how they're minting, because i have series 2 come out. This is why i keep making this video do not buy what i'm buying, like you know, like i'm gon na talk about the things i believe in.

I don't talk about a lot of things i don't believe in because i'm stuck i'm damned if i do damned. If i don't people like you like, this is absurd. How people talk to me they're like gary, you can't promote projects, i'm like you. I spent my whole life putting out good content so that people you didn't, earn my audience.

I earned my audience all right and if and if you think, i'm gon na go buy a hundred like funny frogs or penguins or whatever the and then so that i could tell all of you that it's awesome so that i can then sell it. First of all, i keep a public wallet for this reason, my wallet's not hard to find it's the blockchain. All this i got for sports cards when i didn't sell anything. I'm like.

Oh, i, like nfts, better here it is here's. My wallet tell me what i'm doing wrong so, but but you can't follow what i'm buying i'm buying for different reasons, i'm looking at how they mint i'm looking at scarcity, levels and - and i can afford to spend three thousand dollars on a lottery ticket yeah. Most people can't all right gary. I appreciate it.

I love all your videos. Thank you, brother. I really appreciate this. This is going to be yeah.

We got this aiden. Where do you live i'm in toronto? I'm just outside of toronto and are you in high school? I mean right high school i took a year off. I worked, i'm a barber, i cut hair. I i saw you want you want to move to new york and do an internship with us i'd love to do something like that.

I'd definitely email me for sure. Uh, where can i find your email, it's gary at vaynermedia, okay, cool all right! Thank you. Thank you very much, you're welcome very much. Let's get one more in craig craig! You got ta be kidding me, i'm just sitting here next to aiden on my screen here and aiden says inside outside of toronto and i'm outside of toronto.

Right, you know yeah, craig i mean, and by the way this is the number one thing i want with be friends. I wanted to build a community right. I look at the star trek conventions. I look at the disney stuff.

I look at wrestling con. I look at comic con craig, you and aiden have to be friends like if you're, that close, oh for sure for sure, like it's like each other. In the chat i mean, i see, i see tim over there in the top of my screen too and alyssa was on here before and we're all part of the g friends discord and whatnot like i was in uh in the and, of course, in the v Friends, but also on clubhouse and let's be friends - and i was there on day, one when uh, you know you jumped in there with sal and nicole and uh you you just given corso the gift goat, um, uh adam there got his uh rabbit. You know he's getting his tattoo with his rabbit.

You said the 47 seconds like it was insane right. Like the you know, a lot of people in there know my story, i'm like 53. I did a bit of a reset used to do outside sales, not really what i wanted. I'm taking a six month, uh boot camp, i apologize uh said who knew gary was in huge.

It was huge in canada, jersey born not eat. We're huge in the world baby, oh yeah, all right! Keep it exactly! No, i'm just saying like guys, as in i'm taking a six month, boot camp course on uh full stack whatever just trying to you know, do a reset and a pivot into that area. You know it's related to stuff i've done in the past and whatever and uh you know so my question, i guess what i sort of wrote down here was uh. If um, you know how like right.

Now it's it's like. You said it's 47 seconds in. I just been holding on it's 47 seconds in i'm doing this course it's over in november, like i can't be on here every minute, whatever, if i'm focusing on that it's a lot of it is a boot camp right and so uh, i'm i'm i'm not watching. Every day, everything looking at all these project stuff, whatever like i had to pick my thing, i'm doing this other thing right, you know, take care of the family.

First is the idea. Let me get a job that will pay and there's a potential, and when i get some money that i can play a bit more with and then there we go right. But like do you think that, like right now, obviously there's been some crazy opportunities and you know, but we are saying it's 47 seconds in um, but do you think that there's opportunities that are happening right now that, like just will not happen again or like in In six months or a year or two years or three years, there's still going to be opportunities. The answers not not opportunities, but you don't know the opportunity right now.

I know exactly what you're answering you can pay low money now and make a lot of money whereas there maybe it would be. I got you, of course, the answer is in six or 12 months. There will not be the same opportunity of ridiculousness, which is why this is a moment. Here's the problem, 98 won't be that yeah.

So it's it's a big guess: it's lottery, yeah, it doesn't. This is why i like it. I don't think it's lottery. I think it's homework yes and intuition and pattern recognition and a few other things, but it's not lottery.

I'm not gon na get lucky. I haven't gotten lucky with crypto punks. I didn't get lucky with crypto punks. I didn't i put in the work.

I looked at pattern recognition you know, like v, friends didn't launch successfully by accident that was 20 years of work of knowing how to do. I don't think i'm wrong about tom sachs rockets and i think crypto strikers is an interesting one like i don't think i'll be wrong if it hits. If it fails, i understand and i'll i take those l's all the time, whereas with chubbies and fame. Ladies squad, i just like the art and i got excited.

I was being like a consumer but on the things that i those i bought like 10 or 12, but i got excited now. I'm trying to be a little bit less excited because i'm i didn't realize how everybody would just follow anything if we talk, even though i say, don't buy what you know everyone's like buying it. I don't want that for you i, but for me i i don't think it's a lottery ticket. I think it's work yeah now i know the terrible thing for you is when you tend to say something.

It often is right, so it's not a bad thing, but you know what i mean it is. It is risky when you know a lot of people are listening and, and they can do stuff with maybe with money like you said that they can't you know. So it's tricky whatever, but i got ta say that, like the whole concept, aside from you, know all this stuff and whatever else, but your whole concept around the v friends characteristics and traits and whatnot is gold like it. I believe that, like wholeheartedly like i align with that and relate to that, like so much and the community that's been built, you know from that is gold, not just for me, but for almost everybody, that's in here i hear it all the time in the in The different clubs and places that i'm in and you know we just really really appreciate uh what you're doing and the fact that, like it's, not lost on me that, like even here, i jump in a zoom column, 500 people away from garyvee i've watched.

You know garrett t with garyvee a few times people saying like you know: i've been following you for 10 years and it took me that long to get with you, you know what i mean and the the closeness and the amount of caring that you can see That you, you give us in the discord and in in forums like this, is insane and unheard of in the world that you travel. You know what i mean it just isn't it. This doesn't happen. Of course, of course, it's why we're not going to be it's? Why we're going to be a different community? Yes, i i always laugh.

I know i'm underrated. We haven't even started we're doing different things because we're different exactly. I made enough money for my life to be happy. When i made a hundred thousand dollars a year.

That happened a long time ago, yeah on a completely different course, with completely different ambitions, and when people look at what happens with beef like do you know how much joy i get that people sitting here that do have 10 eth and they're buying four stupid projects And the friends are sitting there at 70. It makes me happy. I like it, i like being underestimated, even by my biggest fans. Yeah, that's awesome, so i appreciate it.

You know, like there's, been a number of times in the discord and different things where you know there could have been opportunity to have a chat with you and the chance to i'm glad that out of 500. I got this chance. That's just the goal makes me. I appreciate team, i'm going to jump back into discord.

I got to go. Do some family stuff? I had this window. I wanted to give back some love a couple. Things don't be scared to take some profits off the board with your second third fourth and fifth favorite projects, you're in whether it's v, friends or something else, don't you don't have to do that with your first one, but don't be scared too with your second.

Third. Fourth and fifth, i am incredibly concerned by how many projects are coming out every day. I think this is going to be very hard to sustain what we're seeing right now. So if you're day trading nfts be thoughtful, what you're playing with be very thoughtful because when it turns it turns that it's done, people always think they can catch the market.

You cannot catch the market, far smarter people than you and i did not catch the market. Every time the market collapsed in real estate, the stock market, beanie babies, sports cards, sneakers like be thoughtful, be smart, um and and put in real homework, don't buy just because i bought it or somebody else that you think is doing well bought it like do your Homework spend time in the discords make relationships and never give out your secret seed phrase. Nobody will ever ask for it. It will never happen.

Nobody not metamask, not coinbase, not open scene. Not me um we're still in the early wild wild west stage and people are getting their stuff stolen, which is unfortunate. I want to use this moment again to remind you. This is what comes the beautiful thing about? The blockchain is nobody's in charge.

The bad thing is nobody's in charge when, when people get their b, friends stolen and they hit me up and they're like - i can't do about it - i can put public pressure, but these are hidden. What like so be thoughtful. This is a this is a special time. That's why it's amazing and scary.

It's special! It's different! That's what it's supposed to be so do your homework and um and i'll see you in the defense discord in a few minutes. We can chat a little bit. Love, you have a great great weekend, great rest of the weekend. Bye youtube watcher.

What's up it's garyvee! First of all, thank you so much. I hope, you're doing super well during these times. I also want to ask you please subscribe, because my commitment and exploration of youtube is about to explode stories, polls, more content, more engagement, more surprise and delight. This is the time to subscribe.

I hope you consider it, and i hope i see you soon. You.

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    I would advice individuals to also start up a binary option trading account to enable we all make 6 figures consistently

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars m0n0t0n0us says:

    A lot of projects are going to zero cause I already see fake artists generating coded images, no heart, soul, or really any artistic talent at all. True artists and collectors will be apart of a true revolution in art/crypto/digital marketing.

  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Khunbish Designs says:

    Any longshot nft projects in strictly using extra profits from other flips , so if I lose it all , not worried
    That’s the way to go. Play money

  11. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Anthony Dev says:

    If your name is crypto kitties or crypto punks, you'll make millions selling NFT's, for all others you can still make money if you design your own originals…

  12. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Ol Goat says:

    We are taking advice from someone who missed the Crypto Nft Boat… it's hard to listen to this guy.

  13. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars jonathan rolfe says:

    this guy is so giving – a lot of people owe him a lot – we have to be careful though guys – only what you can afford to lose is the message -! how do we get on gary Vees discord – ownership of a v friend?

  14. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Achraf Djerbib says:

    He knosw too much stufs about "Proper football" that he doesn’t know how to prononce the name of undoubtedly the best current player M’bapé! Ohhh Man serionsly?

  15. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Alexander Drábik says:

    Hey guys, which of the project they talked about Crypto strikers? Or Wraped strikers? thanks

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